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Hidden Keyboard

How much do online advertisers really know about you? We asked an expert

How do advertisers and other entities track our online activity? We asked an expert what's going on behind the scenes and what else our data could be used for beyond targeted ads.
moto e problems motorola front home 1500x1000

10 tricky Moto E problems and how to fix them

Find how to workaround or fix some of the most commonly encountered Moto E problems and issues. You can get your Motorola smartphone working again with these solutions.
best surface pro 3 cases accessories microsoft arc touch bluetooth mouse 2

The 11 best accessories for the Surface Pro 3

We take a look at some of the best Surface Pro 3 cases, covers, and accessories in this roundup. Check out the official offerings and some cheaper options.

The 10 best Motorola Droid Turbo cases to safeguard your phone

If you're in the market for a decent case for your Droid Turbo, then this is where to look. We've got a run down of the best Motorola Droid Turbo cases.
How to escape your phone contract

CellBreaker busts you out of your two-year contract without breaking the law

If you want to find a way out of your cell phone contract without having to eat a large early termination fee then the CellBreaker might be worth it.
magnetic car mount steelie

Will a magnet destroy your smartphone or hard drive? We ask the experts

Do we have to keep magnets away from out smartphones and computers? Can they really damage phones and hard drives? We find out the truth.
common ipad air problems and how to fix them feature

The most common iPad Air problems and how to fix them

If you've run into any iPad Air problems, or issues with the iPad Air 2, then you might just find a solution or a workaround you can use right here. We've got advice for lag, screen problems, Wi-Fi issues, and more.
Sony Xperia Z3

8 Sony Xperia Z3 problems, and how to deal with them

We've got a list of the most common Xperia Z3 problems with advice how to workaround or fix them.
Can cops and hackers track your phone

Is your smartphone being tracked? We asked an expert

Who is tracking your cell phone, and how are they doing it? We ask an expert about how smartphone surveillance works, and find out what's possible with malware, Wi-Fi, and Stingray devices.

Save your supermodel smartphone with one of these HTC One M9 cases

We've got a roundup of the best HTC One M9 cases, including minimalist options, rugged cases, stylish cases, and a few more with a range of price tags.
HTC One M9 home

7 irritating One M9 problems, and how to solve them

We've got a roundup of common HTC One M9 problems, and some ideas on how to work around them or solve them. Overheating, battery life, or Bluetooth woes?
Incipio Phone Cases

What goes into making phone cases? We ask an expert (who makes them)

How do case manufacturers design cases and prepare them for new phone launches? How does the industry work? We asked Incipio CEO, Andy Fathollahi all about it.
Mlais M52 Red Note

Mlais M52 Red Note review

restore a Mac to factory settings

Can Macs get viruses and malware? We ask an expert

There is a popular conception that Macs can't get viruses, but is that really true? Do you need antivirus software on your Mac? We asked some experts to find out.
Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge home

6 Galaxy S6 Edge problems, and how to deal with them

If you're having issues with your new smartphone, you may find the solution you need in our roundup of Galaxy S6 Edge problems. We have advice on how to deal with everything from overheating to wireless charging.
oneplus one review press image

18 handy OnePlus One tips and tricks

You'll find a range of useful OnePlus One tips and tricks in this roundup, from shortcuts to turn the phone on and off, to tips for better battery life, and customization.
how to take a screenshot htc one x plus android version 1360066060 m9 app grid

3 easy ways to take a screenshot on an HTC One M9, or any other Android device

If you’re wondering how to get a screen grab of your HTC Android device, wonder no longer. Here's how to take a screenshot on any HTC Android smartphone.
LG G3 bottom logo

Having problems with your LG G3? Try these 17 bug fixes

We take a look at some common LG G3 problems and try to find decent workarounds and potential solutions for sufferers to try. If your G3 is lagging, overheating, or shutting itself down then come in.

Protect your 1440p screen and laser focus camera with these 30 LG G3 cases

Get yourself some peace of mind with one of the best LG G3 cases on the market. You've got to protect your new baby from harm and a case is the best way to do it.
Why is my phone not making or receiving calls?

What do the signal bars on your smartphone actually mean? We asked an expert

What do the bars on your smartphone really tell you? We asked an expert about cell phone signals and phone bars to find out what they're really telling us.
Deezer web UI

One product fits all for socks, not music says Deezer’s US CEO

We talk to Deezer's North American CEO, Tyler Goldman, about his plans to conquer the US market and tailor the music streaming experience for different tastes.
Wonder Workshop Dash & Dot

Wonder Workshop Dash & Dot review

how to take a screenshot htc one x plus android version 1360066060 m9 app grid

15 handy One M9 tips to help you get more from your phone

We've got lots of HTC One M9 tips and tricks for you here. Find out how to streamline your navigation, customize the look of your One M9, use gestures, and a whole lot more.
LG G Flex 2 app grid

Make your LG G Flex 2 even tougher with one of these 10 cases

Whether you want to change the look, add a kickstand, or safeguard against drops and scratches we've got the LG G Flex 2 cases worth checking out.
Aluminum battery

This aluminum battery can charge your entire phone in 1 minute

Scientists at Stanford have developed an aluminum battery which could charge a phone in as little as a minute.
Extended Warranties: Are they worth it?

Should you shell out for an extended warranty? We ask an expert

Should you pay out for extended warranties on your electronics? The actual risk and the cost of repair may be lower than you think. We asked an expert if an extended warranty is worth considering.

Your photos come to life thanks to new emotionsAR service

You can bring your photos to life with the emotionsAR service for professional photographers. Use the app to scan a still image and trigger video, audio, and more.
government anti surveilance email online privacy

Are cookies crumbling our privacy? We asked an expert to find out

Find out where the term cookie comes from in Web browsing, what cookies actually do, and whether they are a privacy threat worth worrying about.
Martian Watches Passport

Martian Watches Passport review

how to take a screenshot on an xperia z xperiaheader

Capture your Xperia Z display with these 3 screenshot methods

The ability to capture a screenshot is a welcome addition to any smartphone. Here's our guide on how to capture an image of your Sony Xperia Z's display.
ami duos review amiduos window

Want to run Android on your PC? AMI’s DuOS is the answer

You can run Android on a Windows device with DuOS from AMI. It creates a virtual machine that lets you run full Android in a window.
noob newbie word origins i am a shirt

The origins of newbie, noob, and n00b

We take a look at the origins of the term newbie, the rise of the term noob, and it's offshoot n00b. Find out what the difference is and how the meaning has evolved.
wonder workshops robots inspire kids to learn code dash and dot robot

Robots sent into schools to inspire students to code

Wonder Workshop has deployed robots into 150 US schools to inspire kids to learn to code. The Dash and Dot robots are controlled using Android and iOS apps.
PK K'isuave

The Swiss Army Knife of phone tools, PK’s K’isauve is a battery, SSD, cable in one

An SSD, a battery, and a cable store rolled into one for your Android or iOS device. The latest PK K'isuave offers USB 3.1C technology, 128GB SSD, and compatibility with iOS, Android, or laptops.