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Cool Tech

India just smashed the record for most satellites launched by a single rocket

India launched 104 satellites on a single rocket on Tuesday, setting a new record. U.S. firm Planet had the most satellites aboard, helping it toward its goal of imaging the whole of Earth's landmass on a daily basis.
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Scientists genetically engineer a mouse that’s immune to cocaine addiction

University of British Columbia scientists genetically engineered a mouse that is incapable of developing a cocaine addiction. The study reveals more about the reason for addiction and how we might one day stop it.

Artificial intelligence is expected to get smarter much faster thanks to Gamalon

Gamalon came out of stealth mode on Tuesday to reveal it created new technology to boost the machine learning process 100 times faster. The technology is available now in two commercial applications for the enterprise sector.
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Football helmet offers a glimpse at the future of the NFL

In an age of smart tech, the football helmet still remains relatively unchanged. How could it look were it to take advantage of the latest technology? Designers at Gridiron Labs decided to find out.
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Keep closer tabs on your health with Sensely, a virtual nurse app

Why go to the doctor if the doctor can come to you? Not necessarily by way of a house visit but by way of your phone. That is the question San Francisco-based startup Sensely is asking.
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Four major studies will investigate automated insulin delivery systems

The National Institutes of Health (NIH) has announced that it is funding four new clinical trials designed to test out artificial pancreas systems -- to the tune of a whopping $41 million worth of grants.

Look at your TV to turn it on? Amazon could be making it happen

A patent filed by Amazon reveals potential plans for new technology that lets you control things in your home, like lights, with your eyes. The tech could make it so you can simply stare at an object with your eyes and get info or…
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New 6-axis 3D printer can print complex objects with gravity-defying overhangs

Two students from the Zurich University of Applied Sciences have developed a 3D printer that uses a tilting bed to print objects with a critical overhang. Suddenly your complex prints just got less time-consuming!

Bold idea gets off the ground: First flying car now available for pre-order

Five years after demonstrating its first successful test flight, Dutch company PAL-V has begun accepting pre-orders for what may be the first flying car to hit the commercial market.
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Watch live: Experts discuss why Asteroid Day could save us from catastrophy

On Tuesday, astronomers from around the world hold a press conference leading up to the first official United Nations Asteroid Day event, which will be held on June 30, the anniversary of the 1908 Tunguska impact in Siberia.
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Powerhouse bacteria decontaminates wastewater and makes energy

n a new study, researchers from the University of California, Santa Barbara have demonstrated that S. oneidensis may not just be strange but important, some day offering a means to decontaminate wastewater.
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Pilot-less flying taxis could take to the skies in Dubai this summer

Dubai's a busy place, with the rush hour often a major challenge for drivers crawling along the packed multi-lane freeways. So could this autonomous flying taxi, which is set to go into service there this summer, be the answer?