The 20 best Nexus 6P cases to protect and style your Google phone

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The Nexus line is all about showcasing stock Android, and the Huawei-manufactured Nexus 6P came outfitted with Android 6.0 Marshmallow, though it has since been updated to Android 7.0 Nougat. It’s an expensive phone with solid specs and some nifty features, but it definitely isn’t indestructible. If you want to keep that metal body in pristine condition — and avoid cracking or scratching the 5.7-inch display — then you’ll need to opt for some protection. These are the best Nexus 6P cases we’ve seen.

Best Nexus 6P cases

Carved Cedar Traveler Case ($29)

Carved Cedar Traveler Case

Carved provides a selection of natural wood finishes, each set into a black polycarbonate shell with flexible sides. The company also works with some talented artists to outfit the wood with etched designs, if you’re willing to pay a bit more. The cases come with a full set of openings for easy access to features, ports, and controls. The sides are also textured to allow for better grip.

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Noreve Tradition D Leather Case ($50)

Noreve Tradition D Leather Case

These handcrafted, genuine leather cases will bring a touch of French style to your Nexus 6P. Your smartphone slots into a thin cradle that hosues openings for your phone’s buttons, ports, camera, and fingerprint sensor. The folio-style exterior is also padded for extra protection, and there’s a subtle logo on the front and a Noreve-branded lining inside. You can customize your case with a wide variety of different finishes and colors, but, depending on which you choose, it might cost a little extra. You really don’t have a lot of options if you want something with class, so this case is definitely worthy of your attention.

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Cover-Up Woodback Explorer Case ($25)

Cover-Up Woodback Explorer Case

Cover-up’s case is another that prioritizes design over protection, but still offers impact protection, rubber edges and corners, and a raised bezel that helps protect the front of your display when your phone is placed face down. The main reason to get a case from Cover-Up, however, is the laser-cut wood skin. The exterior of the case is sanded down to make it as smooth as possible, and a unique finish is then added to give it a natural shine. If you want to show your love for Mother Nature, this is your case. Just keep in mind that the wood pattern on your particular case may differ from the product images.

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Suensan Leather Flip Elegance Case ($15)

Suensan Flip Case

If you don’t want anything too expensive or complex, but still want to invest in a case that has a distinct leather look, Suensan’s flip case will get the job done. The leather texture makes for a lightweight and thin case, but one that is also incredibly soft to the touch. Overall protection is fairly basic and relies on a soft interior lining, but that, combined with the flip-cover design, means your Nexus 6P will be at its safest when the case is completely closed. It’s not rugged, but it should provide some protection if your device is dropped. Sadly, closing the case will not put your phone to sleep, meaning you’ll have to do it manually.

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Verus High Pro Shield Slim Fit Case ($19+)

Verus High Pro Shield Case

The High Pro Shield is meant to give your Nexus 6P as much protection as possible, but without the bulk of other protection-focused cases. This slim case is comprised of a hard outer bumper that surrounds a softer cover, one that features an internal pattern that’s designed to provide additional shock absorption. The design of the case will protect your phone’s display when placed face down, too, thanks to a raised bezel that encompasses the screen. Three holes placed in the corners will also produce a cushion-like effect when dropped, ensuring that any impact damage is lessened or completely negated. Lastly, Verus offers a one-year warranty, meaning you can always return the case if it doesn’t perform as expected.

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