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Make your LG G Flex 2 even tougher with one of these 10 cases

The jury is still out on the curved smartphone trend. Is it a gimmick or of practical use? LG’s thinking here goes beyond the aesthetic to encompass durability. The G Flex 2 is a tough smartphone that can take some serious abuse. The LG team has repeatedly demonstrated how rugged it is by throwing it on the floor and even stepping on it. Then there’s the self-healing coating on the back, which takes ten seconds to gently fade scratches. You may wonder if you need a case at all.

Although the curve is attractive and eye-catching, this is a glossy plastic phone. You may prefer to tweak the style to suit your own tastes. Cases can also add grip, or extras like a kickstand, and even tough devices like this can end up with cracks and permanent scratches. Let’s take a look at some of the best LG G Flex 2 cases.

BodyGlove Satin Case ($25)BodyGlove Satin Case

This case is shock absorbent, and since it’s flexible it’s easy to fit. The brushed aluminum style on the back looks classy and it’s framed by the glossy highlights. The cut-outs are generous for easy access to your controls, ports, and to make sure nothing gets in the way of your photography. It’s a fairly slim case and you’ll find it does add some grip on the edges. You can pick from charcoal or black. There is also antimicrobial protection which prevents the case from playing host to bacteria.

Trident Aegis Case ($35)Trident Aegis Case

If you’re looking for some tough protection then this could be the LG G Flex 2 case for you. It combines a shock absorbent TPE layer with a tough polycarbonate shell and meets military drop standards (810F). It adds grip, it has plugs to keep your ports clean, and the cut-outs are accurate. There’s also a lanyard loop, and it comes with a screen protector. It’s only available in blue with a black inner layer. It does add some bulk, but it’s a good choice if you need something rugged.

PDair Leather Pouch Case ($40)PDair Leather Pouch Case

Here’s a simple, real leather pouch for your LG G Flex 2. It’s a vertical pouch that’s easy to slide your phone in and out of. If you slide it in top down then you have access to your ports on the bottom edge. The classic black variety comes with a choice of different colored stitching. You can also opt for a few different colors of leather. The only real detail beyond the stitching is the small PDair logo stamped on the front. If you tend to put your phone in a bag then this is a great option.

Cimo Wave Case ($7)Cimo Wave Case

You can’t expect too much at this kind of price, but Cimo’s case has a kind of wave pattern, which makes it stand out of the standard TPU crowd a little. It’s pretty slim and it adds some grip with textured sides. All the openings you need for access to the ports, camera, and speaker are there. It’s slightly translucent, so you can see the LG logo and the design shining through. It comes in three different two-tone color combinations.

Aero Armor Case ($10)Aero Armor Case

This is a fairly tough combination case that has a soft silicone inner layer with reinforced corners and a hard shell that goes on the back. There’s a good cut-out for the controls and camera, and openings for the speaker and ports. There’s also a textured back plate on top of the hard shell, which is colored in red, white, purple, orange, pink, green, blue, or black. It’s a bit bulky, but it will provide basic protection from bumps and drops.

LG Quick Circle Folio Case ($60)LG Quick Circle Folio Case

When manufacturers produce their own cases, you can bet on two things – They’re going to fit perfectly, and they’re going to be expensive. The Quick Circle Folio Case hits the mark on both counts. The G Flex 2 sits in the polycarbonate shell, and there’s a polyurethane front cover to protect the screen. The innovative round window combines with LG’s interface to give you all sorts of data and shortcuts without you having to open the cover. The case matches the gentle curve of the G Flex 2, and it looks good on it too, but it’s definitely pricey.

Fosmon Dura Frost Case ($6)Fosmon Dura Frost Case

Here’s a simple, cheap TPU case with a matte finish that won’t pick up smudges and fingerprints like the glossy body of the LG G Flex 2 can. It’s only 1.4mm thick, so it can provide an extra level of protection without adding bulk. The cut-outs are precise, offering full access to controls, ports, and an unfettered view for the camera. There’s a lip round the front to lift the phone off surfaces when it’s placed face down. You can get this in black, pink, or clear varieties, all are slightly translucent.

Tudia Slim Bumper Case ($10)Tudia Slim Bumper Case

This is another TPU case that won’t break the bank. Tudia’s offering combines a gloss logo and gloss highlights top and bottom with a slightly translucent matte section that has a soft touch finish. It has openings for all the ports, buttons, and functions, as well as a raised lip on the front to protect the screen, though the curve will naturally do that anyway. It’s flexible, so it’s easy to fit and also, shock absorbent. You can get it in black, purple, clear, or teal options.

Caseformers Duo Armor Case ($10)Caseformers Duo Armor Case

What might attract you to this chunky case is the inclusion of a kickstand, holster, and belt clip. The design is a standard combination of a malleable inner layer to absorb shock and a tough outer shell. The cut-outs are all present and correct, and the grooves are designed to add grip. You can pop a kickstand out the back to prop the LG G Flex 2 in landscape view, and there’s an adjustable stand on the holster too. You’ll also find an adjustable belt clip on the holster. The hard plastic is always black, but you can choose from a wide range of colors for the inner layer.

Rearth Ringke Slim Case ($10)Rearth Ringke Slim Case

If you don’t want to cover up the design of your LG G Flex 2, then the clear version of this case is a solid choice. The cut-outs are accurate. Raised bezels on the front and back protect the screen and camera. You also get a screen protector in the pack with your case. This is a pretty minimal case, and it will safeguard against scratches. The coating also resists dust and smudges. If you don’t like the clear version, you can also get this one in mint green or classic black.

It’s early days for LG G Flex 2 cases, rest assured we’ve been notified of some great options on the horizon, and we’ll be updating this article just as soon as they’re available.

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