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apple files patent photo search voice siri

Apple files new patent that could enable voice-based photo search in Siri

Apple has filed a new patent application describing the ability to search for and tag photos via voice, pointing naturally to Siri.
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Get one of these for Christmas? You might want to ask for the receipt

high resolution macro photos show amazing details bees wont cure fear bugs sam droge bee featured

High-resolution macro photos show amazing details of bees, won’t cure your fear of bugs

Since Sam Droege of the U.S. Geological Survey started using a new macro photography technique, he has been able to capture amazing portraits of bees.
filmmaker known using dslrs creates short video playing barbie dolls philip bloom

Filmmaker known for using DSLRs creates short video with Barbie camera

Noted British filmmaker/cinematographer Philip Bloom accepted a challenge to create a short film using a low-res video camera embedded inside a Barbie doll.
canon issues product advisory sx50 hs viewfinder cause allergic reaction sx50hs featured

Canon issues product advisory for SX50 HS, viewfinder could cause allergic reaction

Canon has issued a product advisory and recall for select PowerShot SX50 HS ultrazoom camera manufactured between September 1 and November 15 of 2013.
2013 national geographic photography contest winners natgeo photo nature winner featured

Polar bear swimming in Arctic wins 2013 National Geographic Photography Contest

National Geographic selected a photograph of a polar bear beneath melting ice as the grand prize winner of its 2013 Photography Contest.
rare leica promotion is a do it yourself camera kit made of plastic featured

This rare Leica was made entirely out of plastic, but never produced

Leica in Brazil created a do-it-yourself camera kit as a thank-you gift for customers who purchase a Leica M, but the project never took off due to costs.
remembering greats time magazine profiles notable photographers lost 2013 jack mitchell

Remembering the greats: Time magazine profiles notable photographers we lost in 2013

Every year, many great photographers who have helped shape the medium pass on. Time magazine pays tribute to those we lost in 2013.
olympus unveils pen ep5 7

Olympus forecasts camera business will return to profit in 2014, focuses on mirrorless

Olympus is counting on increased sales of mirrorless models to help its camera business unit return to profit in 2014, and no plans to stop making cameras.

Apple updates Mac RAW support for latest Nikon, Olympus, Sony cameras

Got yourself one of the latest cameras from Nikon, Sony, or Olympus? If you're a Mac user, download the latest Digital Camera RAW Compatibility Update.
digital bolex featured

Digital Bolex gives filmmakers 2K RAW cinematography in a classic 16MM body

More than a year in the making and now available for preorder, the Digital Bolex is a 2K uncompressed RAW cinema camera with a retro-styled body.
sony cyber shot qx100 qx 100 hands on mem 3

Sony beefs up video and ISO in QX ‘lens cameras,’ updates PlayMemories app

Sony will release firmware updates for its Cyber-shot QX "lens cameras" that will improve video and ISO speeds, plus shutter priority mode for the QX100.
flickr unveils new dynamic embedding feature embed

Flickr modernizes photo and video Web embeds, finally gets with the times

Continuing its improvements to become more social again, Yahoo has updated its Web embed feature with more dynamic coding.
photographer jay philbrick adds dramatic effect placing subjects on ledge featured

Give your headshot that extra edge … by standing on a 400-foot cliff

New Hampshire-based photographer Jay Philbrick uses his rock-climbing experience to add dramatic effect to his photos, whether it's a wedding or portrait.
british journal photography launches iphone publication fltr featured

British Journal of Photography thinks you’ll pay for its new iPhone-only magazine, FLTR

An indication of where photography and publishing are heading, the British Journal of Photography has launched an iPhone-only magazine called FLTR.
fujifilm announces fujinon xf10 24mmf4 r ois ultra wide lens 10 24mm black front featured

Fujifilm adds 10-24mm Fujinon lens with f/4 aperture throughout entire focal range

Fujifilm announced a new 10-24mm ultra-wide-angle lens to its X-series lineup of interchangeable lens cameras, with a constant f/4 aperture.
nikon d7100 front

Nikon D7000, Canon 60D make the top of Lenstag’s most-stolen camera list

According to Lenstag, an online camera registry service, lists the Nikon D7100, Canon EOS 60D, and Canon EOS 7D as the top-three most-stolen cameras.
avox striimlight led light bulb speaker featured 2

