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between the streams

Between the Streams: Venomless trailer, Game of Thrones Star Wars, ‘Solo’ time

This week, we've got a ton of good stuff, including lots of new Star Wars news (Game of Thrones anyone?), a slew of trailers, and so much more.

The Life and Times of the Late, Great CD

Best Buy’s decision to stop selling CDs altogether by July marks the end of an era. In memoriam, we’ve created this timeline marking the CD’s rise and fall.
Klipsch Heritage HP-3

Klipsch Heritage HP-3 headphones review

Klipsch brings serious style and substance to its new audiophile cans. But at $1,200, are they worth the scratch?
between the streams

Between the Streams: CBS’ desperate ‘Murphy Brown’ revival, Super Bowl trailers

This week on Between the Streams, we'll be discussing all the weird new sitcom reboots, Netflix's new series Altered Carbon, all the new trailers we expect to see during the Super Bowl, and so much more.
between the streams

Between the Streams: Apple and Kristen Wiig, ‘Solo’ synopsis, Black Widow movie?

This week on Between the Streams: A comedy series with Kristin Wiig and Reese Witherspoon from Apple, a Black Widow stand-alone film, and much more.
MicroLED vs OLED

MicroLED is the new hotness in TVs. But OLED isn’t going anywhere

Samsung wowed the crowds at CES 2018 with its 146-inch display using MicroLED technology called “The Wall.” But it’s OLED that will soon land in your living room.
best audio ces 2018 clearaudio innovations

The coolest audio gadgets of CES 2018

We compiled all the coolest audio gadgets we discovered at this year’s Las Vegas event, so you can get a taste of the show floor.
Clearaudio Innovation turntable

This glorious $45,000 turntable made of wood and aluminum just blew our minds

Nestled in Clearaudio’s Venetian suite is the Innovation turntable. Made of plywood and aluminum, this work of art runs as much as $45,000.
technics sl1000r sp10r direct drive turntables sl 1000r

Say hello to Technics’ insane, $20,000 SL-1000R turntable

Technics has resurrected the original SP-10 direct drive turntable with the insane $10,000 SP-10R and $20,000 SL-1000R.
ELAC Argo B51

ELAC goes wireless in style with the gorgeous new Argo B51 bookshelf speakers

ELAC goes wireless with its latest bookshelf speakers, the Argo B51, offering stylish design and gorgeous sound via a three-way driver array.
sennheiser first soundbar ambeo 3d surround dolby atmos ces 2018 15148

Sennheiser’s first-ever soundbar shakes up CES with brilliant virtual surround

Sennheiser's first-ever soundbar wows with rumbling bass, gorgeous detail, and stunningly real 3D virtual surround.
usain bolt interview philips bass wireless headphones ryan waniata and

Retired but not tired, Usain Bolt plays Call of Duty, DJs, and walks rrreally slow

We interview Usain Bolt at CES 2018 about his Philips' Bass+ wireless headphones, savoring semi-retirement, and just how slow he can walk.
1more wireless triple driver spearhead vr gaming headphones 1

1More shows off twistable, wireless Triple Driver buds, innovative gaming cans

1More reveals bendable new wireless version of its popular Triple Driver earbuds, as well as an intriguing new pair of gaming headphones.
panasonic fz950 fz800 4k oled tvs

Panasonic doubles down on OLED TVs, also unveils two UHD Blu-ray players

Panasonic has shown off two spanking-new OLED TVs, the FZ950 and the FZ800 series, alongside two new 4K UHD Blu-ray players.
samsung vl 3 5 wireless multiroom speakers series feature

Volume dial on the fridge? Check out Samsung’s cool VL Series wireless speakers

Samsung's VL Series speakers have a removable volume dial that lets you play, pause, and skip songs while you stream, all without your phone.
Jim Kiczek CES 2018

Samsung’s Jim Kiczek shows off new gaming soundbar, retro-futuristic speakers

In our interview with Samsung's Jim Kiczek we discuss the HW-N650 gaming soundbar, as well as the new VL series wireless speakers.
samsung hw n650 gaming soundbar feature

