Why did Blizzard craft an engrossing story for Overwatch, then toss it away?

Blizzard's Overwatch is one of the best competitive shooters ever made, but due to the freedom to choose any character at any time, its story and gameplay can never truly reconcile.

Band of Skulls set up shop in church to conjure the unholy rock of ‘By Default’

Churches aren’t just for Christian rock and gospel. Band of Skulls’ Russell Marsden explains how the band set up shop to rock in one of their hometown holy spots.

#nofilter: DJ Funk Flex would rather rant on the radio than on Twitter 13:22

Hot 97's DJ Funk Flex and Hot in Tech host Tat WZA spoke about the change in Hot 97's annual Summer Jam concert, why software DJ's are not as good as Funk Flex, and how artists signing exclusive deals with streaming services is…

The mechanical keyboards at Computex prove Steve Jobs was wrong about the PC

The halls of Computex are filled to the brim with keyboards, even while some repeat predictions of the PC's doom. Is the keyboard's popularity a fluke? Or does it reveal something deeper about computers?

Andrew W.K. explains how his Twitter fans got the Penguins partying hard

If you attend a Pittsburgh Penguins Playoff game, you’re going to hear Andrew W.K.’s anthem Party Hard, and Twitter fans can take all the credit.

Rising star Gallant talks about the early years, his new LP, and pushing for embarrassment

Following his well-received EP, Zebra, R&B newcomer Gallant released his debut full-length album, Ology, in April. We recently sat down with him to chat about his music, old and new, his inspirations, and more.
Virtual Reality

Can I cry in this headset? The world’s first VR cinema is ironing out the kinks

The VR Cinema offers a rotating list of three packages: Horror, Docu-fiction, and Fun Time for the kids. Each includes a handful of short films in a 30-minute screening.

Like Tinder for news, Lumi uses swipes to learn what you want to read

Lumi uses the latest data science, crowd sourcing, and your personal social media feeds to provide a never-ending stream of relevant articles to read on your mobile device

Nobody wants Intel’s Core M processor, and Computex proves it

Core M was built to enable a new generation of 2-in-1 devices thinner, lighter, and quicker than any before. But companies have turned away from it for their latest ultra-thin PCs at Computex 2016. That may spell the beginning of the end.
Movies & TV

Angry Birds director on what it was like to beat Captain America at the box office

First-time director Fergal Reilly explains what separates The Angry Birds Movie from other Hollywood adaptations, such as Disney/Marvel’s Captain America: Civil War.

Can machines be creative? Meet the Google coders teaching them to make art

Can machines be creative? Google believes that you can teach a machine anything you want. At the Google Cultural Institute, the coder artists in residence teach machines how to view images like humans and create art from them.

Earthquuuake! This app could warn you before the next big one hits

The odds of a major earthquake hitting the west coast in the coming years are high, and UC Berkeley Seismology lab is teaming up with the United States Geologic Service to create an app that will warn people about imminent earthquakes.