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Netflix streaming

How Netflix and Disney are fighting for the future of streaming: Kids

From Amazon and Hulu to Facebook and Apple, there are a ton of streaming services vying for your attention these days, but Netflix is by far the most popular. With Disney to entering the fray with Disney+, the two services will dominate streaming entertainment, and they’ll have your children to thank.
anker soundcore infini soundbar review feat

Anker Soundcore Infini soundbar review

Best known for its battery chargers, Anker has expanded into audio in a big way in recent years with its Soundcore lineup, including Bluetooth speakers, headphones, and soundbars. The latest example is the Soundcore Infini soundbar. At just $99, it makes for a very affordable add-on to your entertainment setup, but is it worth the cash?
amazon alexa powered audio gear subwoofer amplifier echo plus event 09 2018 4353

Amazon’s horde of new Alexa-powered audio gear includes subwoofer, new amplifier

Amazon's quest to take over the world with its Alexa voice assistant just got a bit closer to realization, as the company unleashed an army of new devices at its live event today, including multiple new audio devices. We've got the low-down on all of the new products here.
Bowers & Wilkins 607 speakers

Bowers & Wilkins’ upgraded 600 Series speakers hit stores

Bowers & Wilkins has revamped its entry-level speaker lineup, borrowing some goodness from the company's flagship 800 Series speakers, while keeping the impressively low price points. We got some ears-on time with the new speakers, and they sound notably better. What's not to love?
1More Triple Driver Over-ear headphones

1More Triple Driver over-ear headphones review

1More has taken its penchant for multiple drivers into the big leagues with the Triple Driver Over-ear headphones, which offer stylized design and an equally stylized sound signature. Add in plenty of comfort and the Chinese brand has got another winner on its hands.
sonos amp

Just add speakers: The Sonos Amp puts music muscle in smart homes

Sonos makes it easy for anyone to create a whole-home audio solution, without the need for wires or amplifiers. With the new Amp, the company has flipped the switch, going back to its roots to create a customizable, rack-mountable device for smart home installations, and much more.
Astell & Kern’s new A&futura SE100

Astell & Kern’s new A&futura SE100 hi-res player looks funny, sounds fantastic

Astell & Kern continues to outdo itself, this time with its latest middle-range player, the A&futura SE100. The device with the funny name (and the funny design) is all business when it comes to sound, offering stunningly accurate performance for the money. Even at $1,700, the A&futura SE100 is an audiophile bargain.

The white van speaker scam explained, and how it moved to Craigslist and Facebook

The so-called white van speaker scam has been around for a long time, so why do people still get conned on a daily basis? Knowledge is power. Get some here.
shure kse1200 electrostatic earphone system review 12 feat

Shure KSE1200 Electrostatic Earphone System review

Shure’s astronomically priced KSE1500 electrostatic earbuds get a reboot of sorts in the KSE1200, which drop the digital-to-analog converter, but keep all the lovely sound for a lot less green. We go hands-on to see if the big price cut is enough to make these incredible-sounding earbuds worth the still-spendy splurge.
polk command bar review 3

Polk Command Bar Review

Amazon’s incredibly popular voice assistant, Alexa, is everywhere these days, but how well does it work when controlling your TV? We put Polk’s new Alexa-enabled Command Bar to the test to find out if it can stand up to the Sonos Beam.
imax with laser tour projector feat

How laser projection is taking IMAX even further over the top

We recently traveled to IMAX’s Toronto, Ontario headquarters to see the company’s brand-new, single-projector laser system. Set to be utilized in IMAX’s smaller theaters, the new system offers a spectacular viewing experience on an 80-foot screen. We’ve seen the future of big-screen theaters, and it’s brighter and more colorful than ever.
samsung onyx 34 foot led screen theater 3d cinema 2

Samsung’s 34-foot Onyx LED TV looks to change movie theaters forever

Samsung’s biggest LED creation yet, the Onyx Cinema LED screen, is a massive display designed to power the movie theater of the future. With 10 times the brightness of standard projectors, perfect black levels, and 4K resolution, could this 34-foot big-screen TV make projectors obsolete?
keanu reeves

Keanu Reeves shares ‘Bill and Ted 3’ plot, questions the nature of his reality

One of the biggest names in Hollywood, Keanu Reeves has set himself apart from many of his peers by constantly reinventing himself. We recently spoke to Reeves about his prolific career on both sides of the camera, his latest indie thriller, Siberia, plans for a new Bill and Ted sequel, and more.
Yamaha RX-V683 review

Yamaha RX-V683 review

Sony HT-Z9F soundbar review

Sony HT-Z9F 3.1 soundbar review

Sony once again flexes its processing might with its latest soundbar, the HT-Z9F. Loaded with features and packing powerful virtual surround in a tiny package, the Z9F stretches far beyond its boundaries for impressive performance. But, is this the nimble sound system you’ve been looking for?
Live TV Streaming Services

We all cut cable, and now we’re just as screwed on streaming

As live TV streaming services like Sling TV and PlayStation Vue raise prices in tandem, it raises questions about whether these services were ever a viable alternative to cable in the first place. After all, if it costs nearly the same as cable, and offers lower quality, what’s the point?
Samsung HW-NW700 review

