Cool Tech

Inside Hooperfly’s grand plan to launch an army of homemade drones 3:16

Join our Got It Made host as he meets with Hooperfly, a Portland company that's making it easy to create drones out of ordinary household materials, and putting Portland on the unmanned aerial map in the process.

Eurythmics’ Dave Stewart has sweet dreams of Spotify streams for his new band

Dave Stewart is best known for being Annie Lennox’s collaborator in the Eurythmics, and he’s produced everyone from Mick Jagger to Tom Petty to Stevie Nicks. We talked to the man with the golden ear about Spotify, the…
Home Theater

Massive digital archiving project means these unique musical recordings will live forever

Fifty years worth of unique musical performances from the Montreux Jazz Festival have been preserved forever thanks to a six year digital archiving project, that makes the library available for generations to enjoy. Here's how it happened.
Virtual Reality

Universal’s new VR attraction, The Repository, will make you a believer in the supernatural

The Repository, a new virtual reality attraction at Universal’s Orlando Resort, blends the real and virtual into a hair-raising, untethered VR experience. If you think the Rift’s horror games are scary, be warned. You’ve seen nothing…

We caught the retro bug at the largest VW Beetle gathering on the planet

Every year, hundreds of Volkswagen Beetle enthusiasts from all over Europe gather in northern Germany for the Beetle Sunshine Tour. We joined this year's festivities to find out what it's like to be a part of the Beetle clan.
Home Theater

As the iPhone’s headphone jack dies, Apple wins and you lose 4:07

As predicted, Apple just killed off the headphone jack in the new iPhone 7 and iPhone 7S, and the company had plenty to say to rationalize the decision, but at the end of the day, it was a bad call, and one that could have…

Affordable laptops aren’t just ‘good enough’ anymore, they’re amazing

Laptops have been fast enough for years, but design hasn't kept up. Until now. After years of bulky designs and horrible screens, quality hardware is finally available at prices most people are willing to pay.

Getting muddy with a VW SUV so secret, we can’t even show you the whole thing

Volkswagen wasn’t ready to show us everything, but we got a good look at the all-new mid-size SUV that will be on display at the L.A. Auto Show. Here’s what we learned.
Movies & TV

‘Ash vs. Evil Dead’ star Bruce Campbell talks TV, lying to fans, man cleavage

Ash Vs. Evil Dead star Bruce Campbell explains why the Bionic Man, Lee Majors, is the perfect choice to Ash's dad in Season 2.

Tech wrecked our bodies, but next it will make us healthier than ever

TVs, computers and smartphones have made us more sedentary than any other generation, but the next batch of technology promises to boot us from our connected cocoons and get moving again.
Movies & TV

‘The Jungle Book’ producer on talking animals, ‘The Rocketeer’ sequel, and Del Toro’s ‘Haunted Mansion’

Disney producer Brigham Taylor shares some thoughts on The Jungle Book sequel, returning to The Rocketeer, and Del Toro's Haunted Mansion movie.

9 important trends at IFA that will shape the tech world this holiday season

Europe's biggest technology showcase, IFA 2016, sets the trends for the rest of 2016. Here's what we saw on the show floor, including a flock of 2-in-1s, awesome new tablets, and tech that'll make you a master chef.