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Get a sneakerhead: how to use the internet to buy the rarest sneakers

The difficulty in getting limited edition sneakers has been alleviated thanks to the internet and DigitalTrends shows you how.

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This 18-year-old thinks he’s found a way to cut your electricity bill in half

Teenagers: You give them guff, and they invent a smart outlet. At least, that's what happened with Ameer Sami, who invented the Ottobox at the age of 16, which he says can save 50 percent on energy bills. Now 18, he's launched a Kickstarter campaign.


Clean burn: This stationary bike powers a washing machine in its wheel

Combining many people's least favorite things, the Bike Washing Machine cleans your clothes as you pedal. Depending on your temperament, this could be a way to make laundry even less fun.


Are you paranoid, patient, and rich? This super-secure smartphone is for you

The Turing Phone is a new, highly secure smartphone from a company known as Turing Robotic Industries. It's supposed to be virtually impossible to hack, and be made from a super strong material called Liquidmorphium. It's coming in August.


Finally, the business suit surfers have been waiting for

Quiksilver, apparently having seen a gap in the market, has come up with a wetsuit that also functions as a business suit, allowing keen surfers to jump from the office into the sea without all the hassle of getting changed. Brilliant.

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Chinese scientists have created the world’s first genetically engineered human embryo

Rumors have been circulating for some time that gene editing in a human embryo had already been accomplished, but prior to now, there was no official scientific documentation to back it up. Today, it's official.

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You can control your Porsche with an Apple Watch app

Porsche now comes with Apple Watch integration via the app "Porsche Car Connect." This app for iOS was released by Vodafone starting with the 2014 models and will now extend to the Apple Watch.


Striped, Solid, or Smart: Researchers are developing wallpaper to control devices

NTU researchers have created new printed electronics that can control everything from speakers to sensors. These electronics can be printed onto a variety of materials, including something that will go on your walls.


This robot can make you a cup of coffee, and you can teach it new tricks

At Cornell University, the researchers of the Robot Learning Lab are developing a robot that can learn how to operate machines. Known as Robobarista, the bot already knows how to brew a cup of coffee.


A robot has been arrested for buying drugs with Bitcoin (all in the name of art)

A robot that was purchasing illegal substances as part of a Swedish art piece had to answer to the powers that be.

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This snazzy LED lamp uses magnetic levitation to hover above its power source

Recently launched on Kickstarter, Flyte is a wirelessly-powered light that hovers in the air by way of magnetic levitation. It is also completely contactless, and draws power wirelessly from the charger block it hovers above.


Hilarious Chrome extension adds a Conchita Wurst beard to all faces in your browser

Once you've the extension switched on in your browser, Wurstify will use facial recognition algorithms to detect all the faces on any webpage you visit. Once it finds a face, it will instantly superimpose a realistic Conchita Wurst beard onto it -- regardless…


Facebook’s caller ID app Hello just made ignoring phone calls a whole lot easier

Facebook is launching a caller ID tool for Android called "Hello." The new app from the social media giant is intended to evolve the phone call and improve on the existing caller ID system.


Disney Research has developed a wild new 3D printer that creates models out of fabric

Disney Research, in partnership with Carnegie Mellon in Pittsburgh, has developed a way to 3D print fabric. Everything from its firmness to electrical conductivity can be precisely tailored.

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