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kate mckinnon netflix magic school bus revival emmys

Kate McKinnon to voice Ms. Frizzle in Netflix's 'Magic School Bus' revival

Kate McKinnon is boarding Netflix's Magic School Bus revival. She'll voice Ms. Frizzle in the upcoming kids' series.
star wars parody movie worlds the force awakens vfx 0024

‘Scary Movie’ duo targets a galaxy far, far away with Star Wars spoof ‘Star Worlds’

Scary Movie franchise writer-directors Jason Friedberg and Aaron Seltzer are taking on Star Wars. They are working on the parody Star Worlds.
game of thrones season 7 death predictions s6e8 3

‘Game of Thrones’ fan poll results set odds for who will die first in season 7

Game of Thrones fans have been laying literal and figurative bets on who will die first during season 7 of the HBO hit series.
wesley snipes the recall vr abduction player

Get ready for an immersive alien encounter in new Wesley Snipes’ VR short

Wesley Snipes will star in his first VR project, a short called The Recall VR Abduction that's tied to his upcoming film The Recall.
game of thrones season 7 cliffhanger s6e6 2

Sorry, 'Game of Thrones' fans: It looks like season 7 is headed toward a 'huge cliffhanger'

Game of Thrones star Maisie Williams, who plays Arya Stark, has warned that season 7 of the HBO series will feature a huge cliffhanger.
aquaman casting nicole kidman yahya abdul nateen ii flickr

'Aquaman' movie may have found hero's mom and his nemesis, Black Manta

Nicole Kidman is reportedly in talks to play Aquaman's mom, while The Get Down star Yahya Abdul-Mateen II could play the villain Black Manta.
smart chicken coop my connected

Rule the roost remotely with the world’s first smart chicken coop

My Connected Coop created the first smart chicken coop, and it allows owners to care for their chickens with the help of an app.
daisy ridley a woman of no importance casting 2015 comic con

Daisy Ridley to play an unconventional spy in ‘A Woman of No Importance’

Star Wars' Daisy Ridley has her next project lined up. She'll play an unlikely WWII spy in the biopic A Woman of No Importance.
fox x men tv series put pilot days of future past

Ready for more mutants? Bryan Singer to direct X-Men-themed pilot for Fox

Fox is serious about a new Marvel X-Men-themed TV series. The network has ordered a pilot that X-Men film director Bryan Singer will helm.
adam sandler sandy wexler teaser still

Watch Adam Sandler get kicked off a movie set in Netflix's new 'Sandy Wexler' teaser

Netflix is getting close to releasing its latest Adam Sandler film. The streamer dropped a new teaser for the upcoming comedy Sandy Wexler.
last week tonight john oliver season 4 promo still

John Oliver hilariously plugs ‘Game of Thrones’ in ‘Last Week Tonight’ promo

HBO has dropped a new promo for Last Week Tonight Season 4. Host John Oliver manages to plug several of the premium network's shows.
walking dead season 7 premiere violence outcry negan

Brutal 'Walking Dead' Season 7 premiere made producers rethink show's violence

The Walking Dead producers decided to dial back the show's violence after the season 7 premiere seemed to cross the line for some fans.
a series of unfortunate events season 2 writing unforunate img

Who needs a green light? 'Series of Unfortunate Events' season 2 already in the works

Netflix hasn't renewed Lemony Snicket's A Series of Unfortunate Events for season 2 yet, but the writers are already working on it.
netflix iboy trailer official still

Watch Maisie Williams take on a gang in Netflix's 'iBoy' trailer

Netflix has dropped the official trailer for iBoy, an upcoming sci-fi flick starring Game of Thrones star Maisie Williams and Bill Milner.
more x files revival 2018 the david duchovny gillian anderson fox

More Mulder and Scully? The ‘X-Files’ revival is likely to continue in 2018, says Fox exec

Fans may get more of The X-Files in 2018. The network is working on deals with stars David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson.
gold red band trailer matthew mcconaughey still

Watch Matthew McConaughey fight for riches in red band ‘Gold’ trailer

TWC-Dimension has dropped the new red band trailer for Gold, starring Matthew McConaughey. The film's wide release comes January 27.
1120025 autosave v1 lg smartsecurity models 399

ADT reveals new partnerships that give DIY security a professional touch

ADT announced new partnerships at CES 2017 that extend security beyond users' homes and into the wider world. Amazon and LG are among the new partners.
netflix vs porn hotel room entertainment person watching tv