Samsung HW-NW700 soundbar review

Samsung changed the script for the latest addition to its Sound+ soundbar line, the NW700. With an eye trained directly on newer Samsung TV owners, this specialized soundbar has a tough case to make for its $700 price tag. Still, if you’re a certain kind of buyer, this could be the right fit for you.
Pioneer Makeover

How Pioneer’s Z-series system gave my aging SUV a 21st century makeover

Can you really teach an old dog new tricks? Pioneer set out to prove you can by outfitting my reborn 1999 Honda CR-V with a state-of-the-art AVH-2440 NEX receiver with Android Auto and all the fixings, along with the company’s latest Z-series high-end speakers. Find out how the upgrade went down, and whether you should do the same for your rig.
Samsung HW-K950

Samsung HW-K950 Dolby Atmos review

Samsung’s Dolby Atmos-equipped soundbar is among the first of its kind, equipped with loads of power and plenty of technology for serious Atmos sound in a small, unassuming package. But does it deliver an epic home theater experience? In our review, we dig deep to find out.
Focal Dome Flax 5.1 review

Focal Dome Flax 5.1 review

There are plenty of ways to land high-quality surround sound, but Focal’s Dome series does things differently. Small yet powerful speaker packages that can setup in almost any room, the Dome Flax are the latest (and priciest). At $2,000, are the Dome Flax worthy of consideration?
dolby atmos nhra 11000 horses in your living room dolbyfeature feat

How do you re-create the air-ripping launch of 11,000-hp dragsters? Dolby Atmos

Dolby and the NHRA have been working together on something special. The two entities have been producing live drag races in spine-chilling Dolby Atmos. Digital Trends recently went behind the scenes at a race in Las Vegas to check out this newly forged partnership in action.
Google Pixel Buds Review

Google Pixel Buds review

In our Google Pixel Buds review, we dig deep into the features, including some new additions, to discover whether Google's first wireless earphones are worth the cash.

Audio-Technica ATH-ADX5000 Air Dynamic headphone review

Audio-Technica’s top-tier headphones, the ADT-ADX5000, are a modern marvel of audio engineering, providing incredible detail, dynamic expression, definition, and textural revelation of your music to allow you to retrace every nook and cranny. Find out what makes this $2,000 pair of headphones so special, and whether they’re right for you.
google pixel buds headphones news feat

5 things Google’s Pixel Buds 2 need to outdo Apple’s AirPods

That Google is all but certainly working on a second generation of its failed Pixel Buds doesn’t come as a surprise, but the company faces an uphill battle. We decided to do Google a solid by outlining five things the company must do to make the Pixel Buds 2 viable, let alone successful.
meridian dsp8000se

Step inside the home of LG’s new audio partner in crime, Meridian Audio

South Korea’s LG Electronics is raising the stakes in the quest for sonic supremacy, adding hi-fi features to its latest lineup and a new audio partner in Britain’s Meridian Audio. We crossed the Atlantic to go behind the scenes with the flagship speakers to find out more.
libratone track wireless noise cancelling headphones review  earbuds hero1

Libratone Track+ wireless headphones review

Libratone’s latest wireless headphones offer stylish and practical design, solid sound, and tons of features like adaptive noise cancelling. Find out if these are your next must-have earbuds.
nextvr nba league pass writing future of vr nbafeature 15

How NextVR and the NBA are bringing VR from the sidelines to center court

NextVR and the NBA have been working together to broadcast dozens of live games inVR. We went behind the scenes to find out how it’s done.
google chromecast ultra 2016

‘Cast’ like a boss with our list of the best Chromecast apps

If you have the nagging suspicion you’re not taking full advantage of your Chromecast, you’re probably right. Check out our list, and learn how to cast like a boss.

Can this app make EarPods sound like studio-grade cans? We tested to find out

Sonarworks' True-Fi headphone app promises a revolutionary way to modify the sound signature of your favorite headphones for a more accurate, linear response. But is it right for you?

For $29, the PaMu truly wireless earbuds are a no-brainer

Can these true wireless buds, which cost just 29 measly dollars, really live up to their potential as a worthwhile asset in your workout routine?
Focal Sib Evo Dolby Atmos 5.1.2

Focal Sib Evo Dolby Atmos 5.1.2 review

Focal’s Sib Evo speakers offer real, multi-channel Dolby Atmos sound in a package that’s as affordable as a soundbar, and almost as discrete. We put them to the test.
iphone to android lg v30

Audiophiles belong on Android. Here’s what I learned from switching over

After 9 years with the iPhone, I switched to LG’s V30 to keep my precious headphones. It’s always scary trying something new, but taking the leap isn’t as hard as you might think.
Vizio P Series

Vizio P-Series (P65-E1) review

Vizio’s P-Series offers impressive features, a sexy design, and picture quality that far outshines the brand’s lower-priced models. But is this the 4K HDR TV for you?
Shinola Canfield On-ear headphones review

Shinola Canfield On-ear headphones review

Detroit-based watch company Shinola continues to dip its toes into the audio realm, offering a pricey pair of headphones called the Canfield.