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The best iPad Mini 6 (2021) cases

Apple’s latest iPad Mini 6 (2021) is a much-awaited update in almost every way, from the gorgeous new screen and touch controls to the slim design. However, those differences also mean that older Mini cases won’t work with the Mini 6: You’ll have to get a new case if you want to add more protection. Fortunately, we’ve gone through the available cases and found the best options for your new iPad Mini — let’s take a look!

Apple Smart Folio

Apple's Smart Folio on the iPad Mini 6, propped up.

Apple’s own folios are always a great place to start with iPad products, as they’re specifically designed to be durable companions that work flawlessly with the iPad Mini’s magnet arrays. As with other Smart Folio products in the past, this cover includes a soft felt back to protect the screen, and connecting with the front-side magnets will automatically put the iPad Mini 6 to sleep.

You can flip the Smart Folio for the iPad Mini 6 into three sections, allowing you to prop up the Mini 6 landscape style while you work. It’s not the most thorough protection, but it’s an excellent cover when pairing with a bag or carrying case.

ESR Magnetic Case

The ESR Magnetic Case for iPad Mini 6 in several different configurations.

If you’re looking for a more affordable alternative to Apple’s Smart Folio case, look no further than this cover from ESR, which is made of similar materials, has a similar magnetic attachment, and folds back to offer an on-demand stand in a similar way.

However, the ESR iPad Mini 6 case does have some differences in addition to the lower price. Notably, there is a small magnetic clasp that you can use to fold over an attached Apple Pencil 2, so you always know where it is when not in use. If you’re a fan of sketching with the Pencil 2 or plan on using it regularly, this is certainly a cover to consider. It also has a small carrying grip that can make holding the Mini 6 a little easier.

Spigen Rugged Armor Case

The Spigen iPad Mini 6 Rugged Armor Case.

If you’ve had … problems dropping iPads in the past, or want to avoid any catastrophic damage to the iPad Mini (2021) no matter what you’re doing, Spigen’s armored case is ready for you. It uses air cushions and a durable thermoplastic polyurethane design to help keep the iPad Mini from cracking from falls or suffering similar damage. There are also excellent carbon fiber-styled grips on either side to discourage slipping, and the Spigen iPad Mini 6 case is another model that makes room for Apple Pencil 2 attachments.

Ztotop Leather Folio

The Ztotop Leather Folio for iPad Mini 6 both open and closed.

If you prefer a case with lots of class, check out this faux leather folio. The cover has a beautiful brown synthetic leather design, a soft anti-slip interior, and a hardened back for extra protection, all while being one of the most affordable cases on our list.

Like other folios, the Ztotop Mini 6 case attaches to the iPad with built-in magnets and can be flipped down to turn into a stand when you want to prop the tablet up. However, it offers a bit more protection than Apple’s own folio, and includes a side pocket if you’re the type of user who likes to store away physical letters, bills, or other documents on the go.

ESR Hybrid Case

The ESR Hybrid Case for iPad Mini 6 from three angles.

At first glance, this hybrid case may look similar to other folios on our list, but there are some important differences. First, while the cover is flexible as a whole, the back has been hardened to provide the screen some extra protection when the folio is closed. Second, there are shock-absorbing corners that can provide some additional defense compared to the thinnest folios.

The ESR Hybrid Case offers the classic magnetic attachment and three-fold design for turning it into a stand. There is also space for connecting the Apple Pencil 2 on this model.

ProCase Keyboard Case

The ProCase iPad Mini 6 Keyboard Case.

If you don’t have a separate wireless keyboard to type on your Mini 6, you may find it difficult to create longer documents or messages. This ProCase offers a solution with a durable shell case that also includes a mini keyboard for quick typing tasks. The composite leather exterior looks and feels great, while the soft anti-slip interior helps protect the screen from damage.

The ProCase Keyboard Case supports magnetic attachments and mutli-angle stand options as well. Don’t worry if you don’t want to use the keyboard sometimes — it can detach and be stored away when you don’t need it.

Ivsotek Clear Case

The Ivsotek Clear Case for iPad Mini 6 partially pulled off the iPad.

The updated design of the Mini 6 (2021) looks great, so it’s no surprise if you want to show it off as much as possible. This clear TPU case helps provide corner protection while still showing off all of your Mini 6, along with detailed cutouts for all buttons, speakers, and other necessary sections. The Ivsotek Clear Case may not offer as much protection as some, but it can help prevent damage from bumps and makes a great pairing with a screen protector that’s also fitted to the iPad Mini (2021).

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