Nugget ice is just the tip of the chewable iceberg for GE’s crazed FirstBuild labs

The Opal from FirstBuild is a nugget ice maker, which works by packing together small ice crystals to create nuggets of soft yet crunchy ice. At $500, it's the latest from a company that's turning the home appliance market on its ear.

Joe Satriani stops shredding to spin a story on Shockwave Supernova

Joe Satriani may be known the world over a guitar virtuoso, but on his new album Shockwave Supernova, the master steps outside his comfort zone to try something new.

Denis Leary on becoming a rock & roll frontman, and why he hates vinyl

We speak with Denis Leary and Elizabeth Gillies about their new show on FX, ‘Sex & Drugs & Rock & Roll’ and how annoying vinyl records were.

Angela Bassett on skipping straight from Pac-Man to her role in Rainbow Six: Siege

The star of American Horror Story: Hotel brings the first female Six to life.

DJ Felix da Housecat on channeling his inner Prince, and his love for lo-fi

Superstar DJ/producer Felix da Housecat discussed his new album Narrative of Thee Blast Illusion, how he crafts and layers his vocal tracks, the art of the mix, and his ongoing super-tight ties to the ’80s.

How Lamborghini became the first official CO2-neutral Italian car maker

Lamborghini has just become the first Italian car company in the world to obtain the coveted CO2-neutral certification from DNV GL, and it earned it without resorting to gas-electric hybrid drivetrains or downsized turbocharged engines.

How a mob of Kickstarter vigilantes are killing the world’s smallest earbuds

Ivan Kan set out to bring a wireless Bluetooth earbud to the U.S., so he took to Kickstarter for help making his dream a reality. But a skeptical group of backers turned lack of understanding into a full-on witch hunt. Here's what happened…

Fiat Chrysler’s billion-dollar gamble on Alfa Romeo

A lot rides on the new Alfa Romeo, in addition to more than a few seats and steering wheels. Like the future of Fiat Chrysler Automobile -- the world’s seventh largest auto maker -- for example.

Meet the Monster: How a funky engineer built the biggest brand in headphones

From humble origins in a bay area garage, to parties with Slash, Noel Lee of Monster Audio turned a passion project into a multi-million dollar audio brand.
Home Theater

Why OLED will decimate LCD screens and usher in a display revolution

We’ve seen rollable OLED displays before, but the technology has been considered little more than a marketing ploy. However, an OLED expert tells us that the future of rollable displays is actually right around the corner.
Cool Tech

This hidden farm under London might radically change how we grow food

More than 30-meters below the busy London streets, there is an incredible eco-farm that's part innovative agri-tech project and part sci-fi inspired netherworld. The research there could end up being used in space, or deep under the sea.

Lee Bannon on ‘chair music,’ his name change, and sonic link to Keith Richards

Pattern of Excel finds Bannon twisting the cosmic knob of a futuristic radio station parked on the edge of an experimental ambient universe where bass and beats have been replaced by reverb-drenched intergalactic axe scrapings.