Smart cars are dumber than you think, but there’s a plan to make them better

Today's autonomous cars seem clever, but they're nowhere near the standards set by the Society of Automotive Engineers, and it'll be years before they're close.

Are smartphones killing the art of face-to-face conversation? We ask the experts

There’s a lot of hyperbole about the negative impact of smartphones on conversations. Are we really losing our conversational skills and choosing text over face-to-face chats?

Automated gardens and smart beds made my apartment every geek’s domestic dream

Not every device fits into a predetermined category when it comes to the smart home. From connected beds to pet tech to smart gardens, we found some great toys for the Digital Trends smart apartment.

Guitar monster John 5 on how he released an album, one song at a time, on YouTube

Guitarist John 5 of Rob Zombie and Marilyn Manson fame talks to Digital Trends about how he used YouTube to release an album one song at a time, and why selling albums is utterly pointless in today's paradigm.

Former FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler blasts his replacement, supports net neutrality

Former FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler recently joined the board of IoT firm Actility. He sat down with Digital Trends to talk about the industry's explosive potential and the importance of net neutrality.

Cordura has been around for decades, but its new fabrics keep innovating

Cordura nylon/cotton blends are already the gold standard in durable workwear fabrics. Can they be improved upon? Cordura thinks the answer is a definite 'yes,' and you'll be able to wear its latest innovation sooner than you think.

Mymanu’s Clik earbuds instantly translate between 37 languages — even offline

The Clik, wireless earbuds from Manchester-based startup Mymanu, can translate between 37 languages offline, in real time. They launched on Kickstarter earlier this year, and are expected to enter mass production as soon as March.

Chevy’s augmented reality test drive puts you behind the wheel of your dream car

Epic Games continues to expand the reach of video game technology by partnering with Chevrolet on a new project that uses augmented reality to transform a custom Blackbird vehicle into any car. In addition, that same Unreal Engine 4…

Why the future looks bright for Li-Fi, internet that travels through light

We sat down with Edinburgh-based PureLiFi at MWC in Barcelona to learn about why and when Li-Fi will be available for our laptops, tablets, and smartphones.

Ethanol-infused fuel can cause problems, but don’t expect it to disappear

We’ve looked at the myths and facts about ethanol in our road fuel, and found some legitimate beefs, particularly when the mixture is used in marine engines and motorcycles.

Watch LG tear its G6 phone apart, and see the robotic butt it slams on them

LG puts all its phones through the paces with battery and quality control testing. We saw first hand the tests the LG G6 will go through and we even witnessed a complete teardown of the LG G6.
Cool Tech

From RFID implants to genital yogurt, Epicenter is the future’s awesomely odd office

Epicenter is part of a movement to build the office space of the future. For many Epicenter members, the goal isn’t just to kick back with yesteryear’s pleasures — it’s to push forward as early adopters of untested technology.