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Samsung gets in on the curved monitor game with its newest 27-inch 1080p display

Have you looked upon curved TVs with envy, wishing that you could get a shrunken version of such a display to plop on your desktop and use with your computer? If you’re a big believer in the idea that curved screens offer a more immersive user experience, then you’re in luck.

Samsung just unwrapped the SD590C, a 27-inch 1080p display with a curved panel. Samsung claims that its newest display boasts a wider field of view compared to typical flat 27-inch screens. Plus, the company purports that, because of the SD590C’s curved edges, they’re built to match the natural curves of a human’s eyes, minimizing the effort that viewers need to invest to consume the content that’s located at the edges of the display.

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Propped up by a silver metal stand, the SD590C sports a 1080p resolution, a 16:9 aspect ratio, and brightness that’s rated at 350cd/m2. The monitor, which is only offered in black, allows you to adjust its settings and presets via a joystick-like button.

Connectivity options are pretty basic, and include one VGA, one DisplayPort, and one HDMI port. The SD590C also wears a pair of integrated five-watt speakers. For what it’s worth, the monitors we’ve seen with integrated audio typically offer power output that lies within the two to four-watt range.

If the prospect of owning a curved monitor is making you salivate, don’t worry; you won’t have to wait long until you can get your hands on one. The SD590C will begin to ship on October 1 for $430.

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Curved displays in general, including the SD590C, are geared for movie and media enthusiasts, so if you primarily use your computer for tasks other than watching films and/or gaming, you might want to look for a regular old flat panel instead.