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Put away that sponge and let one of our 6 favorite dishwashers do the scrubbing

Let’s face it: Washing dishes by hand is the absolute worst. First off, the puck which passes as your kitchen sponge always seems a few days shy of sprouting legs; it’s not exactly something you want to scrub any dinner plates with. If that’s not enough, the running water you use typically fluctuates between boiling lava hot and just lukewarm enough to foster the convenient spread of bacteria. Perhaps even more annoying than these very manageable set of variables is the sheer act of having to expend elbow grease (and precious Netflix time) to clean plates manually.

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Considering it’s the 21st Century — and robot nurses exist — it’s completely warranted to desire a dishwasher to help keep your kitchen sink spick-and-span. But like most things on the open market, sifting through the sea of available dishwasher options is both frustrating and exhausting. To help you get a better grasp on the latest and greatest dishwashing options, and narrow down your choices, we’ve taken to the task of finding the finest dishwashers worthy of any kitchen. So say goodbye to scalding water and that petri dish of a sponge; here are the six best dishwashers currently available.

The Best

KitchenAid KDTE104DSS ($719+)

KitchenAid KDTE104DSS

KitchenAid’s Architect Series II line of appliances features a laundry list (no pun intended) of outstanding machines, and its Top Control dishwasher is no different. With integrated, concealed electronic touch controls located on top of the washer’s door, this model is an unobtrusive and fresh inclusion for any kitchen. KitchenAid’s Top Control washer touts the quietest cycle of any other unit on this list, capable of running at an incredibly low 46 dBA. Its one-touch, ProWash Cycle automatically selects the correct cycle for each wash and has the ability to execute real-time adjustments to produce the cleanest dishes. The machine’s Sani Rinse option also heats a cycle’s final rinse water to upwards of 155 degrees Fahrenheit, helping eliminate 99.999 percent of food soil bacteria. It’s a tad spendy but one of the most reliable dishwashers available.

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The Rest

For those who love luxury – Bosch SHX65T55UC ($849+)

Bosch SHX65T55UC

Bosch’s 500 Series dishwasher may tout one of the highest price tags of any washer on this list, but it’s for good reason, as this unit impresses across the board. For starters, the washer’s fully integrated and hidden control panel helps avoid any unintended button pushes, while its sleek design make it a clean addition to any kitchen, regardless of decor. Its self-latching door holds a firm position no matter where the door sits during loading or unloading, and it automatically closes if positioned anywhere less than 20 degrees. Have old washers ever kept you up at night with their loud cycles? The 500 Series employs 18 different sound-reducing technologies geared towards making each cycle as quiet as possible, allowing you to get some hard-earned beauty sleep. You’ll also rest assured each cycle gives your dishes the best clean with the washer’s high-temperature washes, variable wash cycles, and a triple filtration system geared towards eliminating tedious pre-rinsing. Compact, elegant, and efficient, Bosch’s 500 Series is the cream of the dishwasher crop.

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For those who hate to pre-wash – GE GDT580SMFES ($675+)


Big family? No problem. General Electric’s Top Control dishwasher is not only stainless steel and incredibly inconspicuous, it has the capability of washing up to 16 place settings per cycle. Moreover, its Piranha Hard Food Dispenser packs a stainless steel blade that rotates at an astounding 3,600 RPM to assure any large food particles are sufficiently destroyed and incapable of clogging the washer. For those heavily soiled cycles, GE included a Steam PreWash to assist with loosening thick soils and allowing owners to skip soaking or pre-rinsing before loading. Like Bosch’s 500 Series, General Electric included advanced sound-absorbing technology, allowing the machine to run at a whisper during cycles. It also features a handy status light, hidden electronic controls, and meets all federal guidelines for energy efficiency; this is a heck of a dishwasher.

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For the germaphobes – Maytag MDB4949SDM ($459+)

Maytag MDB4949SDM

Built specifically for dominating those heavily soiled dishes, Maytag’s Front Control dishwasher is as dynamic as it is durable. Not only does the unit boast the most powerful motor on any available dishwasher, but its PowerBlast cycle proves adept at clearing stubborn, stuck-on food from any dish. This Energy Star-qualified washer also expends less energy and water than most other models on the market, without sacrificing cleaning quality. Though it doesn’t feature as quiet a cycle as the Bosch or GE model, Maytag’s Front Control washer still operates at a nearly unnoticeable 50 dBA while running. To top things off, Maytag’s model also boasts a Steam Sanitize option, which washes select dishes with a high-heat steam and a high-heat temperature rinse capable of reducing an astounding 99.999 percent of food soil bacteria.

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For those looking for a little glitter – Whirlpool WDF760SADW ($540+)

Whirlpool WDF760SADW

Maytag’s parent company, Whirlpool, joins in on the dishwashing fun with its impressive Gold Series Front Control washer. The Gold Series has the capability of holding up to 15 place settings, runs each cycle at a peaceful 49 dBA, and offers seamless cycle selection with its easy-to-use electronic controls. During each load’s prewash cycle, this Whirlpool model deploys its AccuSense soil sensor which analyzes the size of the load — as well as the soil level — to accurately adjust to the correct wash and dry settings for precision cleaning. The machine’s rinse-aid dispenser automatically disperses a measured amount of rinse-aid, which helps avoid those pesky spots from showing up on your clean dishes. Its TotalCoverage spray arm and Target Clean option also accomplishes the tough task of cleaning heavily soiled dishes and utensils without any pre-soaking or scrubbing.

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For those on a budget – Amana ADB1700ADB ($444+)

Amana ADB1700ADB

Though it’s lowest-priced dishwasher on the list, Amana’s front-control appliance has some of the same features as its more expensive competition. The 24-inch machine holds up to 12 place settings and has a triple filter to remove food particles from the water. While its 55dBA sound is a little louder than others, it still boasts a stainless steel interior and auto sensors that know how dirty your dishes are. Best of all, it has a sani-rinse cycle to ensure your dishes are clean enough to eat off of. It has a more spartan, utilitarian appearance and controls (no stainless steel exterior here), but what’s inside — and it’s great price — make up for its facade.

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