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Having problems with your LG G3? Try these 17 bug fixes

LG G3 app grid
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LG is one of our favorite Android phone makers right now. The LG G3 can hold its own against the best smartphones around, but you may still occasionally run into trouble. We’ve identified some common LG G3 problems and pulled together a list of workarounds or potential fixes to help you address each one.


Problem: Disappearing apps

A lot of LG G3 owners have been surprised to find that games and apps have been disappearing. Things they’re sure they had installed, but haven’t used in a while just vanish. You’d be forgiven for being skeptical when behavior like this is described as a feature, but it really is this time.


  • The LG G3 is equipped with Smart cleaning and so anything you haven’t used in a month is liable to be cleaned away. Go to Settings > General > Smart cleaning and you’ll find Temporary files, Download folder, and Idle apps categories that it wants to clear.
  • You should set the check interval by tapping the Menu key in Smart cleaning to get the Settings and then choose the Notification interval and Idle time period.

Glitch: Call audio fading in and out

Quite a few people have had trouble with regular voice calls on the LG G3. There are reports about callers on the other end being hard to hear and about LG G3 owner’s voices fading in and out.


  • Try switching to the speakerphone and then back again. This may temporarily fix the issue.
  • This might be down to the “Ok Google” voice detection. Go to Settings and tap on Google under Accounts, then Search > Voice > “Ok Google” detection, and turn it off.

Potential solutions:

  • Make sure that your microphone and speaker are clean and clear of debris. Try blasting some compressed air in there.
  • Try going to Settings > Call and turn Voice enhancement on and make sure that Noise suppression is also checked. If they are already checked then try toggling them off and test again.
  • You might have to seek out a replacement handset if the problem persists.

Issue: Bluetooth not connecting or unstable

Reports of Bluetooth failing to auto-connect, randomly disconnecting, and lag when playing audio are pretty frequent for most devices. A few LG G3 owners have also encountered a problem where they turn Bluetooth on and are greeted by the message “Bluetooth has stopped.”

Potential solutions:

  • Make sure that it’s not just low power causing the issue via Settings > Battery > Battery saver where you can either turn it off or just uncheck Bluetooth.
  • Refer to your Bluetooth accessory or system instructions and make sure you are pairing correctly. You may need to enter pairing mode or hold down a button.
  • Try deleting old Bluetooth profiles on the accessory or car system in case you’ve reached a limit.
  • Go to Settings > Bluetooth on your G3, long press on the device, and then tap Forget. Now set the connection up again from scratch.
  • Go to Settings > Bluetooth, tap the gear icon next to your device, and set Connection access to Automatic (Note: this doesn’t seem to be an option with every device).
  • If it’s refusing to connect automatically you could always try something like the free Bluetooth Auto Connect.

Glitch: Auto-rotate stops working

Some LG G3 owners have found that the auto-rotate feature stops working randomly. It might be after a fall, or it might just stop working for no apparent reason. It might be that the sensor has just gotten stuck, especially if this happened after you dropped the phone. You can check with Advanced Tools by analyzing the sensors or try running a game that uses the accelerometer.

Potential solutions:

  • The first thing to do is go to Settings > Display and make sure Auto-rotate screen is checked.
  • Next, try turning the LG G3 off and on again.
  • If you’ve confirmed that the sensor is stuck then there are a couple of solutions that people have reported online. Try taking the back cover off and putting it on again. If you’re feeling brave you might try knocking the LG G3 on the table or dropping it from a low height (make sure you have a case on it). This solution sounds risky, but some people report it has worked for them, just be careful.
  • It might be worth going to Settings > Gestures and running through Motion sensor calibration.

Error: Unfortunately, VZWAVSService has stopped.

A lot of LG G3 owners have been getting this error message popping up repeatedly. There’s no further explanation about what it is and it just keeps popping up. It’s apparently related to a Verizon service, possibly Verizon Address Verification System Service for matching addresses to credit and debit card purchases; it seems to be some kind of a conflict with a Google + update.


  • Go to Settings > Apps, scroll over to the All tab and find the Google + app, then tap on Clear data and Clear cache.
  • You could also try Uninstall updates in the Google + app in Settings > Apps.
  • You can deactivate VZWAVSService through the application manager, or root your LG G3 and use something like Titanium Backup to do it.

Glitch: Aux cable audio popping or failure to connectLG G3 front music

Some people have had trouble when connecting their LG G3 to external speakers or a car stereo using a double-male 3.5mm Aux cable. Sometimes it flat out refuses to connect and keeps playing through the phone speakers, other times it connects, but it plays loud pops between tracks, and there’s audible interference or noise during quiet periods.


  • Try rubbing the end of the cable with the music playing on the LG G3 until it detects the cable then quickly plug it into the stereo.
  • Try using a different music app and switching between two music apps.
  • Some people report success after installing SoundAbout to tweak the audio profiles.

Potential fixes:

  • Check for a software update in Settings > About phone > Software information.
  • Try buying another AUX cable. Some people have got it working by using a different cable.