Samsung’s latest soundbar finally puts gamers in the spotlight

Samsung's HW-N650 soundbar is aimed straight at gamers, set with small ports called a hole array, to create a sweeping, accurate soundstage. 
between the streams

Between the Streams: A brutal ‘Sicario 2’ trailer, 10 more years of Star Wars

It's lightsabers, polka kings, and sequels galore this week as Between the Streams looks at a wide variety of new content hitting screens.
10 huge movies hiding hollywood megastars jack gleeson batman begins 2

10 huge movies with stars you totally missed

From Chris Pratt to Amy Adams, this is the mother lode of lost superstars who showed up in famous movies.
Vizio E-Series E65-E1 Review

Vizio E-series (E65-E1) review

Our Vizio E-series review shows just how far Vizio’s budget-friendly screens have come in the last few years.
between the streams

Between the Streams: ‘The Last Jedi’ backlash, ‘The Office’ revival, and more

This week on Between the Streams: Jumanji, the best Christmas shows you can stream, the online backlash for The Last Jedi, and much more.

‘The Last Jedi’ is unlike any Star Wars film, and that’s what makes it so Star Wars

We didn’t want to write an op-ed about The Last Jedi, but the online backlash forced our hand. Here’s why the film’s weirdness is quintessentially Star Wars.
between the streams

Between the Streams: ‘Star Wars: The Last Jedi’ redeems 2017, Foxy Disney

It's Star Wars day on Between the Streams. Today's podcast will be dominated with discussions of our joy for The Last Jedi.
definitive technology demand series d9 review 792

Definitive Technology Demand Series D9 review

Definitive Technology’s D9 Demand Series speakers showcase incredible clarity and stereo imaging in our review. But are they worth the extra green?
bragi the headphone true wireless earphones review hero3flipped

Bragi The Headphone true wireless earbuds review

sennheiser hd1 wireless review pink floyd headphones full1

Sennheiser HD1 Wireless review

Sennheiser’s HD1 Wireless headphones are an impressive pair of stylish wireless cans -- but you’d better bring your checkbook.
embrace the upsale, yas soundbar, tv audio

Embrace the upsell! Your new TV deserves one of these killer sound systems

No one wants to blow their budget after shelling out for a new TV, but this year we’re asking you to get upsold on sound with our handy guide. We promise, your ears will thank you.
between the streams

Between the Streams: Tarantino’s R-rated Star Trek, Jurassic World 2 trailer

This week on Between the Streams: Tarantino's R-rated Star Trek film, a Jurassic World 2 trailer, I, Tonya, and more.
between the streams

Between the Streams: ‘Avengers: Infinity War,’ the beautiful ‘Shape of Water’

This week on Between the Streams, we'll be discussing the Avengers: Infinity War, The Shape of Water, Jurassic World 2, and much more.
between the streams

Between the Streams: ‘Justice League’ is bearable, Franco goes X-Men, ‘LOTR’ TV

This week on Between the Streams: Justice League is bearable, Franco goes X-Men, and Amazon lands a Lord of the Rings TV series.
samsung hw-ms750 sound+ soundbar review offset

Samsung HW-MS750 Sound+ soundbar review

Samsung has expanded the Sound+ soundbar line to add some extra power and depth. In our HW-MS750 review we ask whether that’s enough to justify the higher price.
between the streams

Between the Streams: New Star Wars trilogy bonanza, choose-your-own-adventure TV

This week on Between the Streams: Rian Johnson's brandnew Star Wars trilogy. We'll also discuss Universal's monster troubles and much more.
Polk Audio Magnifi Mini soundbar review

Polk Audio MagniFi Mini review

between the streams

Between the Streams: Thor’s epic triumph, Beyoncé the lion, Star Wars trailer

This week: Thor: Ragnarok mini-review, a Superman prequel series from FX, The Lion King live-action reboot (why?), American Vandal season 2.