Pump up the volume (and hide the speaker) with the AwoX Bluetooth-streaming LED bulb

The AvoX Striimlight is a hybrid LED light bulb and Bluetooth wireless speaker. Powered via most standard sockets, you can add music easily to any room.
create awesome 360 degree videos dslr gopro eye mirror accessory

Create awesome 360-degree videos on your DSLR, GoPro with the Eye Mirror accessory

The Eye Mirror, a camera lens accessory currently on Kickstarter, lets you shoot 360-degree videos and photos with a DSLR or GoPro.
german chinese optics partnership results worlds fastest mirrorless camera lens featured

German-Chinese optics partnership results in ‘world’s fastest’ mirrorless camera lens

A German-Chinese partnership between two optics companies have created the "world's fastest" lens for mirrorless camera systems, the Handevision Ibelux.
petzval old 19th century fast aperture lens thats suddenly new 6004eb3215cba76089843d1912ce254d large

The Petzval is an old 19th-century, fast aperture lens that’s suddenly new again

A 19th-century lens famous for its fast aperture and favored today for its imperfections is getting modern remakes designed for today's cameras.
eye fi announces windows desktop support mobi wireless memory card family

Eye-Fi announces Windows desktop support for Mobi wireless memory card

Eye-Fi's Mobi SD cards, which have built-in Wi-Fi for wireless transfers to a smartphone or tablet, has added beta support for desktop/laptop computers.
improve photographic memory study suggests putting camera taking photo in museum

To improve your photographic memory, study suggests putting down the camera

A research study by Fairfield University found that taking photos of things affects our ability to remember them later.
photographer turns real architecture jenga using digital retouching victor enrich nhdk featured

Photographer turns real architecture into Jenga using digital retouching

Using a combination of photography, 3D graphics, and digital retouching, photographer Victor Enrich manipulates a building in into 88 configurations.
sparrowscope makes kite aerial photography easier featured

Kite aerial photography just got easier with an iPhone onboard the Sparrowscope

The Sparrowscope is a device that aims to make kite aerial photography easier and more affordable by using your smartphone.
new adjustable glip tripod stand for smartphones glif 2

Glif, the handy iPhone tripod mount, now adjustable to fit all other smartphones

The new Glif from Studio Neat is a simple but useful tool for adding a tripod mount to your smartphone, doing double-duty as a kickstand.
nolab digital film cartridge turns old super 8 camera modern day moviemaker featured

Nolab digital film cartridge turns an old Super 8 camera into a modern-day moviemaker

Got an old Super 8 movie camera lying around? A digital film product in development called the Nolab could bring this old-school camera back to the future.
pull sleeves plastic slr camera needs put pieces together last 1

Pull up your sleeves, this plastic SLR camera needs you to put the pieces together

Like model cars and robots of your youth, the LAST Camera is a plastic SLR you need to assemble from various pieces. Once built, you have a working camera.
alpinestars tech air motorcycling suit senses crash deploys airbags within milliseconds featured

Alpinestars’ Tech Air motorcycling suit senses crash, deploys airbags within milliseconds

Alpinestars, maker of motorcyce racing suits, has developed an airbag technology that can detect a crash within milliseconds, inflating airbags afterward.
rare phenomenon fills grand canyon clouds captured photos erin huggins cloud inversion 2

Rare phenomenon fills Grand Canyon with clouds, captured in photos

A rare phenomenon called total cloud inversion occurs about once every decade at the Grand Canyon, although it has been rarely captured.
base jumper hits cliff wall escapes death captures entire fall ground video basejumper

BASE jumper hits cliff wall but escapes death, captures entire fall to ground on video

A BASE jumper captures on video his accident when he slammed into a cliff wall after jumping off it and pulling his parachute.
spotliter iphone applies fun effects filters videos recording featured

Spotliter for iPhone applies fun effects and filters to videos while recording

Filters and effects are common features when taking photos, but a new iOS app called Spotliter lets you apply these features to video, as you're recording.

Quebee is the no-brainer camcorder that wants you to stay in the picture

A New Zealand tech startup has created an easy-to-use everyday camcorder that's billed as a "personal video camera that allows you to be in the moment."
survival gear gift guide thumb

Survival and adventure gifts

Got daredevils in your family? Help them pack some essential tools that help them enjoy the outdoors, but, most importantly, survive.