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Sony PSP And NIntendo DS Get Jeff Corwin

Conspiracy Entertainment has extended its worldwide exclusive licensing agreement with Discovery Licensing, Inc. for the “Jeff Corwin Experience” to add the Sony PSP and Nintendo DS platforms. Thecompanies also agreed to extend this agreement until December 2006.

The popular “Jeff Corwin Experience” TV program airs on the Animal Planet, a network owned by Discovery Communications. Animal Planet has grown to become television’s leading broad-based, family-friendly, entertainment network and now reaches over 85 million homes in the United States and 126 million homes in 70 other countries around the world.

“We are pleased to play a part in bringing quality educational content to PSP and DS users,” said Sirus Ahmadi, President and CEO of Conspiracy Entertainment. “We are hopeful that the popularity of the ‘Jeff Corwin Experience’ will entice young gamers to learn about wildlife in a manner that is both fun and educational.”

Conspiracy Entertainment recently announced that it was approved as Nintendo DS and Sony PSP platform publishers for the North American Territory, which are both handheld platforms. “Once we were approved as platform publishers, we didn’t waste any time. One of our goals is to become a leading supplier of content for these platforms,” said Keith Tanaka, CFO of Conspiracy Entertainment. “We are very excited about this handheld gaming opportunity and will continue to aggressively pursue this market.”