Is Netflix more popular than porn as hotel room entertainment? It's not even close

Enseo has released a new study that looks at whether travelers are more likely to choose Netflix or porn for their hotel room entertainment.
cult of chucky teaser trailer still

'Horror's scariest doll is back again in new 'Cult of Chucky' teaser trailer

Universal Pictures Home Entertainment has dropped a teaser trailer for Cult of Chucky, the next installment in the classic horror franchise Child's Play.
most pirated shows 2016 hbo best tv of game thrones

2 hit HBO series are among the internet’s most-pirated shows of 2016

HBO keeps creating hit shows, and people keep pirating them. Game of Thrones again topped the list of the most-torrented shows on the internet.
debbie reynolds dies at 84 throwback

Cruel year for celebrity deaths continues as Debbie Reynolds dies at 84

Actress, singer, and dancer Debbie Reynolds died of a stroke on Wednesday, just one day after the death of her daughter, Carrie Fisher.
mortal kombat honest trailers trailer still

Watch Honest Trailers hit the ‘Mortal Kombat’ movies hard

Screen Junkies' Honest Trailers series has taken on the Mortal Kombat movies. The action flicks are lumped in with other game adaptations that "suck."
alien covenant photos photo 1

The future looks dark and violent in the latest ‘Alien: Covenant’ photos

The Alien Anthology Twitter account has been dropping photos from the upcoming film Alien: Covenant. Based on what we've seen, there will be violence.
garth brooks amazon music version 1476966006 stage

Garth Brooks’ entire discography is coming to Amazon Music Unlimited

Garth Brooks is finally letting his fans stream his entire music catalog. Amazon Music Unlimited will offer all 16 of the country singer's albums.
netflix travelers trailer still

Watch the trailer for ‘Travelers,’ Netflix’s new sci-fi/time-travel series

The year might be almost over, but Netflix still has more fresh content coming, including the sci-fi series Travelers.
amazon sneaky pete trailer still

Watch a con man try to evade a gangster’s wrath in Amazon’s ‘Sneaky Pete’ trailer

Amazon has released the official trailer for Sneaky Pete, an upcoming crime drama series starring Giovanni Rabisi, Margo Martindale, and Bryan Cranston.
ge labracadabra science kits alexa kit 1

GE’s Labracadabra kits let you perform science experiments at home with Amazon’s Alexa

GE has launched Labracadabra to help us find our "inner scientists" through home science experiment kits, how-to videos, and guidance from Amazon Alexa.
Empire Strikes Back 'Revisited'

The ‘Empire Strikes Back’ Honest Trailer is oddly adoring of the Star Wars favorite

Honest Trailers has put its spin on Star Wars: Episode V -- The Empire Strikes Back. While there was a dig at George Lucas, the video is mostly positive.
suicide squad spinoff margot robbie version 1473951091 harley quinn

Margot Robbie’s Harley Quinn movie, ‘Gotham City Sirens,’ lands director

David Ayer has joined Margot Robbie for Gotham City Sirens, an upcoming Suicide Squad spinoff that will center on Harley Quinn and other female villains.
alien encounter skyman documentary trailer still

‘Blair Witch’ director is crowdfunding a docudrama about an alien encounter

Blair Witch Project director Dan Myrick launched a crowdfunding project to finance an upcoming docudrama about a man trying to relive an alien encounter.
zack snyder batman v supernan star wars mashup still

‘Batman v Superman’ director Zack Snyder mashed up his film’s trailer with ‘Star Wars’

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice director Zack Snyder made a mashup with his movie's trailer and Star Wars, continuing a back-and-forth with J.J. Abrams
netflix coin heist trailer still

Watch a group of teens plan an unusual crime in Netflix’s ‘Coin Heist’ trailer

Netflix has dropped the official trailer for its upcoming film Coin Heist. The film centers on a group of teens who decide to commit an unusual crime.
vin diesel on groot rocket guardians of the galaxy spin off marvel poster

Vin Diesel hints at a Groot-Rocket Raccoon ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’ spinoff

Marvel has a lot of projects in the pipeline and one could be a Baby Groot and Rocket Raccoon spinoff. Vin Diesel recently hinted at the possibility.
naya health smart breast pump 1

Naya Health launches smart breast pump to make the process ‘suck less’ … but also more

Naya Health has launched a smart breast pump to make breastfeeding easier for nursing moms. The device includes an app for tracking stats.