Problem: Slow charging

There have been many complaints about the LG G3 taking a long time to charge up. It ships with a 1.8A rated charger and so it shouldn’t really take more than two hours to fully charge the battery as long as you aren’t using the phone while it’s charging. Remember that you might get greater variance in the first few days as your new phone beds in, so give it a few charges before you panic.

Potential fixes:

  • Make sure you’re using the charger and cable that came with your LG G3 and that you’re plugging into a working wall socket.
  • Try a different charger and cable, just in case there’s a fault with what you have. Try to find one that’s rated the same or higher.
  • If you’re still having problems you might have to think about returning it and asking your retailer, carrier, or LG for a replacement.

Glitch: LED not workingLG G3 front app grid 2

A few LG G3 owners have had a problem getting the LED notification to work consistently. It may flash or light up for things like charging, but not for incoming notifications. There are a few things worth trying to get it working again.

Potential fixes:

  • Pull down the notification shade and make sure that the quick toggle for LED is on.
  • Go to Settings > Display > Notification LED and make sure it is toggled on and then try tapping all options off and on again.
  • Check in Settings > Accessibility > Notification LED as well.
  • Take the back cover off and pull the battery out. Leave it for a few seconds then place it back in and turn the LG G3 back on again.
  • You could try using an app like Light Flow or Light Manager.

Problem: Wi-Fi won’t connect or dropping

Some people have been struggling with the Wi-Fi connection on their LG G3 handset. In some cases they can’t get it to connect, but more commonly it is connecting for a period and then dropping inexplicably and refusing to come back. You can try various things to sort it out.

Potential fixes:

  • Start by turning your router off and then on again.
  • Take your LG G3 battery out and then put it back in again and restart the phone.
  • Go to Settings > Wi-Fi and long press on your router and then tell it to Forget network and set the connection up fresh.
  • Make sure that the Battery saver isn’t responsible by turning it off. If it is then you can head in and change the settings so it doesn’t turn off Wi-Fi.
  • Try turning off Bluetooth if you have it on, sometimes it can interfere with Wi-Fi.
  • Tap the menu button at the top right of the Wi-Fi screen and access Advanced Wi-Fi. Try changing the settings in here.
  • If you have the option to connect to the 5GHz band instead of 2.4GHz, try it.
  • Install Wifi Analyzer and check how busy your channels are. Try switching to a less busy channel if that seems to be the problem.
  • Check with your ISP or router manufacturer to ensure that you have the latest firmware for your router.

Bug: G3 shuts down by itselflg-g3-hands-on-mem-5

A number of LG G3 owners have found that their new smartphone has the unfortunate habit of shutting itself off from time to time. For most the phone will turn back on normally when the Power button is pressed for a couple of seconds, but some owners report having to pull the battery and replace it to get the G3 to come back to life.

Potential solutions:

  • Back up all of your important data and try doing a factory reset. You can do it via Settings > General > Backup & reset > Factory data reset > Reset phone > Erase everything. If you’re having trouble with that method you can also turn the G3 off then press and hold the Power key and the Volume down key until you see the LG logo, whereupon you should release the Power key and then immediately press and hold it again. When the Factory hard reset screen comes up you can let go and use the Power key to select options and confirm. Be careful about what you install after a factory reset and watch out for a reoccurrence that could be related to a specific app.
  • You could also contact your retailer, carrier, or LG and arrange a repair or replacement.

Problem: Battery lifeLG G3 work review back cover off

The LG G3 has a large 3,000mAh-rated battery, but it also has a 5.5-inch display with a resolution of 1440 x 2560 pixels. Some people report good battery life, but others are disappointed.


  • Our general tips for saving smartphone battery are a good place to start.
  • You can also try the Battery saver option in Settings > Battery which allows you to set a specific level when the G3 will turn off certain features.
  • The battery is replaceable so you could always invest in a spare, or grab a good portable battery charger.

Potential solutions:

  • Make sure that you give the G3 time to bed in. It’s not unusual for battery life to be a bit erratic for the first few cycles and you’ll tend to use a new smartphone a lot more than normal for the first few days.
  • It’s possible a rogue app is causing your battery drain. You can check where your power is going in Settings > General > Battery > Battery use. If there’s an obvious culprit, check the settings in that app, make sure it’s up to date, and if that doesn’t help consider uninstalling it and finding a replacement.

Problem: Overheating

This is another issue that’s linked to that big screen. Some G3 owners have found that the phone gets hot. This will also have a negative impact on battery life. The screen is designed to automatically reduce the brightness when the screen gets too warm, but you’ll notice it if you play a graphically intensive game for any length of time. All phones get hot when used for extended periods and a screen this big has to draw a lot of power, so it will get warmer the longer it is on.


  • If you know you’re going to watch a movie, play a game, or use the camera for an extended period then remove any LG G3 case you have on first to help it to stay cooler.

