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Delta Leland

Is a smart faucet worth it?

On the surface, a smart faucet seems silly, but is it? Can an intelligent tap truly make a difference in the kitchen?
Amazon Alexa speaker sitting next to U by Moen smart tap

U by Moen Smart Faucet review: A versatile must-have for the kitchen

Do you really need a smart faucet in the kitchen? It may be a novelty, but it can be really handy. I installed one last year; am I still happy with it?
The Weber E-310 Outdoor Grill.

7 smart home gadgets for the BBQ

While cooking over fire is a primal task, you can use technology to make it easier and guarantee better results. These are our top gadgets for the grill.

7 smart outdoor tech gadgets for creating a backyard oasis

The outdoor life is for unplugging -- or is it? These smart gadgets can improve your outdoor enjoyment.
weber genesis smart grill review

Is a smart grill worth it? We weigh the factors

Smart grills are now a thing. But do we really need to add technology to the most primal of human acts: Cooking over fire?
The Google Nest Learning Thermostat in stainless steel.

How to install a Nest thermostat

Considering upgrading your home with a smart Nest Thermostat? Here's everything you need to know about choosing the right one and exactly how to install it.
weber genesis smart grill review

Weber Genesis Smart Grill review: Built-in cooking smarts

What's it like cooking with a smart grill? Do you need this tech and is it easy to master? Find out in our hands-on review of the Weber Genesis Smart Grill.
june oven artificial intelligence smart 04

What are smart ovens and smart stoves?

Hearing more about smart ovens and smart stoves and wondering what they can really do for you? Here's what to know before you click the buy button.
GE Cync lights set up in gaming room.

GE Cync smart lighting review: A worthy Philips Hue competitor

Smart lighting is the easiest way to start a smart home, but many fear it's complicated. We go hands-on with GE Cync to see how it stacks up.
google assistant mobile.

Best Google Assistant settings to update right now

Want to make your Google Assistant work better for you? Check out these settings to improve your experience or fix issues you have with the voice assistant.
A Garmin Fenix 6 Pro Solar rests in the sand on a sunny day.

The benefits of solar-powered smart wearables

Imagine a life free from cables, power banks, and wall outlets. Solar wearables are here, but are they worth it?
meater review 1049

Best wireless smart meat thermometers

Need to keep tabs on your food without opening and closing the door or lid? These smart, wireless food thermometers can take your cook to the next level.
Upright go being worn using adhesive on the back.

Do smart posture-correcting devices really work?

We've all seen those smart posture trainers pop up in our feeds, but do they really work, and are they worth the money?
teforia, smart infuser, tea

How to use a tea infuser

Looking to make better tea? While there's nothing wrong with basic infusing, it is possible to add technology and take your tea to the next level.
The Fitbit Sense is an attractive wearable.

Garmin Vivoactive 4 vs. Fitbit Sense

Garmin Vívoactive and Fitbit Sense are two of the most popular fitness wearables. But which is better?
fightcamp review 1 of 4

Top 5 smart products to help you stay healthy

Looking for a little help to get fit? These gadgets & technology can give you a motivation boost!
The Ecovacs Deebot X1 Omni cleaning hardwood floors.

How to use technology to make spring cleaning easier

Don't spend a Saturday scrubbing. Let technology and gadgets do the work. We've got ideas for how to use tech to tackle all your spring cleaning.
Samsung Family Hub fridge touchscreen.

Is a smart refrigerator worth it?

Smart fridges are pricey, but can having technology like cameras, Wi-Fi, and touchless access really make your kitchen better?
Woman touching screen with finger on the NordicTrack Vault.

ProForm Vue vs. NordicTrack Vault: Which fits your style?

Weighing these two at-home mirror fitness options? Here's what to know about each one before you make your buying decision.
Control panel of Philips 4300 machine with drinks selected.

Is a smart coffee maker worth it?

Smart coffee machines can do barista-level brews at home. They're expensive, but are they truly worth it?
A woman ecercising in front of the Proform Vue, looking at an imbedded ddigital screen in the mirror's reflection.

ProForm Vue vs. Peloton Bike: Which offers the better workout?

Looking to adopt a connected fitness system to keep you motivated? We evaluate two of the most popular options: ProForm Vue and Peloton Bike.
how to use zoom on amazon echo show conference 10 1 of 2

Echo Show 10 vs. Echo Show 15: Which is right for you?

Shopping for an Echo? The Echo Show 10 and Echo Show 15 are the newest models. Each have advantages but operate differently. Let’s see how they compare.
A Roborock S4 Max with a charger sitting the right.

Roborock S4 Max review: Multi-floor, room-by-room cleaning

Looking for a dedicated robot vacuum to help keep dirt or pet hair at bay? We tried the Roborock S4 Max to see what it can do and how well it cleans.
Echo show 15 stands

How to mount an Amazon Echo Show 15

Amazon Echo Show 15 is made for wall mounting, but what if that's not in the cards for you? We include other options to try.
A iRobot Roomba e5 sits on the floor.

iRobot Roomba e5 review: Superb and affordable

Shopping for a robot vacuum on a budget? We put this lower-cost Roomba to the test.
Homey Bridge box, smart home, control, universal

Homey delays shipping of new Homey Bridge

Homey is delaying shipping on its new Bridge as it works out bugs discovered in early beta testing.
Amazon Echo Show 10 on a nightstand.

This one upgrade would make all our homes even smarter

Motion sensors are an under-utilized, but potentially game-changing aspect of smart home functionality.

How to send a note using Visual ID on Echo Show 15

Need to send a message to a family member in a more subtle way? Learn how to use the Notes and Stickys on Amazon's Echo Show 15 to customize notifications.
Echo Show 5 (2nd Gen) Kids

How to set up visual ID for kids

An Echo Show 15 can be fun for the entire family. Here's how to get personalized content for your kids using Visual ID.
The Echo Show 15 uses widgets to show information.

How to set up visual ID on Echo Show 15

Want to get a more personalized Alexa experience from your Echo Show 15? Here's how to easily set up Visual ID.
The iRobot Roomba i7 cleaning a living room.

Is a robot vacuum that doesn’t auto-empty even worth it?

Robot vacuums are getting smarter and smarter. Now, they can not just empty but also clean themselves. So will we soon see inferior bots disappear?
5 things we hope ring always home cam could do lifestyle 1 of 4

Arlo vs. Ring camera: Which is better?

Shopping among the two most popular smart home security brands Arlo and Ring? Here's what to consider when making a decision.
trova, smart safe

Is a smart safe necessary?

Need a better way to protect valuables from theft, or curious kids? A smart safe could help, but what do they do, and how do they work?
Dyson Outsize Absolute + being used on a kitchen floor.

Dyson Outsize Absolute+ review: The ultimate stick vac

Wondering if lasers on your vacuum are a gimmick? Turns out they're not. Find out what lasers bring to the Dyson Outsize Absolute+.