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Ossia Lamp room scene example

Ossia scores FCC certification to transmit wireless power over distance

The news that Ossia has won FCC certification for its Cota transmitter and receiver, which is capable of delivering power wirelessly over distance, is a real boost for the industry. There are some major limitations here, but this is still an important step. We spoke to CEO Mario Obeidat to find out more.
what is ufs 3 0 storage chip

What is UFS 3.0 storage? We asked an expert about the SSD for phones

If you’re curious about what UFS, Universal Flash Storage, is and the advantages that the latest version UFS 3.0 standard brings to smartphones, then we have all the answers you seek. We spoke to an expert at JEDEC, the standards body behind UFS, to find out everything you need to know about it.
Nimble Bottle Cases for iPhone

Nimble’s iPhone cases use recycled bottles and no new plastic

The latest line of iPhone cases from Californian accessory manufacturer Nimble is made entirely from recycled plastic bottles. Bottle Cases come in five different styles and each sale results in a 5% donation to an ocean-related nonprofit. Nimble also offers recycling as part of its eco-friendly mission.
5 features i want to see in the google pixel 4

5 features I’d like to see in Google’s Pixel 4 smartphone

Google’s Pixel phones are among the best Android devices available, but sales have failed to take off and there’s always room for improvement. We’ve had a sneak peek of the Pixel 4, but have little idea what it will bring.These are a few of the features I’d like to see in the Pixel 4.

Sonarax harnesses ultrasonic sound for improved security, indoor navigation

Does high-frequency ultrasonic sound have the potential to transform indoor navigation and make secure authentication frictionless? Sonarax claims it does. We interviewed the CEO to find out more about this clever audio technology that can be deployed on any device with a speaker or microphone.
Tim Cook WWDC 2019

As Google keeps racing ahead, where is Apple’s A.I. strategy?

As the Google Assistant continues to grow and improve, Apple’s Siri is lagging behind. While Google prizes artificial intelligence and machine learning, Apple is still focused on hardware. Just what is Apple’s A.I. strategy? Can it catch up, or even close the gap, and why does it matter anyway?
moto z4

Moto Z4 vs. Google Pixel 3a XL: Smartphone spec comparison

If you can't spend more than $500 and you need a new Android smartphone, then you have plenty of great options including the Moto Z4 and the Google Pixel 3a XL. We pit the two smartphones against one another to see what makes them tick, what sets them apart, and to find out which is the better choice.

As stock Android spreads, is it time for Android manufacturer skins to die?

Stock Android has evolved and improved dramatically over the years, partly thanks to the innovations developed by manufacturer skins. However, manufacturer UIs also spell trouble in terms of slow software updates, bloatware, and performance. Can the two peacefully coexist? It’s complicated.
Google Assistant order food online

Hey Google, let’s order out: Food delivery comes to Search, Maps, and Assistant

It's easier than ever to get your favorite grub delivered to your door or order it for pickup as Google integrates online food ordering into Google Search and Google Maps. You can even ask Google Assistant to order your favorite dish without having to pick up your phone or touch your computer.
ekster parliament tracker impressions smart wallet feat

It’s nearly impossible to lose this solar-powered location-tracking wallet

The Ekster Parliament smart wallet with solar-powered tracker card, allows you to check the location of your wallet from your phone or ask Alexa or Google Assistant where it is? It's leather and boasts some other tempting features, but is it worth opening your old wallet for? I tried it to find out.
Lenovo Smart Tab P10

Lenovo Smart Tab P10 review

Why have a fixed smart display when you could have a tablet with a speaker dock? Lenovo answers that question with the Lenovo Smart Tab P10 which is an Android tablet that turns into an Echo Show when docked. It’s affordable and attractive, but some troublesome issues lurk below the surface.
Nokia 7.1 Review

Motorola One Vision vs. Nokia 7.1: Which is the best budget phone for you?

