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episode 347 dragon xl

Digital Trends Live: Workers may strike, HQ Trivia is back, SpaceX delivers

On this Digital Trends Live we dive into the top tech stories, including developing a new breathing aid, HQ Trivia is back, and SpaceX’s lunar deliveries.
The spiral galaxy NGC 4651, captured in by the Hubble Space Telescope in an image released on March 30, 2020.

The peaceful-looking Umbrella Galaxy has a violent, cannibalistic past

The Hubble Space Telescope has captured another image of one of the strange and wondrous sights of our universe -- this one showing the Umbrella Galaxy.
A placard commemorating NASA's "Send Your Name to Mars" campaign was installed on the Perseverance Mars rover on March 16, 2020, at Kennedy Space Center. Three silicon chips (upper left corner) were stenciled with 10,932,295 names and the essays from 155 finalists in NASA's "Name the Rover" contest.

11 million names to be carried to Mars on NASA’s Perseverance rover

When it heads to the red planet, NASA's Perseverance rover won't just carry scientific instruments, it will also carry the names of millions of space fans.
Illustration of the SpaceX Dragon XL as it is deployed from the Falcon Heavy's second stage in high Earth orbit on its way to the Gateway in lunar orbit.

SpaceX selected to deliver cargo to NASA’s Lunar Gateway space station

NASA has announced SpaceX as its first commercial partner for Gateway, part of the Artemis program to have astronauts back on the moon in the next few years.
ar therapy for kids with autism google glass stanford

AR therapy for kids with autism may be headed for FDA approval

Stanford's Autism Glass Project helps kids on the autism spectrum recognize the emotions on faces around them. Its creators are now aiming for FDA approval.
This image shows plains North of the Southwestern Juventae Chasma, a canyon part of the gigantic Valles Marineris system.

See the strange and beautifully layered terrain of Mars’ Juventae Chasma

NASA's Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter has captured a particularly stunning image of the strange ridges and channels formed by erosion on the Red Planet's surface.
Crew Dragon capsule

Problem in parachute test forced SpaceX to drop its mock spacecraft

NASA is confident the planned launch of the Crew Dragon will still go ahead
Drone Sunset

Cops use drones to shame people flouting lockdown rules

The U.K. is currently in lockdown in a bid to slow the spread of the coronavirus. But it seems that some folks there are finding it hard to stick to the rules.
drone detection 1

Pandemic drones that can detect fevers and coughing will soon take to the sky

Draganfly will be launching pandemic drones capable of detecting fever and coughing from the air to fight the coronavirus crisis. First stop: Australia.
using ai to spot coronavirus lung damage lungs x ray

A.I. could help spot telltale signs of coronavirus in lung X-rays

Could A.I. analyze x-rays of patients’ lungs to spot signs of potential coronavirus-induced lung damage? That's a problem multiple groups are working on.
ULA Atlas 5 Rocket launching NOAA's GOES S

U.S. Space Force first launch: How to watch live

The U.S. Space Force will launch a military communications satellite into geostationary orbit as part of a national security mission on Thursday, March 26.
Paying bills 1

Worried about bills during the coronavirus pandemic? This A.I. lawyer can help

The DoNotPay A.I. lawyer tool has helped tens of thousands dispute parking tickets and fight robocall scammers. Now it's helping delay imminent bill payments.
Stanford soft robotics 1

Stanford’s shape-shifting ‘balloon animal’ robot could one day explore space

This unusual soft robotics project exhibits some impressive shape-shifting abilities. Its creators think it could one day be used to help explore other planets.
Mars Express

Deep-space missions impacted by coronavirus, says European Space Agency

Lack of key on-site staff has forced the European Space Agency to pause operations on four of its deep-space probes. Staff are working remotely due to COVID-19.
new age of exploration drones robots aaronparnessinflight

The age of human exploration is behind us. Machines will take it from here

Drones and robots are ushering in a new era of investigation, enabling mankind to go farther out in space and even uncover new facts about well-known places.
abc mouse cheap subscription deal free trial abcmouse 1stg animation grammar rgb

Entertain and educate your kids with ABC Mouse — now 50% off with a free trial

Teach your kids with fun educational games courtesy of this great deal from ABC Mouse. There's a 30-day free trial to check out the content for your under 8s.
NASA astronaut Chris Cassidy suits up for spacewalk training at the Neutral Buoyancy Lab at NASA’s Johnson Space Center in Houston in preparation for his upcoming Expedition 63 mission to the International Space Station

