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surface 2 vs nokia lumia 2520 tablet specs

Microsoft’s Surface 2 vs. Nokia’s Lumia 2520: A Windows Tablet Spec Smackdown

Apple isn't the only company with new tablets to announce. Check out a our Surface 2 vs. Luma 2520 spec showdown for a closer look at two other offerings.
how to upgrade mac os x mavericks for free logo final

How to upgrade to Mac OS X Mavericks for free

Apple's latest operating system, Mac OS X Mavericks, is here (and won't cost you a dime). Check out our quick guide on how to upgrade to Mavericks for free.
macbook pro with retina display gallery 13 and 15 inch

MacBook Pro 2013 vs. MacBook Pro 2012: spec showdown

Curious about how the new, 13-inch Retina MacBook Pro compares to the former model? Check out our spec showdown for a side-by-side look at the differences.
how to download and install windows 8 1 for free

How to upgrade to Windows 8.1 for free

Microsoft Windows 8.1 has finally arrived. Check out our guide on how to download and install Windows 8.1 for free to access the OS' latest features.
iphone 5c pictures blue case lighting port

10 great iPhone 5C accessories, from headphones to car chargers

Apple's latest iPhone model can't do it all by itself. Check out our picks for the best iPhone 5C accessories designed to make the most of your device.

12 bold cases for your colorful iPhone 5C

Maintaining your iPhone 5C's pristine, exterior design doesn't need to be difficult. Check out our top picks for the best iPhone 5C cases money can buy.

How Skype works: What’s behind the premiere online calling service

Chances are you've heard of the renowned peer-to-peer VoIP service known as Skype. It's a quick and capable communication tool, but how does the thing work?
surface 2 pictures microsoft screen angle

We’ve got Surface 2 Pictures

Microsoft has announced the rumored Surface 2 and Surface Pro 2 tablets. Check out our gallery for a closer look at the Surface 2 and all it has to offer.

Surface Pro 2 Pictures

Microsoft has announced the Surface 2 and Surface Pro 2 tablets. Check out our gallery for a closer look at the Surface Pro 2 and its updated feature set.
The PlayStation 4.

PlayStation 3 vs. PlayStation 4: Spec Showdown

The PlayStation 4 has some serious horsepower under the hood, but how does it stack up against the Playstation 3? Read our spec comparison to find out.
iphone 5s pictures gold apps

Official pictures of the iPhone 5S

It's official: Apple has officially announced the iPhone 5S—and the aluminum design is available in three colors. Check out our gallery to see for yourself.

From start to finish, DT’s definitive guide to creating and uploading YouTube videos

More than eight years down the road, It's still never too late to jump on the video-making bandwagon. Check out our guide on how to make a YouTube video.
best free cd and dvd burning software disc burner header

Best free CD and DVD burning software for all your optical-disc burning desires

Despite what you may think, optical discs aren't dead yet. Check out our picks for the best free CD and DVD burning software for all your burning desires.
how to recover deleted files

Can’t find it anywhere? Here’s how to recover deleted files

Contrary to what you might think, deleting a file doesn't necessarily mean it's gone for good. Check out our quick guide on how to recover deleted files.
best free backup software shutterstock 139367600

Back up your PC before it’s too late with our favorite free programs

Backing up your files is key to your techie well-being. Here are our top choices for the best free backup software no matter your desired method of backup.
how to rotate a video orientation

Shoot your video in the wrong orientation? Here’s how to rotate it back

Orientation schmorientation—until it comes to actually watching a recorded video. Here's our guide on how to rotate your video any which way you desire.

Ditch those old discs! How to mount an ISO in Windows and OS X

Mounting an ISO file is not the most complex thing in the world, despite the intimidating terminology. We've put together a guide for getting it done.

Best PS3 headsets

Choosing a gaming headset is not the walk in the park some make it out to be. Here are our picks for the best PS3 headsets to make things a bit easier.
macbook air 2012 vs 2013

MacBook Air 2012 vs MacBook Air 2013: Spec Showdown

Apple finally unveiled its long-rumored refresh to the Macbook Air lineup. Check out our spec comparison to see how it stacks up against its predecessor.

Hard drive recovery tips and tricks

We're sorry to inform you, but your hard drive will fail someday. Here's our how-to guide for salvaging what you can before it's absolutely too late.

Xbox One vs. Xbox 360: spec showdown

The Xbox "One" and only will hit the market later this year, but how does it compare with its successor? Check out our Xbox 360 and One comparison.
best wireless printers epson expression home

Best wireless printers

Looking to snag a new wireless printer for all your document-producing needs? We've rounded up the best so you can get the most bang for you buck.

Roll your own maps: Mapbox wants to become the Wikipedia of cartography

Google Maps may dominate the digital mapping space, but open-source mapping is coming up the rear with startup company MapBox is leading the way.
best free ancestry search websites family tree 590 2619071407

Best free genealogy search websites

Curious about where you come from, but looking to keep your precious cash? We've picked some of the best free ancestry search websites available online.

Consider this your one-stop shop for your next webmail client

Letters may be a dying breed of communication, but email is going nowhere. We've rounded up our top choices for the best web-based email clients out there.
google fiber

Google Fiber still reigns supreme as the fastest Internet service provider

Netflix says Google Fiber still remains the most "consistently fast" Internet service provider in America. Too bad we don't feel like moving to Kansas City.

Best iPad Mini screen protectors

Here are some of the best screen protectors out there to keep your new iPad mini in peak shape without having to sacrifice on clarity.
best google reader alternatives web

Best Google Reader alternatives

Google Reader is officially getting the axe, but that doesn't mean all hope is lost. We've picked the best RSS service alternatives so you can feel at home.

Best Samsung Galaxy Note 2 screen protectors

The Samsung Galaxy Note 2 is a great device, but it's a bit prone to cracking. Check out our top picks for the best Note 2 screen protectors for any budget.

A crash course in Tumblr 101

Tumblr is a great microblogging platform and social networking site, but it takes a some getting used to. Our guide will get you up and running in no time.

Sick of your noisy Facebook News Feed? Here are a few tips and tricks to clean it up

Tired of seeing annoying posts you couldn't care less about? Here's how to fix your Facebook news feed to only show posts you want to see.
Samsung Screen protectors galaxy s3

Best Samsung Galaxy S3 screen protectors

Here are our top picks for some of the best Samsung Galaxy S3 screen protectors that money can buy.

How to use Passbook

Our guide to Apple's Passbook. Ditch the hard copies of all those precious cards and passes in lieu of something a bit more convenient.
panasonics 2013 lumix digital camera line up part two panasonic s xs1  front view

Panasonic’s 2013 Lumix digital camera line up (part 2)