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Single-use Powrtabs phone chargers are recyclable and fit in your pocket

Powrtabs single-use smartphone chargers could be just the backup you need to avoid running out of power when you’re out and about.
Galaxy S6 Moshi iGlaze

Ordering a beautiful Galaxy S6? We’ve got 30 cases you may want

We've been sifting through a multitude of options to find you the best Samsung Galaxy S6 cases, each of which will safeguard your fragile smartphone.
google photos low resolution video update albums 2

How to share photos on Android (and our favorite apps to use)

Here, we take a look at the best ways to share photos via Android. There are tips, a look at the best services and apps, and some photo-sharing advice.
dt10 crime from drones to body cams tech is changing the fight against

From drones to body cams, tech is changing the fight against crime

best nexus 6p cases google live case header 2

The 20 best Nexus 6P cases to protect and style your Google phone

Bad things can happen to a smartphone when it falls. Thankfully, we've rounded up some of the best Nexus 6P cases if you're in need of a little protection.
Tech21 NPL

Tech21 reveals tough testing methods behind new case range

We visited Tech21 at the National Physical Laboratory in London to find out how it develops and tests its phone cases and to see the new range of products.
Google Pixel phone

Checkmate, Apple: Why Google’s Pixel is a genius move for Android

Google's grand new strategy for mobile world domination is taking end-to-end control of software and hardware with the new Pixel line of phones.
Marbotic Smart Letters and Numbers

Hands-on: Marbotic Smart Numbers toy

best xperia x cases version 1464793231 lime green pis design

10 great Xperia X cases to safeguard your shiny new Sony phone

Want to tweak the look and add a layer of protection to your new Sony phone? Whatever your tastes or budget, we've got you covered.
Apple iPhone 7 Plus

Watch an iPhone 7 get boiled, bent, shot, and squished in the best torture tests

Here’s a roundup of durability tests and iPhone 7 destruction videos, so you can watch Apple's latest flagship get boiled, sawed, and dropped from on high.
best galaxy note 7 cases version 1470200429 caseology

RIP Galaxy Note 7: The best cases for Samsung’s deceased phablet

The Galaxy Note 7 is a gorgeous device, but it's not the most rugged. Here are seven cases that add style and protection to Samsung's latest flagship.
rugged smartphone case testing bestruggediphone feat

How do you decide on a rugged case? Look at how each company tests them

If you’re looking for a rugged case for your phone, where should you be looking? Here, we look at how various manufacturers conduct their durability tests.
android app stores version 1434711607 alternative

Tired of Google Play? Check out these alternative Android app stores

If you are hunting for more sources to download Android apps and games, then you’ll find a bumper batch in here. These are alternatives to the Play Store.
iphone 7 vs galaxy s7 edge ios 10

How to download iOS 10 right now

The latest version of Apple's mobile platform, iOS, is finally here. Here's how to download the operating system using iTunes or an over-the-air update.
Betternet Betterspot VPN Router

Betternet Betterspot VPN Router review

Incipio Offgrid Backup Wireless Charging Battery Case

Incipio’s Offgrid Galaxy S7 Edge case boosts battery life and supports wireless charging

If your Galaxy S7 Edge keeps running out of power, the Incipio Offgrid battery case is for you. It has a 3,700mAh battery and supports wireless charging.
HooToo TripMate Titan

HooToo TripMate Titan review

Anker SoundCore Sport XL

Best mobile accessories of IFA 2016

Technovator Wireless Charging

Remote wireless charging for your smartphone could be closer than you think

Technovator showed us a prototype of its XE power router that can charge up an iPhone from several feet away. We investigate to learn more.
tile slim bluetooth tracker

Credit-card-thin Tile Slim helps you keep track of your wallet or purse

The new, credit-card-thin Tile Slim Bluetooth tracker is designed to slot into your wallet or purse so that you never lose them.
qihan sanbot feat

Chinese firm Qihan launches robotics-as-a-service with Sanbot

Qihan's Sanbot is a sensor-packed robot that will launch as part of a robotics-as-a-service model for businesses in health care, education, and security.
photofast itype c

PhotoFast iType-C is a handy storage extension for your iPhone

If you're struggling to find space for new photos or movies on your iPhone or iPad, then the PhotoFast iType-C could be the pocket-friendly gadget you need.
Lifepack Solarbank

Keep belongings safe, gadgets charged with Lifepack backpack, Solarbank

The Lifepack is a multifunctional, secure backpack with a Solarbank inside that provides power, charges via solar panels, and doubles as a Bluetooth speaker.
udoq universal docking station 8225 web

No more cables! Udoq docking station charges multiple mobile devices at once

The Udoq is a fully customizable docking station for charging up all of your mobile devices on one easily accessible rail.
acer liquid z6 plus smartphones android

Acer Liquid Z6, Z6 Plus Android smartphones to hit stores outside U.S. late this year

Two new Android 6.0 Marshmallow smartphones were unveiled by Acer on Wednesday at IFA in Berlin -- the Acer Liquid Z6 and the Liquid Z6 Plus.
Samsung Galaxy Note 7

Return your Galaxy Note 7 now and 20 more tips and tricks you need to know about

If you've finally managed to land Samsung’s Galaxy Note 7, you may want some advice on how to unlock its hidden wonders. If so, check out these handy tips.
right age for smartphone child asked the experts 082716

How young is too young for a smartphone? We asked the experts

When is your child ready to own a smartphone? It’s a difficult question for many parents. We asked some experts and gathered some stats to help you decide.
Incipio Offgrid Wireless Battery Case

The best Galaxy S7 Edge battery cases to keep the power flowing

If you’re sick of deal with a dead battery, why not invest in a battery case? We’ve rounded up the best Galaxy S7 Edge battery cases for your Samsung phone.
HTC 10

15 tempting HTC 10 cases to style and protect your new phone

It pays to take precautions. Check out some of our favorite cases and covers for the HTC 10, so you can safeguard that chamfered frame and stunning display.
smartphone battery

Radient patents technology to wirelessly charge devices using repurposed RF waves

Radient Micro-Tech has just patented the concept of wirelessly charging devices by recycling wasted RF waves.
CogniToys Dino

CogniToys Dino Toy review

Samsung Galaxy S6

30 Awesome Galaxy S6 tips and tricks to make you a Samsung master

Making the most of your new-fangled smartphone isn't always easier. Here's how to customize, maintain privacy, and boost the convenience of your Galaxy S6.
Sony Xperia X Performance

Sony Xperia X Series hands-on impressions

Sony unveiled the Xperia X Performance, the X, and the XA. All three boast 5-inch 1080p screens and Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 chips. Here's our hands on.
Motorola Moto G4

Moto G4 review