Potential solutions:

  • If it becomes uncomfortable, try turning it off for a while and make sure that it cools down. If it gets warm when the screen isn’t on then you should be taking it back to get a replacement.
  • The advice in the battery life section is all relevant here. You can reduce the heat by reducing the drain on your battery.

Glitch: Laggy interfacelg-g3-hands-on-mem-4v2

Some people have run into an issue with lag when navigating around on the LG G3. There might be stutters as you swipe from screen to screen or lag coming in and out of apps. There are many techniques you can try to alleviate the problem.


  • Go to Settings > About phone > Software information and tap on Build number 7 times. Go back to Settings and you should now see Developer options next to About phone. Tap it and you’ll find Windows animation scale, Transition animation scale, and Animator duration scale. You can set them to 0.5 or turn them off completely.
  • A few people have suggested this lag is caused by the power hungry screen and linked to the battery and overheating issues. If you’re willing to jump through a few hoops you could root your G3 and try using an app like NOMone to change the resolution down to 1080p and tweak the dpi (dots per inch). If you play a lot of graphically intensive games and that’s your problem area then this could definitely have a beneficial impact reducing lag, heat, and maybe battery drain, but it’s a hassle and you’re giving up one of the selling points of the phone.
  • If you are going to root your G3, Greenify could prove very handy for freezing apps that aren’t in use. It can even offer a potential performance boost for non-rooted phones.
  • Try using a different launcher like Nova Launcher.

Potential fixes:

  • To find out if an app is causing your lag, try booting into safe mode. Press and hold the Power key and then tap and hold the Power off option until you see Reboot to safe mode and tap OK. If the lag is gone then it must be an app that’s app causing it. You can try removing them one by one. It might be faster to just back up and factory reset and then choose what you reinstall carefully and monitor the impact.
  • Uninstall or disable any apps you don’t plan on using in Settings > General > Apps. Here’s a list of apps you can safely freeze or remove at XDA developers forum.

Irritation: Phone turns on in your pocketLG G3 Quick circle case

Quite a few people are reporting that the G3 keeps turning itself on in their pocket or bag. This is probably down to the Knock On feature, but it might not be as easy to turn off as you’d expect.


  • Put the G3 in your pocket upside down and facing away from your body.
  • Use the QuickCircle case from LG or another flip case that covers the screen.

Potential fixes:

  • On the LG G2, you could choose the turn the Knock On feature off in Settings > General > Gestures, but that doesn’t seem to be present as an option for G3 owners.
  • You can access a hidden menu by calling 3845#*855# on your LG G3 and then scroll down to the Knock On Off option and tap it. The 855 portion is the model number and the “LG G3 D855” is the UK model, so change it to the right number if you’re in another region.

Problem: Won’t turn on or charge

A lot of people have run into an issue where the LG G3 turns itself off and remains completely unresponsive. Pressing the Power button doesn’t bring it back to life. Plugging it in to charge has no apparent effect – the LED does not come on to indicate that it’s charging.

Potential solutions:

  • The first thing to try is holding down the Power button. Press it and keep holding it down for at least ten seconds.
  • If that has no effect then change the cable, charger, and wall outlet that you’re using to try and charge it, just to eliminate them as a possible cause. It’s best to use the charger and cable that came in the box with your LG G3. Give it 15 minutes plugged in before you try to turn it on again.
  • Try removing the battery. Press and hold the Power button with no battery in the phone and without plugging it in to drain any remaining power. Put the battery back in and let the G3 charge for 15 minutes with the original cable and charger. Now try turning it on again. Remember to hold down the Power button for a full ten seconds.
  • If it’s still unresponsive, then it may be time to contact LG, your carrier, or your retailer, and see about a fix or replacement.

Bug: Camera crashing and video zoom

Quite a few people have run into issues with the camera repeatedly crashing on their LG G3. For some people, it crashes every time they try to zoom when shooting video. You can try a few things to fix this.


  • You could try a third-party camera app, such as Google Camera.

Potential solutions:

  • Find the Camera app in Settings > Apps and tap Clear cache.
  • Some people have found that the Google App could be to blame. Go to Settings > Apps and swipe over the All tab. Find Google App and tap Clear cache and then Uninstall updates. Now restart the LG G3 and the camera should work. You can let Google update itself again and it shouldn’t be a problem.

Glitch: Keyboard lag

A few people have been suffering because the keyboard seems to lag when they’re typing, or it jumps around, and inserts extra spaces or letters.


  • Your best bet might be to just install a third-party keyboard. SwiftKey is very good. There’s also the Google Keyboard.

Potential solution:

  • Try going into Settings > Apps and swipe over to the All tab, then find the LG Keyboard. Tap on it and choose Clear cache and then Uninstall updates. Restart your LG G3 and see if there’s any improvement.

Article was originally published on July 7, 2014. Updated on 4-21-2015 by Simon Hill: Added problems with won’t turn on or charge, camera crashing, keyboard lag, and added a new workaround to call audio glitch.

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