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Apple services offline: iCloud, iMessage, iTunes down for some users

canonical partners meizu bq make ubuntu mobile phones reality edge1

Ubuntu’s failed $32 million Edge campaign reveals a thirst for mobile innovation

The Ubuntu Edge is the most successful crowdfunded campaign ever, but at $12.8 million raised, it failed to make its goal. Here's why it's still a success.
microsoft bing for schools surface rt prize kids

Worst prize ever? Microsoft offers free Surface RTs to students who use Bing

The iPhone 5S will be the ‘champagne’ of phones… maybe

New rumors report that the next iPhone (which may be called the iPhone 5S) will come in an actual color: gold. Could gold be making a comeback from the 70s?
iphone fingerprint sensor confirmed scanner 5s

Next iPhone ‘will’ have fingerprint sensor, says NYC Mayor’s office

moto x now priced 399 without contract motorola maker header 2

I just designed a custom Moto X, and I’m terrified of what it says about me

barack obama personal twitter account news cell phone facebook

Lay off our phone bills, Obama – they’re already taxed 17.2 percent

Kindle ebook pirate

It’s now safer to pirate ebooks than purchase them yourself

PayPal won't let you buy Bitcoins

Google acknowledges critical Bitcoin flaw in Android (and bug fixes are released)

Phone wars

Game of Phones: Windows Phone topples BlackBerry, Lenovo rises

cell phone unlocking ban lifted iphone unlock

Stick it to the man! Phone unlocking skyrockets 70 percent since becoming illegal

BlackBerry got dumped, but it’s not too late to be prettiest girl at the dance!

BlackBerry board erects giant ‘for sale’ sign on company’s front lawn

LG G2 officially enters the super phone ring, headed to all major U.S. carriers

Moto X front

Motorola Moto X review

despite the uks idiocy google glass could be a godsend for safe driving uk bans class in cars header

Despite the UK’s idiocy, Google Glass could be a godsend for safe driving

att will replace water damaged galaxy s4 active samsung in

Sink or swim? Samsung’s ‘whatever-proof’ S4 Active hides behind a watery warranty

google nexus 7 2013 asus android 4.3

Google Nexus 7 (2013) review

nexus 7 2013 announced

Android 4.3’s secret power: It prevents devices from getting sluggish over time

Chromecast is sold out in all Best Buy stores across the USA, and everywhere online

Nokia Lumia 1020 front tiles

Nokia Lumia 1020 review

Sim Cards

Report: Massive SIM card hack does not affect most U.S. phone owners

Chromecast TV

What’s so revolutionary about Chromecast? It’s cheaper than a tank of gas

Wireless Plans rates header

Wireless Plans just took one step forward, and three steps back

Samsung Galaxy S4 Active review front screen on app grid

Samsung Galaxy S4 Active Review

BlackBerry got dumped, but it’s not too late to be prettiest girl at the dance!

BlackBerry got dumped, but it’s not too late to be the prettiest girl at the dance!

Piracy is way down in Norway. Is this a worldwide trend?

A new study shows that illegal downloads of music, movies, and TV shows is a fifth of what it was in 2008.
how to reduce your data usage version 1437540048 sprint speedometr

10 reasons why Sprint’s new Unlimited Guarantee isn’t quite the deal they think it is

Shazam App Phone

Shazam moves beyond music: How a simple tagging app could be the next big thing

Shazam has been around for more than a decade, but it's quickly becoming one of the coolest services, because of its advances in autotagging and TV.
t mobile touts simplicity but its new jump plan is designed to deceive event 2013 header

T-Mobile touts simplicity, but its new Jump! plan is designed to deceive

Sony Xperia Z Review

Smart Devices SmartQ U7 Review

best ipod touch games thumb

Best iPod Touch games

best ipod touch apps fp

The best iPod Touch apps

We bring you our picks for the best iPod touch apps on the market today after digging through Apple's massive library.
The silence of the brand: Microsoft's quiet on Windows RT, and it speaks volumes

The Silence of Windows RT: How Microsoft’s plot to kill the desktop was thwarted