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nikon staying true camera heritage looks developing markets new money df ambience 3

Nikon is staying true to its camera heritage, looks to emerging markets for new money

Nikon's president says the company will stick to the camera business and look to emerging markets like Brazil and India for new revenue.
underwater flash photography poses no risk to seahorses david harasti seahorse 1

Flash photography isn’t blinding the world’s seahorses after all

A study found that underwater flash photography poses no risk to seahorses, but is an essential tool for tagging without handling them.
panono 360 degree camera you can throw in the air featured

Forget the ladder, Panono is a 360-degree camera you can toss up into the air

The Panono takes the 360-degree camera one step further by letting you toss it up into the air, where it shoots 36 images to create a 72-megapixel panorama.
nx300m camera first samsung product support tizen featured

Samsung reveals Tizen operating system is already available in the NX300M camera

Samsung won't release its Tizen OS in smartphones until next year, but the company is already using the Android alternative in the NX300M camera
sd cards to support 4k 2k video recording sdxc u3 featured

Next-gen SD cards are ready for 4K, 2K video recording, even if you aren’t

The SD Association, the governing body that oversees the SD card format, has announced a new SDXC and SDHC spec that's fast enough to support 4K video.
digital cameras what is live view dslr 3

How I learned to stop worrying and trust the electronic viewfinder

The live preview function in digital cameras was once seen as a hokey function, but, thanks to improvements in tech, it has become an essential feature.
everpix 5

Lack of funding and users forcing Everpix to shut down innovative photo service

Everpix, an online photo management service with an advanced organization system, failed to attract enough users and funding to stay in business.
pixelstick turns volume light painting 2

Pixelstick lets you paint photo-realistic images and animations with 198 LED bulbs

The Pixelstick is a light bar that uses 198 LED bulbs to let you create photo-realistic images using long-exposure and time lapse photography.

Nikon pays homage to its classic F SLRs with the cool retro-inspired Df full-frame camera

Nikon's new Df full-frame DSLR doesn't just look like a vintage camera, it acts like one, too. Inside, it has all the features of a modern pro camera.
sonys alpha a7 a7r image quality may make splurge full frame dsc00364

Impressive image quality from Sony’s Alpha A7 and A7R may make you splurge for full frame

Here's a look at some of the sample images we shot with Sony's groundbreaking full-frame mirroreless cameras, the Alpha A7 and A7R.

First look: Olympus launches versatile, retro-inspired Stylus 1 high-end compact

The new Olympus Stylus 1 puts a bright lens, 1/1.7-inch back-illluminated CMOS sensor, and DSLR-like controls into a compact camera.
funkybod padded shirt fake muscles

New shirt will instantly give you fake pecs, and a shot with the ladies

Want muscles without having to go to the gym? This shirt from Funkybod won't add bulk to your physique, but it'll give off the illusion of muscular pecs.
university of hawaii long term space exploration program hiseas 2

You can help NASA plan for Mars by playing astronaut in Hawaii

The University of Hawaii at Mānoa is looking for people to participate in a series of space exploration studies designed to simulate long-term space travel.
shreddies are flatulence filtering underwear featured

Shreddies underwear won’t silence out your farts, but they’ll smell less deadly

A British company called Shreddies has developed a line of underwear that uses a layer of carbon cloth to help absorb odor from flatulence.
this ebay seller wants to sell you a soviet spy lens for 400k we say good luck with that 3

Capitalism prevails! This rare Soviet spy lens will set you back $400,000

A rare "Soviet spy lens" has been listed on eBay for almost half-a-million dollars, but there are plenty of things that make it highly suspicious.
ricoh wraps gr with new limited edition exterior still the same large sensor compact ltd featured

Ricoh wraps GR with new limited-edition exterior, still the same large-sensor compact

On the inside, there's nothing different about Ricoh's GR Limited Edition from the standard model. It's the exterior that will grab your attention.
an architects super yacht design that says your other ride is the starship enterprise zha b v sideview 90m

An architect’s super yacht design that says your other ride is the starship Enterprise

German shipbuilder Blohm + Voss collaborated with architect Zaha Hadid on a series of super yachts with an out-of-this-world design.
fujifilm unveils premium xq1 compact x q1 lineup featured

Fujifilm XQ1 is a fast premium compact with high-resolution X-Trans CMOS II sensor

Fujifilm's new compact features the company's high-performance X-Trans CMOS II and EXR Processor II technologies, similar to those in its higher-end models.
fujifilm puts stronger sensor and faster hybrid autofocusing into new x e2 black front high angle 18 55mm featured

Fujifilm puts stronger sensor and faster hybrid autofocusing into new X-E2

Fujifilm's new X-E2 uses the latest X-Trans CMOS II APS-C sensor for enhanced image quality and hybrid AF with phase detection for fast autofocusing.
panasonics stylish baby lumix gm1 is a micro four thirds engineering marvel feature

Panasonic’s stylish ‘baby’ Lumix GM1 is a Micro Four Thirds engineering marvel

With a form factor size of a compact camera, the Panasonic Lumix GM1 is the smallest Micro Four Thirds interchangeable lens camera to date.

