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Cool Tech

MIT's color-changing robot 'skin' was inspired by the golden tortoise beetle

Researchers at Massachusetts Institute of Technology have created an insect-inspired, 3D-printed robot “skin” capable of changing color in response to the physical stimuli that it receives.
Cool Tech

Scientists are building a 3D-printed robot hand with a humanlike sense of touch

A laboratory at the University of Bristol is combining the world of 3D-printed robots with brain-inspired algorithms for a five-year research project to build robot hands as capable as our own.
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Animal gene sequencing project aims to assemble a comprehensive genomic zoo

The Genome 10K project wants to carry out gene sequencing for 10,000 different animals species, including those most at risk of extinction. And we thought the Human Genome Project was ambitious!

Weekly Rewind: RIP Chuck Berry, the newest iPhone color, Samsung's AI assistant Bixby

In the tech world, a lot happens in a week. So much news goes on that it's almost impossible for mere mortals with real lives to keep track of it. That’s why we’ve compiled a quick and dirty list of the top 10 tech stories from this…
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A brilliant biophysicist has developed a wine bottle that doesn't drip

Brandeis University biophysicist and wine fan Daniel Perlman has used his considerable expertise to come up with a scientific miracle: A wine bottle that doesn't drip when you pour it.
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Researchers develop an artificial lung that fits in a backpack

Engineers at the University of Pittsburgh have developed an artificial lung that can be carried in a patient’s backpack and could offer relief and mobility for people who suffer from lung failure.
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Hush now: New gene-silencing drug cuts cholesterol by half in clinical trial

By silencing a gene, a new treatment may help fight high cholesterol. In clinical trials, the drug known as inclisiran developed by researchers from Imperial College London reduced cholesterol by an impressive 50 percent.
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Hydrogen-powered train with zero emissions completes test run in Germany

A test run of the world's first zero emission train, the Coradia iLint, has been completed in Germany, paving the way for future tests and the eventual use of the train on commercial tracks later this year.
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Smart glove gives bikers turn-by-turn navigation 2:06

A smartphone mounted on handlebars isn't always the best way to follow directions when you're out on your motorbike. So say hello to the TurnPoint, a smart glove that uses LED lights to point the way.
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Young blood: Scientists say this protein could be key to reversing aging process

Scientists in Germany have discovered a protein that can prompt the body's blood stem cells to act young again, potentially reversing some of the bad aspects of the aging process.
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Norway’s underwater laser-shooting drone zaps parasitic lice that live on salmon

Currently being employed in the North Sea fjords in Norway, a smart underwater drone has been deployed to fire highly targeted laser blasts to help deal with the problem of salmon-munching sea lice.
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Move over Amazon Go, this shop is unmanned 24/7

Started in Europe, Wheelys 24/7 is an unmanned retail store that's just opened a new outlet in Shanghai. Customers open the doors, scan their items, and pay using just their smartphones.