If you have somewhere around $350 to spend and want the best smartphone you can get, then the Motorola One Vision and the Nokia 7.1 should be on your shortlist. The question is: Which phone is better? We'll explain all the differences here and pick a winner in various categories before crowning a champ.
bezel less phone comparison smartphones

The best bezel-less phones cut all the right corners without losing space

As we march toward a bezel-less future, we compare the shrinking bezels on the latest and greatest smartphones. Which phone can claim the highest screen-to-body ratio? Find out about the impact of the notch, the adoption of new aspect ratios, and the trend's influence on the budget market.
Moto G7 review

Motorola One Vision vs. Moto G7: Which phone is a vision of budget perfection?

The Motorola One Vision looks to be a real bargain with a 48-megapixel camera, a big screen and a Samsung processor. It's also an Android One phone, but what about the Moto G7? It's one of the best budget phones around right now. We compare the One Vision to the G7 to find out which is better.
oneplus 7 pro

OnePlus 7 Pro vs OnePlus 7: Is the Pro worth the extra dough?

If you're ready to bite on one of the latest smartphones from OnePlus, but you're not sure whether the OnePlus 7 or the 7 Pro will serve you better, then we're here for you with a spec breakdown that will reveal exactly how these phones differ. Find out whether the OnePlus 7 Pro is worth the extra money.
oneplus 7 pro

OnePlus 7 Pro vs. OnePlus 6T vs. OnePlus 6 vs. OnePlus 5T

Are you eyeing up the OnePlus 7 Pro and wondering what it offers to justify the higher price tag? Perhaps you're thinking of upgrading from the OnePlus 5T or weighing up the OnePlus 6T as a cheaper alternative. We have all the answers you need here as we compare the 7 Pro to the 6T, 6, and 5T.

Google Pixel 3a XL vs. OnePlus 6T: The contest for midrange mastery

If you're looking to buy a new phone and you have the Google Pixel 3a XL and the OnePlus 6T in your sights, then you need to read this comparison. We pit the two against each other in a series of categories, from performance to display and beyond to pick a winner, before crowning an overall champion.
google android 8th birthday versiones

Quindim, quiche, or quesito? What will Android Q be called?

We dive into the dessert-themed world of Android naming and try to figure out what Android Q might be called. We have various potential sweets that start with the letter Q and we've given them a likelihood score out of 10 as we try to work out what Google might choose for the next operating system.
google pixel 3a review xl hands on 7

Google finally releases an affordable phone worth buying

With the same awesome camera, slick software, and A.I. smarts as its more expensive sibling, the Google Pixel 3a is the bargain you’ve been waiting for. This compelling new phone represents a shift in strategy for Google and could prove to be its first truly mass-market device.

Google Pixel 3a vs Nokia 7.1 vs Moto G7: Budget phones get better and better

We take a look at the affordable and tempting Google Pixel 3a and pit it against two of the best budget phones on the market: The Nokia 7.1 and the Moto G7. Which of these Android smartphones would suit you best? Find out as we compare them across categories, point out the differences, and pick a winner.
Google Pixel 3a XL vs Pixel 3 XL

Google Pixel 3a XL vs Pixel 3 XL vs Pixel 2 XL: Which big Pixel is best for you?

If you're intent on snagging a big Pixel phone, but unsure which one to go for, then this is the breakdown you need. We compare the Pixel 3a XL, Pixel 3 XL, and the Pixel 2 XL to uncover all the differences and pick a winner in a series of categories. Has Google compromised too much to bring the price down.
Next Generation Google Assistant

Next-generation Google Assistant runs in real time on your phone

Google has shown off an impressive raft of new features coming to the next-generation Google Assistant. By compressing models onto local phones, the Assistant can now run in real time without the need for a network connection. There's also Driving Mode, Duplex on the web, and more.
Google Pixel 3a vs Pixel 3a XL

Google Pixel 3a vs Pixel 3a XL: What’s the difference and which best suits you?

