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The Coway Airmega purifier.

Should you continue to buy air purifiers to protect you from the coronavirus?

The coronavirus (COVID-19) is still a global health concern, even with a vaccine. Should you still continue to buy air purifiers for protection?
OnePlus Watch Wrist Press Photo

The OnePlus Watch is coming, and I’m skeptical it’ll be any good

The OnePlus Watch is coming very soon, and it has a round case and a 1.4-inch screen, but not Google's Wear OS. It's a familiar formula, but hard to get right.
Xandar Kardian Radar Technology

Google Nest Hub teases radar tech as the future of smart home privacy

Radar tech can measure the number of occupants in a space with more accuracy than motion sensors and has the potential to be the future of the smart home.
7 reasons to spend 150 on an airpop active halo smart mask app filter light

7 reasons you should spend $150 on a smart face mask. Yes, really

When cloth masks are so cheap, is there a reason to spend $150 on a flashy smart mask? I've been wearing the AirPop Active+ Halo Smart Mask to find out.
Willful Smart Watch

I bought the cheapest smartwatch on Amazon — here’s how bad it is

A smartwatch from a brand you've never heard of, which costs just $36, must be terrible right? To find out, we bought the Willful Smart Watch from Amazon.
crashing dji fpv drone first flight crash 3 of 8

I crashed the DJI FPV drone the first time I took it for a spin

The DJI FPV drone is a beast that can only be tamed by seasoned pilots. I thought I was worthy, but I crashed it on my first test flight.
The T-Mobile logo on a smartphone.

T-Mobile plans explained: 5G, pricing, and features

T-Mobile offers a range of plans with different prices and features. Here's a rundown of what's available, including the new 5G-capable T-Mobile Magenta Max.
Podz Podcast App

The web is full of information trapped in unsearchable audio. Podz has a fix

Between podcasts, radio shows, and video, there are millions of hours of information locked away in audio on the web. This startup has a plan to free it.
does skin tone affect ppg heart rate sensor accuracy sensors

Wearables don’t work the same on dark skin. It’s time to change that

Is the heart rate sensor on your smartwatch accurate? Research has shown skin tone may affect whether it is, and companies have responded to the challenge.
keanu reeves best roles matrix feat

22 years after The Matrix, simulation hypothesis movies are booming again

The late 1990s were arguably when simulation hypothesis movies burst into the popular consciousness -- but now they're making a big comeback in 2021.
beats by dre black culture 2021  futures

For Beats by Dre, amplifying Black culture is an always-on effort

Beats by Dre's Global Influence and Social Actions Lead talks about how the brand is leading by example when it comes to amplifying Black culture's voices.

Are your kids choosing video games over homework? Smart home tech can help

Video games are big distractions with remote learning, so here are some way smart home tech can help to make sure they're doing homework.
Harman 5G

In-car 5G is around the corner, but a lot needs to happen before it’s widespread

Building a car that's compatible with 5G is only half of the battle; increased coverage of hihg-bandwidth, mmWave networking is necessary to power cars of the future.
Wii U Composite

Super Mario 3D World made it to Switch, but other Wii U games are still stranded

While many of the Wii U's best games have made their way to the Nintendo Switch, others are stuck on the two-screen console.
siri alexa feminist reboot amazon

You might not think typing to Alexa is practical, but you’d be surprised

Type with Alexa allows you to command your smart assistant with text, not voice. It's still in early access, but already shows a lot of promise.
Hands on: Dyson Supersonic

Buying a hair dryer for Valentine’s Day? This is the one you need

At just $400, the Dyson Supersonic hair dryer is a great gift to give to your loved one this Valentine's Day.
Control Force Powers

Control: Ultimate Edition unlocks the PS5 and Xbox Series X’s true potential

The Ultimate Edition of Control breathes new life into the game thanks to the next-gen consoles, with top of the class ray tracing and DualSense on PS5.
A digital security lock.

Smart home technology needs to be more private to handle personal health

With smart home technology that can take personal health information, the encryption and security surrounded data must be stronger than ever before.
qoobo cured my pandemic blues and petit from above

Meet Qoobo, the cute, robotic tailed cushion that cured my pandemic blues

Here's my story of how living with a pair of cute, robotic tailed cushions called Qoobo made life in pandemic-enforced lockdown a little less solitary.

Indie hit Oxenfree’s legacy continues with an upcoming TV series

The founders of Night School Studios talk about the game on its fifth anniversary, and how plans for a movie have turned into plans for a potential TV series.
A finger touching the Arlo Video Doorbell, mounted on a house wall.

5 smart home tech trends we saw at CES 2021

CES 2021 saw a number of emerging trends in the smart home industry, such as improved security and an increased focus on health-based technology.
Persona 5 Strikers

Persona 5 Strikers preview: A mixed spinoff for fans

Persona 5 Strikers lacks the school structure and social aspects that made Persona 5 so beloved, but it's just as laborious despite adding real-time combat.
best smart locks ces 2021 lockly duo

The best smart locks of CES 2021

Lockly, Eufy, and BenjiLock introduced new models at CES 2021 that were the most notable at the big show.
AMD CES 2021 Zen

CES 2021 day two highlights: Bold ideas and lots of bending OLEDs

Looking for the latest CES 2021 news? We've got you covered. In this daily roundup, we'll bring you all the biggest developments of the day.

The future of TV: New advances in display tech will transform your TV

Wondering what the future of TV display technology looks like? CES 2021 is our best glimpse at what companies will be bringing to market. Here's what to expect.
Google Assistant Smart Display New Features

Our confinement spurred the smart home’s increased growth in 2020

Most people found themselves becoming much more acquainted with their homes in 2020 thanks to lockdowns. Here's how the cultural changes drove industry growth.
CES 2019 Crowd Hero Shot

Through endurance, we conquer: Why I’m going to miss an in-person CES this year

I've long treated the annual CES tech show as an endurance event. Such is the intensity of the week in Las Vegas. I'm still going to miss it this year, though.
biggest smart home 2020 trends peloton

The true cost of a connected home gym is not just in the equipment you buy

Home fitness equipment sales have exploded as people exercise at home instead of the gym. We break down the upfront and hidden costs of building a home gym.
apple ipad pro 2020 six month review 2 1

We’re well past the point where Apple should have multi-user support on the iPad

The iPad is no longer strictly a personal device. With more people stuck at home, and sharing their iPads, it's time for multi-user support on the iPad.
Sony Playstation Event E3 2018

4 big predictions about where the video game industry goes in 2021

The video game industry had its biggest year ever in 2020. Here are four bold predictions about what could be next.
Asus Zenfone 7 Pro cameras

These are the phone features and innovations we loved in 2020

The phones released in 2020 have met a very high standard, with plenty of new features and technology introduced throughout the year. Here are our favorites.

The biggest trends we saw in the smart home in 2020

There wasn't a single trend that defined the smart home in 2020, but several that showed its adaptability in a challenging year for all.
Trump Twitter

2020 forced Big Social to address its flaws, but it’s too late for an easy fix

Between a global pandemic, social/cultural upheaval, and mounting political problems, 2020 put plenty of pressure on social media giants to face their flaws
gods will fall preview devourer

Gods Will Fall preview: Indie Soulslike game could be 2021’s first hidden gem

With replay value, intense combat, and impressive visuals, a lot of what made Hades such an indie hit in 2020 might do the same for Gods Will Fall in 2021.