‘Resident Evil 7’ wears its horror influences on its torn, bloody sleeves 3:13

It’s incredible that 'Resident Evil 7' turned out as good as it did, and it owes much of its success to ideas honed by its contemporaries.

Part dirt bike and part snowmobile, snow bikes take Winter X Games by storm

The newest event at the Winter XGames pits competitors against one another on snow bikes, machines that are a hybrid of a dirt bike and a snowmobile, giving us a fun new vehicle for playing in the snow.

Apple’s MacBook Pro is too thin, and HP can prove it

The technology industry’s obsession with thin has gone too far. Computers like the 2016 MacBook Pro are sacrificing too much value in the quest to be thinner than last year’s model.

Don’t let the robot dinos fool you, ‘Horizon: Zero Dawn’ takes its story seriously

‘Mass Effect’-style interactive dialogue and choice moments expand the post-post-apocalyptic open-world of Horizon: Zero Dawn.
Virtual Reality

Clearing the rat’s nest: Why virtual reality must go wireless

Wireless virtual reality is an important step to taking the technology mainstream. Not because of the freedom of movement -- though that’s great -- but because it makes VR easier to use.
Cool Tech

Ohroma’s ‘smell-o-vision’ VR wants to put your nose in a porn star’s room

Adult "live cams" company SodaCam thinks it has figured out the future of the adult entertainment industry. The answer? Live virtual reality with a smell-o-vision gas mask, apparently.

Modern hard rockers Alter Bridge get in tune with the political mood and streaming

Alter Bridge vocalist/guitarist Myles Kennedy talks about how the band’s latest album reflects the emotions a lot of people are feeling right now, as well as how streaming has gone from “shady” to being “the new frontier.”
Home Theater

3D TV is officially dead, but a band of fanatics won’t let go

Manufacturers seem to be finally phasing out 3D after years of letting it struggle for any kind of relevance. Fans of the technology are protesting the decision, but it might be time to let it go.

Milla Jovovich confesses that she’ll miss Alice and the crazy world of Resident Evil 6:16

Sony Pictures is releasing the sixth installment of its survival horror Resident Evil film franchise, which has been dubbed The Final Chapter. The movie reunites Milla Jovovich with Ali Larter in yet another battle between humans…

I call it ‘The Robot’: Why I chose the Wink Hub 2 to run my smart apartment

Go beyond a smart-home product or two and you’ll want something that connects them. There are a couple reasons for that: Here’s how we picked the best hub for the DT smart apartment.
Social Media

Raftr is a new social network that puts stories, not people, front and center

Raftr, a news-centric social network founded by former Yahoo president Sue Decker, aims to foster communities around ongoing stories. It's exiting beta after a six-month incubation period.

Michelin’s new ultrahigh performance tire can make any car feel like a supercar

The Pilot Sport 4 S attempts to dominate the UHP segment and become the new favorite of car enthusiasts the world over.