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backbone ribcage gopro mod back bone featured

This DIY mod turns a GoPro Hero into an interchangeable lens camera

An accessory called the Ribcage lets you attach interchangeable lenses to a GoPro camera, enhancing the various views you can shoot.
polaroid ces 2013 cameras im1836

Court favors Nikon over Polaroid in lawsuit, says Android mirrorless cam is a rip-off

A U.S. court has ruled that Polaroid infringed on Nikon's patent with the iM1836, Polaroid's first mirrorless interchangeable lens camera that runs Android.
small outside big inside booq python camera backpack stashes 2 dslrs lenses ipad slim 5

Small outside, big inside: Booq Python camera backpack stashes 2 DSLRs, lenses, and iPad

Looking for a camera bag that's slim but can carry an arsenal of two DSLRs, lenses, accessories, and an iPad? Booq's Python Slimpack backpack is for you.
artists using xray create intimate photos of couples kanda hayashi 1

X-ray machines aren’t just for doctors; artists create intimate, macabre photos

Two Japanese graduate art students employed X-ray and CT scanners to create beautiful, haunting portraits of four couples in intimate positions.
could iphones replace news photographers the chicago sun times thinks so building featured

Chicago Sun-Times owner agrees to rehire four staff photographers replaced by iPhones

After laying off its entire staff of photographers in favor of iPhone-toting reporters, the owner of the Chicago Sun-Times has agreed to rehire back four.
photographers camera buggy attacked lion pack lives shoot another day chris mclennan lions featured

Photographer’s camera buggy attacked by wild lions, lives to shoot another day

Photographer Chris McLennan built a remote control buggy to get his camera close to some lions without putting himself in danger.
canon makes second attempt mirrorless eos japan m2 featured

Canon makes second attempt at mirrorless cameras with the EOS M2, but only in Japan

Canon updated its EOS M mirrorless interchangeable lens camera series with the M2, which has a faster autofocusing system than its predecessor.
mecam launches hd lifelogging wifi camera 2

MeCam upgrades lifelogging camera to capture your everyday moments in 1080p video

Want to capture your everyday moments with a lifelogging camera that can shoot 1080p HD video? MeCam's got you covered with their new product.
tim jenison johannes vermeer tims sony pictures

Was Vermeer a painting genius, or did he use tech to ‘cheat?’

Inventor Tim Jenison reproduced a painting by Johannes Vermeer using a lens-mirror device – one that Vermeer may have used himself.
Lytro Electric Blue

Refocusing cameras are so last year: Is Lytro at risk of losing its magic?

Despite investor funding and a promise of "awesome" products in 2014, Lytro has struggled to sell its innovative light-field camera. A look at what's next.
twitter site dedicated objects faces show youre crazy seeing things coffee

Twitter site dedicated to objects with faces shows you’re not crazy in seeing things

A Twitter account showing images of faces in inanimate objects already has more than 170,000 followers since it debuted earlier this month.
mit nanocamera 20131126135218 2

MIT’s nano-camera operates at speed of light, can detect clear objects, rain, fog

A prototype "nano-camera" from MIT can measure distances at the speed of light, making it more accurate with rain or translucent objects.
whats new in adobe photoshop cc spot removal

Adobe announces new Photoshop CC, Lightroom 5 plan for $10 a month

For a limited time, Adobe is extending its discounted $10-a-month subscription to Photoshop CC and Lightroom 7 to anyone who's interested.
panasonics stylish baby lumix gm1 is a micro four thirds engineering marvel feature

Panasonic to halve compact camera production, focus more on higher-end models

Panasonic recently announced there'll be fewer compact cameras from the company in 2014. Instead, it'll focus more on its mirrorless segment.
Samsung Galaxy NX front

Samsung Galaxy NX review

future iphone cameras utilize lytro like light field tech refocusing apple camera system 1

Future iPhone cameras could employ Lytro-like light-field tech for image refocusing

Apple has been awarded a U.S. patent for a camera system that can refocus an image after it has been shot, similar to Lytro cameras.
googles nexus program wont go away anytime soon google 5 camera

Photographers, get excited! Google confirms uncompressed RAW image support for Android