If the Pixel 3 was a bit expensive for you, but you love the idea of a Google phone, then perhaps the affordable Pixel 3a, or the slightly bigger Pixel 3a XL, will tempt you. But just how do these Android smartphones differ apart from the price? We've got all the answers you need right here.
are rfid blocking products worth your money we asked an expert nero denim wallet feat

RFID-blocking products are practically worthless. Here’s why

From smart wallets to smart clothing, RFID-blocking products are big business, but are you really at risk from identity theft or fraud via RFID skimming? And if you are, do these products really keep you safe? We investigated RFID-related crime and spoke to an expert to find out.
Bose Sleepbuds

Bose Sleepbuds mask noise to help you drift off to sleep

A lot of people struggle to drift off to the land of nod at night, or they're woken from their slumber by noises, which is why sleep gadgets are taking off in a big way. Bose Sleepbuds are designed to lull you off to sleep by playing soothing sounds and masking noise around you. We tried them out.
5 things android q should have logo feat

As Google I/O looms, here are 5 features we’d love to see in Android Q

What would improve the Android platform? We’ve been thinking about the new features we’d love to see in Android Q and musing on the changes we think Google should make to improve the software. Here are the five things that top our wish list, that we hope to see at Google I/O.
Centinel Mobiles

Centinel Mobiles’ Android phone hopes to protect your privacy and your privates

Centinel Mobiles is working on a new Android smartphone with a special privacy switch that can be configured to offer different levels of connectivity. It's also working on a new antenna design for boosting quality, but limiting radio frequency exposure for people with concerns about radiation.
moto g7 play review feat

Moto G7 Play review

The Moto G series has grown along with the wider budget market, but the Moto G7 Play is the cheapest option. Find out how it performs compared to the competition, what the camera is capable of, how the design feels, and more in our comprehensive Moto G7 Play review.
huawei p30

Huawei P30 vs. Google Pixel 3 vs. LG G8 ThinQ: Which is best for you?

Some people prefer an Android phone they can manage one-handed and the Huawei P30 and LG G8 ThinQ both fit the bill. But how do these newcomers measure up against our favorite phone from last year, the Google Pixel 3? We compare and pick a winner in different categories to help you decide which to get.
moto g7 power review feat

Moto G7 Power review

There are a lot of budget Motorola phones to choose from before we factor in the wider market. Does middle child, the Moto G7 Power, do enough to stand out? We put its hyped stamina to the test in this comprehensive Moto G7 Power review.
Huawei Eyewear smart glasses

Huawei’s Eyewear smartglasses aim to fuse fashion and tech

At the end of its P30 smartphone event, Huawei surprised us with a pair of designer smart glasses, created after a partnership with Gentle Monster. These glasses seem to work a lot like a Bluetooth headset, enabling you to take calls and access a voice assistant, but details are scant right now.
Huawei P30 Pro and P30

Huawei P30 Pro vs. Huawei P30: Should you go pro or save some dough?

If you're currently seeking a new phone and Huawei's wares have caught your eye, then you'll be keen to understand precisely how they measure up against one another. We take a closer look at the Huawei P30 Pro and the Huawei P30 and break down the differences to pick a winner in a series of categories.
huawei p30 pro

Huawei P30 Pro vs. Mate 20 Pro vs. P20 Pro: Which Huawei flagship is best for you?

With some of the most powerful, cutting edge smartphones around, Huawei is one of the biggest players in the market, but how does its latest flagship measure up against the previous two? We compare the Huawei P20 Pro with the P20 Pro and the Mate 20 Pro to find out exactly what sets them apart.
stock android manufacturer skins sony xperia 10 plus 2

The best Sony Xperia 10 Plus cases to keep your smartphone safe

If you own a Sony Xperia 10 Plus, then you'll want to snag a decent case to protect it and maybe to add a touch of your own style. We have all the top picks of the best Sony Xperia 10 Plus cases and covers for you to peruse in this roundup. There are rugged cases, wallet cases, slim cases, and more.