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Sling TV vs. PlayStation Vue vs DirecTV Now: Which live TV streaming service is best?

For those fed up with their cable or satellite TV company, there has never been a better time to cut the cord.

Streaming video services are giving traditional pay TV stiff competition by delivering live sports and other programming online, often for a serious drop in price, while premium channels like HBO and Showtime are available as separate streaming services or add-on bundles. In addition, there’s no hidden charges with streaming TV, and if you ever decide to cancel, it’s easy and painless — a refreshing change from the woes of dealing with cable and satellite call centers.

PlayStation Vue, Sling TV, and the recently introduced DirecTV Now have emerged as major competition to traditional pay TV offering both live and on-demand programming, and in some cases, cloud-based DVRs, making them capable cable alternatives. But which service is best? In order to help you find the best replacement for your cable or satellite subscription, we’ve put together this handy guide detailing each service’s features and content offerings and how they compare to each other.

PlayStation Vue Sling TV DirecTV Now
Pricing Access Slim: $30/month for 45+ channels*
Core Slim: $35/month for 60+ channels*
Elite Slim: $45/month for 90+ channels*
Ultra Slim: $65/month for 90 channels, plus HBO and Showtime*
Sling Orange: $20/month 20+ channels;
Sling Blue: $25/month 40+ channels;
Orange + Blue: $40/month 45+ channels;
additional channel add-on packs from $5-$15
Live a Little: $35 for 60+ channels;
Just Right: $50 for $80+ channels;
Go Big: $60 for $100+ channels;
Gotta Have It: $70 for $120+ channels;
add-on packs available for $5
Major Networks ABC, NBC, FOX (Major networks live in select cities; on-demand all other locations) ABC, FOX, NBC (Major networks live in select cities; on-demand all other locations) ABC, FOX, NBC***
Subscription Type Monthly, no contract, cancel anytime Monthly, no contract, cancel anytime Monthly, no contract, cancel anytime
DVR Cloud DVR (keep titles up to 28 days) In Beta No
Video On Demand Yes(on select channels, shows,including local channels where available*) Yes (on select channels, shows) Yes (on select channels, shows)
Pause, Rewind, Fast Forward All channels Only select channels VOD only
Replay/Catch-up Select channels and shows Select channels and shows Yes (72 hours after recording)
Number of streams per account 5 1 or 3, depending on subscription 2
Profiles 5 1 1
Bandwidth Limiter No Yes No
Audio 2-channel stereo 2-channel stereo  2-channel stereo, 5.1 for some on-demand content on supported devices

* PlayStation Vue local live programming will add on $5 per month, available in these cities: New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Philadelphia, Dallas, San Francisco and Miami.
**Sling TV local ABC available in these cities: New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Philadelphia, San Francisco, Houston, Raleigh-Durham and Fresno-Visalia.
***Live NBC is only available on web browsers with DirecTV Now.



Channel offerings differ quite a bit between the three services and the multiple packages they offer. Here’s what each service offers.

PlayStation Vue

Set at the middle of the pack for a base package, PlayStation Vue’s Access Slim is $30 per month and grants you access to 45 live channels, including ESPN, CNN, AMC and more, along with on-demand access to programming from the major networks ABC, NBC, and FOX. (Note: in select cities, the base package is $35 per month, but includes live ABC, NBC, and Fox, including local programming.)

Beyond Access Slim, Vue has three more subscription tiers. Core Slim, which offers 60 channels at $35 per month, adding channels like CSN, ESPNEWS, and ESPN U, as well as Turner Classic Movies to the previous tier’s list. Up next is Elite Slim, which provides 90 channels at $45 per month, adding EPIX Hits, Machinima, and many others to the list.

The top tier package for PlayStation Vue is Ultra Slim, which includes the full suite of 90-plus channels, plus HBO and Showtime bundled in.