Source code reveals that Google has been developing a new camera API for Android that adds support for advanced shooting features like RAW image capture.
ministry irony china wants stop fake images making onto web chinese image manipulation research

From the department of irony? China tries to stop fake images from reaching the Web

To combat against fake images used for blackmailing, the Chinese government is pouring money into technologies for detecting manipulated photos.
photographer turns old gear cheap macro microscope shoots stunning snowflakes kljatov snowflake photography 11

Photographer’s homemade macro camera rig captures stunning snowflake images

Photographer Alexey Kljatov built a macro camera by taping together an old Canon PowerShot and Soviet-era lens. The result? Beautiful images of snowflakes.
captain kirk designed watch itd made asteroids self powered passages

If Captain Kirk designed a watch, it’d be made with asteroid dust and self-powered

Renaissance Man William Shatner collaborated with a watchmaker to design a limited-edition timepiece called Passages, and it's sold only through Indiegogo.
put crosswords pick camera study shows photography improves memory lady with

Put down the crosswords, pick up a camera, study shows photography improves memory

A new study shows that developing new skills, like digital photography, could be key to improving long-term memory as we age.
dang lomo gotta tease us cool camera doesnt really work mg 9755

Dang, Lomo, why you gotta tease us with a cool camera that doesn’t even work?

The Lomography Konstruktor Transparent is a cool see-through version of the original Konstruktor DIY film SLR camera. Unfortunately the thing doesn't work.
make wedding photo memorable get zach braff photobomb sascha reinking featured

How to make your wedding photo more memorable? Get Zach Braff to photobomb it

It's never good when a special moment gets photobombed, unless it's Scrubs/Garden State actor Zach Braff who's doing the photobombing.
palette modular controller matte aluminum 2

Palette uses analog knobs and dials to give you greater control over your digital world

Made up of modules of dials, sliders, and buttons, Palette is a customizable accessory for controlling functions in software like Adobe Creative Suite.
portrait photographers key looking photogenic squinch model 3

Look awesome in every picture with this pro photographer’s secret trick

Ever heard of the "Squinch?" If not, you might want to look into it, as it's portrait photographer Peter Hurley's foolproof method for looking photogenic.
boeings folding wing design save airlines money youll still nickeled dimed boeing 777x 1

Boeing’s folding wings could save airlines money, but you’ll still get nickeled and dimed

Boeing's new 777x aircraft calls for longer wings to maximize fuel efficiency. They fold up when on the ground to accommodate airports.
olympus using more sony camera components to cut costs sasa

Olympus president considers using more Sony camera components to help cut costs

To help prop up its camera business, Olympus is considering sharing more common camera parts with Sony to help it cut costs.
smartbell doorbell 3

Smartbell is the high-tech doorbell that lets you video chat with your visitors

The Smartbell is an advanced doorbell solution that notifies you of visitors on your smartphone. It uses Wi-Fi to establish a video chat while you're out.
animals attack elk violently head butts photographer minding business james york bull featured

Animals aren’t so adorable when they head-butt you, as one photographer learns

A photographer had a close call with danger after an aggressive bull elk approached and started head-butting him. The entire incident was captured on film.
vivian maier self portrait 1

How a mysterious Chicago nanny became one of the most important street photographers

Vivian Maier is hailed as one of the greatest street photographers of the last century, yet she remainedl relatively unknown until recently.
aint dead yet kodaks alaris spin promises keep film production going kodak professional featured

It ain’t dead yet: Kodak’s Alaris spin-off promises to keep film production going

Kodak Alaris has announced analog film and paper production will continue, and is partnering with Lomography to sell its range of products at retail.
finally weve found first purse man proud carry drinksbag 3

Finally, we have found a purse any man should be proud to carry

The DrinksBag Cosmopolitan is a lady's handbag that has a secret pouch for storing booze, which is reason enough for any man to carry one.
hack hotel thermostat into vip mode featured

Unlock a hotel room’s temperature limits with this simple thermostat hack

This simple hack to a hotel's electronic thermostat will supposedly disable the temperature limits. Give it a shot the next time you travel.
tellspec food scanner chips

TellSpec scanner could save your life by identifying food allergens, chemicals

The TellSpec handheld scanner can help you identify the chemicals, allergens, nutrients, and ingredients of food before you take a bite.