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Hulu with Live TV Free Trial: Everything you need to know

Online streaming services are excellent for watching a wide variety of shows and movies, even exclusive content, but alas, they’re not a true replacement for cable or satellite TV. That’s where the best live TV streaming services come in. In fact, Hulu has its own live TV streaming service in its Hulu with Live TV package, which is one of the largest streaming platforms by subscriber count (more than 4 million, in case you were wondering). It’s a more comprehensive streaming service than basic Hulu, though, so it’s naturally a bit pricier. The higher price may warrant a testing period. It’s always good to give something a try before spending your hard-earned money, which leaves you wondering: Is there a Hulu with Live TV free trial available? Here’s what you need to know.

Is there a Hulu with Live TV free trial?

The live guide on Hulu With Live TV.
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Just as there is no Disney Plus free trial, there is also no Hulu with Live TV free trial at the moment. That said, there is a Hulu free trial for the basic ad-supported service if you want to give that a try to see if Hulu’s non-live catalog of shows and movies is worth it. You get to try Hulu for 30 days, too, which is ample time to explore the catalog and then decide if you want to upgrade to the full Hulu with Live TV package to get those television channels that basic Hulu is missing. Other than that, though, you’ll have to pony up the cash if you want to sign up for Hulu with Live TV — but that doesn’t mean you have to pay full price.

Can you get Hulu with Live TV for free?

There’s no way to get Hulu with Live TV for free through Hulu itself right now. Sometimes, you can get free streaming subscriptions (for a set length of time, at least) with internet or cellular service providers that run such offers to draw in new customers, although this is more common with standalone streaming apps like Disney+ or ESPN+ rather than live TV streaming packages. Retailers will also sometimes offer extended trials of streaming services with purchases such as TVs, so if you’re in no hurry to sign up right away, then keep your eyes peeled for deals like these.

Although there’s no Hulu with Live TV free trial and you can’t get it for free, bear in mind that this is one of our favorite streaming bundles for a reason. That reason is that you get a lot of content with your membership. Along with Hulu and more than 75 live TV channels, the package now includes Disney+ and ESPN+ as well. This is a relatively recent change (before, you could bundle Disney+ and ESPN+ for an additional fee if you wanted to, but now they are included by default) and was responsible for the price increase from $65 to $70 per month.

Alternatively, you might consider some of the other services with offers, like the Amazon Prime Video free trial, HBO Max free trial, the Showtime free trial, or even the Sling TV free trial. They’re certainly not the same as Hulu, but they offer plenty of content to watch, especially on top of a subscription you already have!

Are there any Hulu with Live TV deals?

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Although there is no Hulu with Live TV free trial right now, there are a few ways you can save. Hulu with Live TV deals are rare, but you’re in luck right now (and just in time for football season), as Hulu is offering a $20 discount on its live TV streaming package for the first three months. If you sign up now you can get Hulu with Live TV for $50 per month for your first three months, which comes to a total savings of $60. After that intro period, your subscription will revert to its normal price of $70 per month. As we stated, deals like this are rare, and this one won’t last long. If you’ve been thinking of signing up for Hulu with Live TV, now’s the time.

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