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world press photo confirms authenticity of 2012 the year winner featured

Update: World Press Photo to reevaluate post-processing rules after controversy

A forensic image analyst says the 2012 World Press Photo of the Year had been faked, but an independent investigation concludes that the photo is authentic.
brunton hydrogen reactor portable power pack charger featured

Forget sunlight or alkaline, Brunton’s new mobile charger gets power from hydrogen

Designed for the outdoorsman but useable anywhere, Brunton's Hydrogen Reactor charger uses fuel-cell technology to provide portable power to electronics.
cultivar raincloud raspberry pi watering system 2

Need to water your lawn? The Raincloud has already taken care of it for you

The RainCloud is an affordable automated watering system that irrigates your lawn or plants with a Raspberry Pi computer and basic parts.
wd introduces new my cloud storage device mycloud 1

Skip the Dropbox middleman with your own Western Digital personal cloud storage

Western Digital has launched a new "personal cloud storage" device called My Cloud, which you access remotely from anywhere via computer or smart device.
ucsd miniature wide angle lens delivers sharp clarity that rivals traditional dslr glass jacobs mini 1

Miniature wide-angle lens delivers sharp clarity that rivals traditional DSLR glass

Researchers at UC San Diego have developed a mini wide-angle lens that delivers high-resolution images, yet small enough to fit inside a smartphone.
gopro announces new hero3 plus go pro hero 3

GoPro’s new Hero3+ features smaller, lighter design, and improved optics and performance

GoPro has updated the Hero3 with the new Hero3+, a POV camera that's smaller and lighter than its predecessor, and better performing.
westlicht will again auction off expensive and rare vintage cameras no filters required leica m3 million

WestLicht will again auction off expensive and rare vintage cameras, no filters required

The WestLight auction house will hold its 24th Camera Auction on November 23, where you'll find some of the world's most precious vintage cameras.
google improves raw to jpeg conversion supports more than 70 cameras plus pigment before after

Google+ improves RAW-to-JPEG conversion, supports more than 70 cameras

Google has improved RAW-to-JPEG conversion in Google+. RAW images from more than 70 cameras converted for viewing and editing now look better, Google says.
edgertronic high resolution super slow motion camera featured

Edgertronic camera shoots Hollywood-style high-res, slo-mo videos, minus the big budget

A new camera developed by MIT-trained engineers can capture high-resolution, super-slow-motion video, but costs less than $5,000.
National Geographic photographer Stephen Alvarez

Meet the National Geographic photographer who covered the Southwest with a Nokia

epson introduces new precisioncore inkjet technology chip in hand

The future of Epson’s inkjet technology lies in a ‘chip’ that’s thin as a razor blade

Epson unveiled its next-generation inkjet technology, PrecisionCore, with a print head that's small and thin.
weye feye turns your smart device into a canon nikon dslr remote controller 2

Weye Feye turns your smart device into a Canon, Nikon DSLR remote controller

The Weye Feye adds wireless support to select Canon and Nikon DSLR cameras, giving you remote control via an iOS or Android smartphone or tablet.

New York Times paints portrait of a diverse America through the eyes of teenagers

The New York Times created a project where it asked more than 3,000 kids to submit photos that reflect the places and people of where they live.

Official pictures of the Nikon 1 AW1

official pictures of the nikon 1 aw1 3

Nikon’s 1 series gets tough with waterproof, shockproof, and freezeproof AW1

Nikon's new AW1 is billed as the world's first waterproof and shockproof interchangeable lens camera. Plus, Nikon introduces two new rugged Nikkor 1 lenses.
nat geo magazine dedicates 125th anniversary to the photography thats shaped its history october issue

Nat Geo magazine dedicates 125th anniversary to the photography that shaped its history

Celebrating its 125th anniversary, National Geographic magazine is dedicating its October issue entirely to photography and its contribution to the medium.

