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instagram launches location stories to more users 1

Practically every major social app has a Stories function now. This is why

Snapchat popularized the idea of ephemeral social media years ago, but now the feature is is popping up in dozens of other platforms. Here's why.
2020 mama awards show interview whole other level of tech stage with host song joong ki

How the virtual MAMA 2020 music awards show took tech to a whole other level

The 2020 MAMA music awards show was held virtually this year, and the technical manager behind the production spoke to Digital Trends about the tech involved.
kate bishop taking aim avengers dlc review superadaptoid 001 v1

New Kate Bishop DLC not enough to rescue Marvel’s Avengers from its problems

Kate Bishop's fun enough to play as in Marvel's Avengers' first major DLC, but the rest of the game is still a drag.
apple watch se review activity rings

Way more than watches: Where wearables are going

Next-gen wearables will be much more than watches. They'll help us train our bodies, stay healthy, and give us amazing new powers. Here’s what’s coming.
line plans hybrid future after successful online devday event developer day 2020 ipad screen

How Line’s successful online-only DevDay paves the way for a hybrid event future

Virtual events have become common in 2020, but will they go away in the near future? Messaging app Line shares why hybrid events are the way forward.
instagram shopping icon

Why Instagram’s dreaded Shopping tab is a big win for small businesses

Instagram's new Shop tab could benefit small online businesses, but it will require looking below the surface of an almost criminally manipulative UI redeisgn.
line cto euivin park devday2020 interview app opening screen

Speed, demand, and responsibility: How messaging app Line dealt with 2020

The offline world moved quickly online during 2020, and the CTO of messaging app Line spoke to Digital Trends about what how the global pandemic affected it.
summer games done quick 2020 23 million gaming

There’s no reason to buy a gaming PC anymore thanks to new consoles

The Xbox Series X and PS5 have nearly closed the gap compared to PC, and there's very little reason to buy one anymore if you're just looking to game.
bang and olufsen 95 anniversary golden collection interview products room

Bang and Olufsen talks design to celebrate 95 years of the ‘goose bump factory’

Bang & Olufsen celebrates its 95th anniversary this year, and the company's VP of design talked to use about the new Golden Collection of products.
Google Assistant Smart Display New Features

Five Google Assistant-powered smart display features worth checking out

Google Assistant smart displays like the Nest Hub recently got an updated, more intuitive user interface that makes the devices more functional than before.
AI in education kid with robot

A.I. teaching assistants could help fill the gaps created by virtual classrooms

Distance learning has created a disconnect between teachers and students. Can A.I. help fill that void?
planet buster nuclear weapon earth explosion

Planet busters: We asked a physicist what it would take to obliterate Earth

The planet-busting nuclear bomb is a classic science fiction trope. But is it really possible to build a nuke big enough to obliterate the globe?
dirt 5 nolan north troy baker interview rz nfmxw

Troy Baker and Nolan North talk their Dirt 5 rivalry: ‘There was no script’

The two veteran voice actors talk about how this project was unique compared to the other games they've acted in, and how they came to be involved with it.
EZVIZ C3X installed outside.

More security cameras need color night vision. Here’s why.

Security cameras that have color night vision provide a clearer picture to users and give details that can help identify thieves to the police.
Ratchet and Clank Rift Apart

The 5 big PlayStation 5 games you should keep an eye on

Sony’s new PlayStation 5 console has lots of titles on the way. Here are the video games we can’t wait to see.
Halo: Infinite

The five big Xbox Series X games you should keep an eye on

The launch window for Microsoft's Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S might be light, but there’s some exciting stuff in the pipeline.
smartphone size design for woman hand vid1 00 52 01 still003

Why aren’t smartphones designed for a woman’s hand size?

