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Not sure which leader to pick in Civilization VI? We’ve tallied up their strengths

Getting started in a Civilization game can be a tall task — especially if it’s your first time with the series. Each culture offers different advantages, and some require more caution or diplomacy than others. Civilization VI, the newest entry in the series, makes choosing a leader more complicated (and crucial) than ever: Civ VI features nineteen different civilizations, each with different perks, unique combat units and infrastructure (a building or tile improvement), and a faction leader equipped with his or her own agenda and ability. If you’re a Civ rookie, or if you’re simply looking for a leg up on the digital competition, read on to find out more about each culture and its leader.

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Note: Leader “agendas” are only in effect for civilizations that are not controlled by the player. Player-controlled leaders cannot operate independently, and therefore have no agenda.


Leader: Teddy Roosevelt

Perk: Founding Fathers

Unit: P-51 Mustang

Infrastructure: Film Studio

The Founding Fathers perk allows the Americans to earn Government Legacy bonuses twice as quickly, allowing players to benefit more from sticking with a single government type over a large number of turns. America’s unique unit is the P-51 Mustang, a modern-era fighter jet with bonuses to flight range, experience, and attack vs. fighter aircraft. The Mustang is best suited for eliminating enemy fighter jets. America’s unique infrastructure, the Film Studio, provides a culture bonus, adds extra slots for Citizens and Great Works of Music, and earns Great Artist and Great Musician points each turn. It also creates +100% Tourism pressure toward other civilizations, encouraging tourists to visit the American city instead.

Teddy Roosevelt, the 26th President of the United States, leads the Americans. Because of his unique agenda, Big Stick Policy, Teddy dislikes warring civilizations and civilizations that bully city-states on his continent. His unique leader ability, the Roosevelt Corollary, grants Combat Strength bonuses to units on the American continent, and appeal bonuses to tiles in a city with a National Park. The Corollary also allows America to build the Rough Rider unit — as long as the Rifling Technology is researched — which generates Culture with each kill and boasts a Combat Strength bonus when fighting on hills. Teddy’s bonuses are especially advantageous in the early game, helping the player expand across his home continent with ease.

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