Nokia gets 2 famous smartphone-averse photographers to shoot with a Lumia 1020

Nokia collaborated with respected photographers David Bailey and Bruce Weber on a project using the Lumia 1020 on a photo shoot in New York City.
fujifilm introduces xa1 x a1 black front high angle 16 50mm

Fujifilm makes its X-series compact system cameras more attainable with new $600 X-A1

Barely three months after introducing the X-M1 compact system camera, Fujifilm shows off an even more affordable entry-level model, the X-A1.
is medium format the new old frontier for camera makers and why does it matter 444 1314752111 1495415741 dqforvault large

Is medium format the new (old) frontier for camera makers, and why does it matter?

Rumor sites are reporting that both Nikon and Canon are working on medium format products. What is medium format, and why would it matter?
canon full frame cmos for video 2

Canon captures fireflies in darkness with prototype high-sensitivity CMOS sensor

With a prototype camera built around a high-sensitivity CMOS sensor, Canon was able to record and track fireflies in near darkness.
made for 4k sandisks 256gb extreme pro compactflash has large price tag to match sandisk cf card

Made for 4K, SanDisk introduces two new Extreme Pro CompactFlash cards

Ideal for videographers, SanDisk's new 256GB Extreme Pro is a fast, durable, large-capacity CF card that's designed for 4K and Full HD video recording.

Canon adds AirPrint and Google Cloud support to new ImageClass printer

With increasing use of smartphones in the office environment, Canon's new ImageClass office laser printer supports Apple AirPrint and Google Cloud Print.

Official pictures of the Olympus OM-D E-M1

olympus announces the om d e m1 img 5748

Olympus OM-D E-M1 is one tough Micro Four Thirds camera that will take on any DSLR

With a new sensor, image processor, and a fast autofocusing system, Olympus' new flagship OM-D E-M5 is a tough-bodied camera that will challenge many DSLRs.
leica c is a rebadged panasonic lumix lf1 2

Leica C may be a Panasonic LF1 with stylish new clothes, but it’s something you can afford

The Leica C is a rebadged Panasonic LF1, sharing the exact specs. But you get a beautiful design and a copy of Adobe Lightroom for $200 more.
sony api lets thid party smartphone apps control cameras remotely camera remote 1

App developers can take control of Sony’s cameras thanks to company’s new API

Sony has released a new API that would allow third-party developers to add support for Sony cameras into their smartphone and tablet apps.

5 cameras that say it’s never too early to get your kids started on photography

When's a good time to get kids interested in photography? As soon as they grab onto a camera without dropping it. Here are five kid-friendly cameras.
a new kid called oppo is poised to take on samsung and sony in the camera space n lens

A new kid called Oppo is poised to take on Samsung and Sony in the camera space

Oppo, relatively unknown Chinese consumer electronics manufacturer, is ready to take on Samsung, Sony, and other in the photography market.

Fujifilm announces fast f/1.4 23mm premium lens for X-series compact system cameras

Fujifilm has added a new 23mm fast f/1.4 lens for its X-series compact system cameras, ideal for low-light shooting and bokeh background blurring.

Nikon’s new Coolpix cams won’t steal the show, but they offer boost in features

Nikon introduced two new Coolpix models, the P7800 and S02. Both are updates to existing cameras, but they have enhanced features and performance.
sony gives 4k content creation to the people with new fdr ax1 handycam  camcorder 3

Sony gives 4K content creation to the people with new FDR-AX1 Handycam

Seeking to dominate the 4K arena, Sony today unveiled the AX1 Handycam, a nearly $4,500 consumer camcorder that can shoot in 4K resolution.
olympus rumored to unveil new omd micro four thirds camera called the em1 4

Is this the next camera in Olympus’ OM-D Micro Four-Thirds series, called the E-M1?

Olympus will debut a new high-end Micro Four-Thirds OM-D camera next week called the E-M1, according to the 4/3 Rumors website.

Sony rumored to be working on a sensor-shifting camera that ‘autofocuses’ any lens

According to Sony Alpha Rumors, Sony is working on an E-mount camera with a sensor that allows it to autofocus any brand of lenses attached.
a photographer documents the new san francisco bay bridge from beginning to end foundation joe blum

A photographer documents the new San Francisco Bay Bridge from beginning to end

As a new span of the San Francisco Bay Bridge opens, the work of photographer Joe Blum, who has been documenting its construction, is being recognized.