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Entertain and educate your kids with ABC Mouse — now 50% off with a free trial

ABC Mouse

If your kids are going to be at home for awhile, or you’re planning on homeschooling them, it’s important to have plenty of options for keeping them entertained. Right now, ABC Mouse is offering a 30-day free trial with a one-year subscription also available at the low price of $60 (down from $120).

Aimed at children between age 2 and 8, ABC Mouse provides fun ways to learn all kinds of different educational subjects. In all, there are over 850 different lessons with more than 9,000 individual learning activities included. ABC Mouse has a specific curriculum so kids can follow the step-by-step learning path, enabling them to learn at a steady speed that’s both enjoyable and productive.

Subjects include things like the Reading curriculum, which teaches phonics, rhyming words, word families, letter recognition, sentence structure, and how the parts of speech work. In all, it includes more than 450 books aimed at various ages.

The Math curriculum helps the youngest players to recognize and count numbers up to 20, before building on that with the base ten system, addition and subtraction, along with how to measure length, time, and money.

For science fans, the Science and Social Studies curriculum looks at the human body, health, plants, animals, weather, climate, as well as the solar system. It also checks out the different regions of the United States, the Earth’s environments, and maps.

The Arts and Colors curriculum takes a look at primary and secondary colors, and shades of colors, all while providing numerous paint-by-number activities, and number and letter dot-to-dots.

It’s all as fun as it sounds for your children with plenty of games and songs, as well as printable activities for when you want to step away from screen time.

Now is a great time to try out ABC Mouse thanks to its 30-day free trial. Investing in a one-year subscription is simple, too, as it’s only $60 for the whole year, working out as only $5 per month. For your under 8s, that’s a low price to pay for plenty of fun and educational resources.

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