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Building the ultimate speaker requires ultimate engineering 3:58

Ultimate Ears makes some of the most popular and highly rated Bluetooth speakers on the market, and there's a reason the company has been so successful: it outsources nothing. Watch how UE builds a Bluetooth speaker from the…

Pink Floyd’s Roger Waters continues to tear down walls, now on the big screen

Pink Floyd’s Roger Waters knows how to put on a show – and a new film documents exactly how he did it during the epic, three-year-long The Wall tour.

Software could take a big bite out of the car industry’s ass, GM says

Drivers want smart cars that are as easy to use as smartphones, but car companies like GM struggle to balance the desire for convenience with the overwhelming need for safety.
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Getting biblical with Ron Perlman on Hand of God and Hellboy 3

While many know him as the ruthless gang leader from Sons of Anarchy, Ron Perlman tells us about the challenges of channeling a much different kind of corruption as a dirty judge in the new Amazon series Hand of God.

Infinite loops: The electro-tunes of Battles never stop repeating, or evolving

Experimental electronic artists Battles carve winding, labyrinthine loops that evolve through the song and even from performance to performance, even if audiences only see them “pushing a button.”
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How tech exposed the evil in the NFL, and made me quit watching

The transparency of the Internet, new research into brain injuries, and even the quest for high-tech stadiums have all exposed the darker side of the NFL.

Why your next laptop could look a lot like an iPad Pro

The 2-in-1 computer was supposed to revolutionize the PC space, but attempts to perfect the design have floundered. Now Apple is entering the space with its iPad Pro -- and it may turn out the most important new PC isn't a PC at all.

Johnny Rotten: Kim Kardashian’s ass belongs in a gold Gucci wheelbarrow

John Lydon may not go by Johnny Rotten in his band Public Image Ltd., but the same surly, snarling persona remains. And in our interview, he’s as willing as ever to tell it like it is on everything from vinyl to Kim Kardashian.
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Exclusive: Sennheiser’s new brain-tricking 3D sound is like replaying reality

As part of Sennheiser's 70-year celebration in London, we got an exclusive look at the company's innovative new 3D surround sound recording format, with none other than Imogen Heap live on the stage.

When he’s not on stage, Moby seeks out ‘happy accidents’ behind a camera

When Moby isn’t making electronic music, he’s behind the camera lens trying to photograph familiar scenes in new ways and capture “happy accidents.”

Musical hieroglyphics, recreating the ’80s, and drumming on a baby belly with Lights

Canadian-born electronic artist Lights knows a thing or two about recording, and she wasn’t afraid to take the controls on Little Machines, her latest album.

Meet the man who sculpted the softer side of Ford’s hardcore 2016 GT

Ford’s 2016 GT may be known for its wicked exterior styling, but Interior Design Manager Bill Mangan had to make sure it’s as fun to sit in as it is to look at.