All traditions are scrapped: Keeping coronavirus off the ISS

With the outbreak of coronavirus affecting every area of life, you might be surprised that space agencies intend to send more astronauts to the ISS next month.
Drone Sunset

French police the latest to use speaker drones to enforce coronavirus lockdown

French cops are the latest to attach loudspeakers to drones and use them to blast orders at people who should be indoors during the COVID-19 lockdown.
awesome online map shows off iss astronauts amazing earth photos hadfield on

How to survive self isolation, according to an astronaut

Retired Canadian astronaut and national treasure Chris Hadfield has made a video offering advice on how to cope with isolation during the coronavirus outbreak.
This image shows a region of space called LHA 120-N150.

See massive stars being born in a corner of the Tarantula Nebula

The Hubble Space Telescope has captured a stunning image of a region of massive star formation called LHA 120-N 150 on the outskirts of the Tarantula Nebula.
Artist's conception of the James Webb Space Telescope

NASA suspends work on the James Webb Space Telescope

NASA is suspending work on its troubled James Webb Space Telescope due to the coronavirus pandemic.
A cropped closeup of the Curiosity rover's selfie.

Curiosity rover snaps a selfie of Mars’ rocky Greenheugh Pediment

NASA's Curiosity rover recently conquered its steepest ever slope in area called the Greenheugh Pediment, which the rover captured in a selfie.
weaponized satellites and the cold war in space standoff

DARPA is building a robotic space mechanic to fix satellites in orbit

DARPA, the agency responsible for developing technologies for the U.S. military, is building a new high-tech spacecraft that will repair satellites in orbit.
Sneezing man

Always-on illness detection system could help prevent future viral outbreaks

FluSense is a portable surveillance device powered by machine learning, and it could one day be used to track viral outbreaks to help stop them from spreading.
Summit supercomputer

Can a supercomputer save us from the coronavirus? We spoke to the man who knows

At the U.S. Department of Energy’s Oak Ridge National Laboratory, researchers are using an IBM supercomputer to lay the groundwork for a coronavirus vaccine.
A close-up view of the bucket drums on Regolith Advanced Surface Systems Operations Robot (RASSOR) in the regolith bin inside Swamp Works at NASA’s Kennedy Space Center in Florida on June 5, 2019.

NASA asks for the public’s help to design a robot for digging on the moon

NASA has developed a robot for digging on the moon, and it wants the public's help in designing a part of it called the bucket drum.
NASA's Mars 2020 rover, now called Perseverance, undergoes processing at a payload servicing facility at NASA's Kennedy Space Center on Feb. 14, 2020.

NASA’s Perseverance rover almost ready for its trip to Mars

NASA has completed installation and testing of one of the final parts of the Perseverance rover, which is set to explore the Red Planet in a few months' time.
from the arctic to antarctica erika bergman pilots submarines seafloor aquatica facebook

From the Arctic to Antarctica, Erika Bergman pilots submarines to the seafloor

Erika Bergman has been piloting submarines for a decade, and she's also been getting girls excited about engineering so she has some company in the ocean.
nasa sls progress update block 1b in flight tw adj 1

NASA suspends work on Space Launch System and Orion, may delay moon mission

Following outbreaks of coronavirus at a number of its facilities, NASA has announced that it will suspend both its Space Launch System and Orion projects.

Brain-stimulating implant can turn down Parkinson’s symptoms as required

Special brain implants could help reduce the effects of Parkinson’s disease. The treatment is a variation on conventional deep brain stimulation treatment.
man checking phone with mask on

MIT’s coronavirus-tracking app could be a game-changer — if it goes viral

Private Kit: Safe Paths is a coronavirus-tracking app that will only work to maximum effect if its adoption can keep up with the spread of the real coronavirus.
everywell creates at home coronavirus test amid shortages medical testing lifestyle 2

Startup creates $135 coronavirus test you can take at home

Medical-testing startup Everywell will soon offer a direct-to-consumer home test kit for the coronavirus, officially known as COVID-19. The kit will cost $135.
The Prayer

Because 2020’s not crazy enough, a robot mouth is singing A.I. prayers in Paris

In these troubling, confusing times, it can be tough to know who to turn to for help. One possible answer? A disembodied robot mouth chanting A.I. prayers.
Elon Musk

Tesla, other carmakers could repurpose factories to build ventilators

Elon Musk says he will repurpose factories to build ventilators if there’s a shortage amid the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. GM and Ford could chip in as well.