As smartphone sizes exploded, more than half of the population was left wondering how they were going to use the new super-sized devices.
pixar soul directors interview music disney plus pete docter kemp powers joe new york city street

Interview: How the directors of Pixar’s Soul artfully animated the afterlife

The co-directors of Pixar's animated movie Soul explain how music and mathematics shaped the film's tone and its depiction of the afterlife.
patricia summersett voice actress zelda patriciasummersett

Patricia Summersett, the voice of Zelda, talks voice acting’s pitfalls and perks

Patricia Summersett is a voice actress perhaps best known as the voice of Princess Zelda in Breath of the Wild. This is her story.
apple charger environmental benefits iphone 11 cable

Will Apple’s ‘eco-friendly’ plan to nix chargers actually help the environment?

Apple claims its decision to discontinue shipping charger bricks with new iPhones was ecologically motivated. But how much of an impact will it really have?
Apple homepod.

Five reasons why HomeKit in iOS 14 is a small update with huge rewards

The recent release of iOS 14 brought with it changes to the layout and user interface of HomeKit that make it a stronger competitor.
mario kart live home cicuit preview switch mariokartlivehomecircuit photo 01

Mario Kart Live: Home Circuit is a shockingly fun take on AR racing

Mario Kart Live: Home Circuit transcends the novelty of having a remote-controlled kart, and offers an in-depth experience for even die-hard fans of the series.
leica women eva woolridge blinding pain 21 5x14 5 ew2019

Armed with a camera and a grapefruit, she channels racial injustice into art

Photographer and Leica Women Foto Project award winner Eva Woolridge shares her experience as the grant opens up to three new female photographers.
Characters of Hades posing.

How to dominate the underworld in Hades

Hades is a roguelike from indie darling Supergiant, praised as the game of the year by some. Here's what to expect, and tips and tricks on how to best play it.
intel studios volumetric moviemaking 12

The future of moviemaking? Inside Intel’s insane volumetric film studio

Remember the "bullet time" scene from the Matrix? Intel's cutting-edge movie studio allows filmmakers to capture that kind of shot, but from every angle.
most influential hispanic americans in hollywood 77th annual golden globe awards arrivals 2 1024x683

Most influential Hispanic Americans in Hollywood’s film industry

As part of the celebration of Hispanic Heritage Month, we introduce you to these celebrities who have stood out in the film industry, adding flavor to Hollywood, and making the Hispanic American community around the world proud.
super mario 3d all stars review switch supermario3dallstars smg screen 10

Super Mario 3D All-Stars review: Classic games that still shine

64, Sunshine, and Galaxy are considered classics, but the attempt to preserve them as they were comes at the expense of their potential with modern mechanics.
Hurricane Florence 2018

There’s a way to weaken hurricanes, but scientists say it’s too crazy to try

There's a weird natural phenomenon that helps to weaken hurricanes destined for the United States. What if we could re-create that phenomenon ourselves?
iron harvest review

Iron Harvest review: Real-time strategy with feeling

Developers clearly poured a lot of love into the design and the story of Iron Harvest, but not for the gameplay polish or content selection.
the mandalorian visual effects interview star wars pixomondo pxo mandalorianreel 007

How The Mandalorian’s visual effects made old Star Wars creatures new again

The Mandalorian gave Disney+ a big hit right from the start with its Star Wars spinoff story, and innovative visual effects played a big role in its success.
intel msi summit series collaboration  1

How Intel and MSI collaborated to craft its new Summit series of laptops

Speaking with Intel and MSI, we have the behind-the-scenes story behind the new Summit series of laptops -- systems unlike any MSI has ever made.
Lucid Air in a wind tunnel

Lucid reveals secret behind electric sedan’s 517-mile range

Digital Trends sat down with Lucid to find out how it gave the Air an estimated 517-mile range. Battery technology helps, but physics play a determining role.
Wasteland 3 Key Art Scorpitron

Wasteland 3 Review: A strong entry in the storied franchise

The latest tactical RPG from inXile Entertainment provides a nearly unprecedented level of choice and an immense graphical leap over its predecessor.
80s 90s mobile phone commercials large

These hilarious ads from the 1980s and ’90s show how far mobile tech has come

There was a time when huge phones looked cool, as these classic commercials demonstrate. Just be happy you don't have to carry these beasts around anymore.