Save your supermodel smartphone with one of these HTC One M9 cases

HTC’s flagship One line has claimed a place in the top tier of stunningly attractive smartphones in the last couple of years. Perhaps that’s why the One M9 doesn’t look significantly different from its predecessor, though there are a few subtle improvements. You may not like the idea of putting something so beautiful in a case, but you have to do something if you want to keep that brushed metal and glass in tip-top condition. Here are our recommendations for the best HTC One M9 cases.

Updated on 5-13-2015 by Simon Hill: Added cases by Seidio, Ballistic, Terrapin, Spigen, and Verus.

Seidio Dilex Pro Case ($55)Seidio Dilex Pro Case

Here’s a case that offers rugged protection and some handy extras. The inside layer is malleable TPU, and there’s a tough polycarbonate exterior. The soft touch finish makes it very comfortable to hold and enhances grip. A lot of cases with kickstands feel flimsy, but this case has a solid metal kickstand and it stays shut, thanks to a magnet. The cut-outs are accurate, and the button covers work well. The Combo pack also includes a felt-lined holster with swiveling belt clip, which is ideal if you work outdoors. Cases like this inevitably add a bit of bulk, but it offers good protection, and it’s well made. You can get it in black, blue, or red.

Ballistic Tough Jacket Case ($23)Ballistic Tough Jacket Case

A classic combination of hard polycarbonate on the outside, with a shock absorbent inner, is enhanced further here with chunky silicone corners. If you’re after drop protection, then this is going to deliver. Those corners also curl around the front to protect the screen. All the openings you need are present and correct, and the button covers are good. There’s a dot pattern on the back panel, and you can opt for an all black version, or black with white highlights. It’s not the most subtle look, but your One M9 will stay pretty with this case on.

Terrapin Gel Case ($6)Terrapin Gel Case

You can’t expect much from a case at this price, but if you just want a basic layer of protection for stowing your One M9 in a bag or pocket, then it will do the trick. It’s a thin, flexible, gel case that wraps around the phone snugly. The openings are generous, and it’s easy to push the buttons with the case on, but there isn’t a cut-out for the IR blaster on the top. The finish is translucent in various colors, and there’s a shiny gloss to it. There is a lip round the front to protect the screen, but this is not a rugged case. It’s comfortable to hold, but it definitely looks as cheap as it is.

Spigen Neo Hybrid Case ($20)Spigen Neo Hybrid Case

This case has a textured TPU layer which provides added grip on the back, and helps to dissipate impact shock on the inside. On top of the TPU, there’s a polycarbonate bumper, in silver, gray, or gold, with metallic-looking buttons that are easy to find and press. The lip on the front keeps the screen free from contact with the ground, if it should land face down. The cut-outs are accurate, but, as with many cases, you might have trouble with the headphone port depending on how thick the surround on your audio jack is. It looks more expensive than it feels. Bear in the mind that the metallic look doesn’t involve any actual metal, and you shouldn’t be disappointed.

Verus Wallet Case ($24)Verus Wallet Case

Wallet cases can be expensive, but this one’s affordably priced and fairly stylish. Unfortunately, it isn’t real leather, but the polyurethane does look quite authentic, complete with neat stitching. The closure tab is magnetic, so it stays securely closed. Inside there are three slots for cards and a bigger pocket in the back for cash. The One M9 sits in a soft-coated minimal shell, and you’ll find access to controls and features is uninterrupted. You can get it in black, brown, or red, with contrasting interiors in red, orange, and black respectively.

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