Nikon brings Wi-Fi and improvements to D5300 DSLR, plus pricey 58mm pro-level prime lens

Nikon has upgraded one of its most popular DSLR models with the new D5300, and added a new professional-grade, prime lens to its DX-format lens lineup.
nikon wins infringement lawsuit against polaroid ces 2013 im1836

Nikon doesn’t find Polaroid’s iM1836 camera amusing, files lawsuit for infringement

If you thought Polaroid's Android-powered iM1836 Micro Four Thirds camera looks like Nikon's 1 series, so does Nikon, which has now filed a lawsuit.
vimeo sweetens professional video hosting with more storage and unlimited plays pro logo dark jpg

Vimeo sweetens professional video hosting with more storage and unlimited plays

Vimeo has upgraded its video-hosting service designed for creative professionals and small businesses. PRO users now have 1TB of storage.
raspberry pi camera now available as a bundle featured

Raspberry Pi camera module now available as a bundle for the bargain price of $40

The Raspberry Pi low-power mini computer and camera module are now available as an affordable bundle for $40.
wicked lasers evo can be hacked and reprogrammed controlled remotely 1

This EVO green laser can be hacked and controlled with your phone

Wicked Lasers has a new high-powered green laser, the EVO, that can be hacked and reprogrammed, plus it can be controlled via iOS or Android.
bigstock dives into the photographers mind on how kooky images end up its site businessman with a bucket h 15475226

Bigstock dives into the photographer’s mind on how kooky images end up on its site

To cover as many topics as possible, stock photo agencies are filled with any image you could possibly think up, which means many of them are plain bizarre.
yahoos not done with flickr continues to tweak redesign new photo page featured

Yahoo’s not done with Flickr, continues to tweak redesign with new photo page

Continuing to make improvements since its major overhaul earlier this year, Flick is redesigning its photo page with better navigation and features.
bose unveils soundtouch wireless music system 20 environment

Bose arrives fashionably late to the music-streaming party with new SoundTouch systems

Bose is jumping into streaming music with its new wireless SoundTouch system that pulls music from a computer, Internet radio, and Pandora.
national geographic photographer jim richardson uses iphone 5s to document trip across scottish highlands featured

Kilts, Braveheart, and haggis, photographing the Scottish Highlands using only an iPhone 5S

National Geographic photographer Jim Richardson uses just an iPhone 5S to photograph the Scottish Highlands, and finds it to be a very capable camera.
ricoh touts fast frame rates selectable anti aliasing in new pentax k 3 dslr

Ricoh touts fast frame rates, user-selectable anti-aliasing in new Pentax K-3 DSLR

Ricoh's new DSLR flagship, the Pentax K-3, offers a fast frame rate speed at full resolution and anti-aliasing that can be turned on and off.
if apples design guru jony ive designed a camera it would look like this leica m 130613rd 073

If Apple’s design guru Jony Ive created a camera, it would look like this Leica M

In collaboration with fellow industrial designer Marc Newson, Apple's Jony Ive has created a special edition Leica M to benefit Bono's (RED) foundation.
nikon unveils d610 entry level full frame dslr 24 85 front featured

Nikon’s new entry-level full-frame D610 has improved burst mode and auto white balance

The D610, an evolution of the D600, is the latest full-frame DSLR from Nikon that's designed to appeal to users stepping up from DSLRs with smaller sensors.
shower tunes is a curtain for your ipad

The genius of Shower Tunes’ curtain for your iPad is that it’s both absurd and practical

Forget waterproof cases. The Shower Tunes curtain lets you watch and listen to your tablet and smartphones without getting them wet.
cyclops gear cglife 2 review 13300006

These camera glasses will test your patience, tolerance for humiliation

The CgLife 2 from Cyclops Gear takes a unique approach to the POV action cam by embedding a Full HD camcorder within a pair of sports sunglasses.