There aren’t many options when it comes to a la carte choices, however. Standalone subscriptions are available for the aforementioned Showtime and HBO, as well as Machinima, Fox Soccer Plus, and EPIX Hits at varying prices. Bear in mind that most or all of these add-ons appear in the Elite and Ultra packages.

Recently, Vue removed Viacom-owned channels from its service — MTV, MTV2, VH1, Spike, and Comedy Central all got the ax. Conversely, several previously unavailable channels were added, including ESPN, BBC America, VICE, NBC Sports, and more. You can view PlayStation Vue’s full channel lineup on the service’s homepage.

Sling TV

Sling TV offers two different channel packages, Sling Orange ($20/month) and Sling Blue ($25/month), but they aren’t as straightforward as Vue’s options. Instead of simply adding more channels to a base selection like Vue does, Sling’s two packages vary quite a bit from one another. With Sling Orange you’ll get 20 channels, including several ESPN properties. Sling Blue ditches the Disney-owned channels — including Disney Channel, Freeform, and most importantly, ESPN’s channels — but bumps the total number of channels to over 40 for just a $5 increase, adding in Fox sports channels.

Those who wish to have the broader channel offerings of both packages can get both Sling Orange and Sling Blue for $40 per month.

From there, Sling offers a number of add-on channel packages at varying prices, including broadcast networks like ABC, favorites like MTV and Spike, or premium cable options like HBO. Depending on your base package, though, some channels may not be available. For a detailed breakdown of Sling TV’s numerous offerings, add-ons, and limitations (especially important when it comes to sports packages), check out our Sling TV guide which covers everything you need to know about the service.

It’s important to note that, between add-on packages and other streaming services (like Hulu or Netflix), at a certain point the money saved by cutting cable begins to dwindle. Even in those cases, these services do have advantages over cable. Tthey can easily be canceled at any time, and more importantly, they won’t skewer you with hidden charges or fees and don’t involve rental equipment. Still, it’s important to keep costs in mind when deciding whether to ditch a cable or satellite subscription.

DirecTV Now

DirecTV Now’s content offerings are the most straightforward of the bunch. There are four packages, each building upon the previous one. The cheapest is Live a Little, which provides 60 plus channels for just $35. This tier offers most of the obvious choices, including broadcast networks ABC, FOX, and NBC (as with Vue and Sling, CBS is not included in the service) and plenty of favorites like Cartoon Network, ESPN, and FX. The package also has Viacom channels — MTV, Comedy Central, Spike, etc. — which are no longer available on PlayStation Vue.

Next is the Just Right plan, which bumps up the channel count to over 80 for $50 per month, followed by Go Big, which boasts 100 channels. While Go Big normally costs $60, DirecTV is offering the package for a scant $35 during the first few months of the service’s launch (see below for details). The final package tier is called Gotta Have It, and tops the channel count to over 120.

More: Hands on with DirecTV Now, AT&T’s new streaming service starting at $35

Most of DirecTV Now’s packages, while offering more channels, are a little pricier than what its competitors offer. However, AT&T/DirecTV is aggressively seeking new customers, offering some serious deals in the process. The $35 promotional price for the 100-channel Go Big package (which the company claims will last for as long as you’re subscribed) is a huge incentive while it lasts. DirecTV Now also offers HBO and Showtime for just $5, which is a fraction of the price charged by Sling or Vue, and well below the standalone cost. Finally, At&T/DirecTV is offering free streaming devices for new subscribers: one month of prepaid subscriptions nets you an Amazon fire TV Strick, while prepaying for three months up front will get you an Apple TV.

We do feel it’s necessary to point out that, at a certain point, the high prices and glut of unnecessary channels you’ll get with either DirecTV Now or PlayStation Vue are exactly the reasons most people quit cable in the first place. However, based purely on content-to-price ratio, DirecTV Now is the victor here. The service provides more channels than its competitors at similar prices. Pile on the bevy of promotional offers, and it’s an easy win.

Winner: DirecTV Now

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