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Netatmo now lets you store security video footage on Dropbox for added protection

Netatmo, with its sleek line of 21st-century connected-home products, has just launched two new features for its Welcome security camera: Dropbox video storage and Tags for doors and windows.
Cool Tech

China and Moscow could one day be connected via the Hyperloop

One major innovation is looking to connect parts of the planet, namely Russia and China -- that's right, the Hyperloop One, Elon Musk's vision of a 760 mph transportation system within a tube, is going to Moscow.

This novel, crowd-sourced action cam edits your video for you

Who has time to edit hours of action footage? A project on Indiegogo could be a game-changer with an app that automatically edits video by detecting the footage with the most action.
Cool Tech

After watching 600 hours of TV, this AI program can predict when people will hug or high five

The scripted acts of Steve Carrell, Mindy Kaling, and Eva Longoria have helped train an artificial intelligence to predict human interactions at MIT’s Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory (CSAIL).
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The Hearshot Domio pushes music through your helmet, but not to your ears

The Hearshot Domio is a puck-shaped gizmo that sticks to any helmet and pumps music through the surface, while you climb mountains or flip 180-degrees on a BMX.

There is now a GoPro accessory to give you crocodile vision

Have you ever seen those photos that are half underwater, half above? Now you can make your own with the Crocodile, a waterproof GoPro accessory with a secondary bubble lens. The Kickstarter campaign is currently underway.
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Could Walmart replace shopping carts with robots?

Budgee is a cute basket-carrying robotic helper that's designed to follow you around the store as you shop, and it could be coming to a Walmart near you.
Cool Tech

IBM’s AI system Watson just edited an entire magazine all on its own

In collaboration with marketing company The Drum, IBM's artificial intelligence system Watson just successfully edited an entire magazine all on its own. The magazine is available for free to anyone who downloads The Drum's app.

We don't have teleporters yet, but this working Star Trek communicator is legit

Forget flip phones, how about using the device that inspired them to talk to Siri, or answer a call? Whether you're a Star Trek devotee or not, you'll love this amazing screen-accurate Communicator, that links to your phone using Bluetooth.
Cool Tech

The Max Pump is a tiny but powerful air pump for all your inflatables

Whether you're planning on tubing down a river, sleeping on an air mattress outside, or looking to vacuum-pack your clothes for that long trip abroad, you're probably going to need Max Pump.

Trust issues? Use Trooly and machine learning to figure out who you may be working with

To help you make better decisions about people you may want to work with, Trooly has launched its Instant Trust rating service, which claims to help "businesses verify, screen, and predict trustworthy relationships and interactions."
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Olli is the 3D-printed, totally autonomous electric shuttle bus we’ve all been waiting for

“We sincerely believe that Local Motors needs to be on the cutting-edge of any and every vehicle technology that’s out there,” Jacqueline Keidel, a spokeswoman for Local Motors tells Digital Trends.