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Need to heat things up in the bedroom? Try one of these 7 space heaters

With the winter months fast approaching, it won’t be long before frigid temperatures take hold. Even in newer homes, it can seem nearly impossible to keep out the winter chill, no matter how high you crank up the heat. If running the heat in your home is often too expensive, or if you just want a little extra warmth in rooms around the house, we’ve compiled a list of some of the best space heaters on the market. If the idea of a space heater conjures up images of things getting too hot — as in, starting a fire — you’ll be happy to know many newer models have built-in safety features to lower that risk.

Crane Mini Fireplace Heater ($85)

Crane Mini Fireplace Heater

You’ll be able to ditch the kitschy Yule Log video this Christmas with Crane’s Mini Fireplace Heater. It mimics the glowing embers of a real fireplace, without the need for a chimney sweep. Lightweight and designed with a convenient handle built into the back, this unit is a solid companion heater. Place it next to you while vegging out on the couch, and then later place it bedside for the evening.

The Crane Mini Fireplace has three heat settings (Glow, 750W, 1500W) for added versatility. The glow is purely aesthetic. For those looking to heat a smaller room (a bedroom, den, office, or dorm) the Crane Mini Fireplace is a solid option. However, individuals hoping to warm larger, open spaces might need something with more oomph.

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Dyson AM05 Hot + Cool Heater/Table Fan ($320+)

Dyson AM04 Hot + Cool Heater/Table Fa

If you’re utilizing a space heater to warm your apartment (where space is at a premium), it makes sense to consider this slick-looking Dyson model. It’s a twofer; meaning it can heat the whole room in the winter or cool you down in the summer. Instead of having a couple settings, the device lets you select a target temperature.

The device uses Dyson’s long-range heat projection to ensure you feel the waves of warmth, even if you’re on the opposite side of a large room. Unlike traditional space heaters, this model does not use blades. The Dyson Am05 uses the company’s patented Air Multiplier technology to produce a powerful airflow. This of course eliminates the annoying “chopping” sound created by traditional turbine models. This means you won’t have to turn up the volume on your television or audio device when your space heater starts up. Shelling out a few hundred dollars for a space heater will surely only appeal to a few, but it does mean you don’t need to stick it in storage when the summer comes. Read our hands-on review here.

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Dr. Infrared Portable Space Heater ($105+)

Dr. Heater infrared space heater

This 1,500-watt heater uses infrared technology to heat objects in your room rather than the air itself, introducing a cozy feel to any environment. While traditional convection space heaters simply blast hot air, Dr. Infrared doesn’t drain moisture from the air, keeping you cool and comfortable while the room warms up. At 39 decibels, the unit is exceptionally quiet, as well. To put that in perspective, a whisper or a rustling of leaves is rated at 20 decibels.

Unlike many of the companion models, this unit is quite cumbersome, at 24 pounds; you probably won’t want to lug the good Doctor from room-to-room. It does have wheels, but, in general, this unit is meant to stay put. Still, the real kicker with this space heater is the infrared technology. Many people spend loads of money in general to manage the humidity levels in their home. For those who are are sensitive to drier air and aren’t looking to pair their space heater with yet another device, this unit is tops.

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De’Longhi HVY1030 Fan Heater ($23+)

De'Longhi HVY 1030 space heater

Perfect for kids’ rooms or to set near (but not too near) a pet’s bed, De’Longhi’s Fan Heater stays cool to the touch. Despite its low price tag, it comes with a great “thermostat” feature, turning off and on to maintain the temperature you select. It’s not going to heat a ballroom, but it’s good for smaller spaces, especially ones where you’re concerned about safety.

As one could imagine, in most regions a space heater is fairly seasonally relevant. Fortunately, this unit is useful year-round thanks to the built-in “fan-only” setting. In either heater mode or fan mode, the unit is exceedingly quiet, making this device perfect for frigid or stuffy offices.

In areas that dip below freezing on a regular basis, the risk of pipes freezing is quite high. Thankfully, this unit can be continuously plugged in and set to only emit heat whenever the temp drops near freezing. You can place this unit in a bathroom, under the sink, or in rooms with plumbing and exterior walls to prevent burst pipes. You’re certainly not going to be blown away with an array of features, but you’re also spending less than $25.

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De’Longhi HMP1500 Mica Panel Heater ($71+)

DeLonghi HMP1500 panel heater

Space heaters can definitely take a toll on small rooms. Even the smallest units can be a tripping hazard, which is what makes De’Longhi’s Panel Heater stand out.Unlike any other model on this list, this space heater can also be wall-mounted to keep it out of the way. To make the transition, simply remove the feet from the bottom and mount the unit to virtually any wall. It’s less than 10 inches wide, weighs only 12 pounds, and includes a handle for easy transport. As an added safety bonus, the machine shuts off if it either becomes too hot or tips over.

The sleek design and matte black finish match virtually any interior. At under $100, this Panel Heater by De’Longhi can heat any room at a fraction of the cost of many other wall-mounted models.

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Honeywell Safety Sentinel HZ-385BP ($55+)

Honeywell Safety Sentinel tower heater

Space heaters can be quite the liability. It is estimated that they’re are responsible for nearly one-third of all winter house fires and about 80 percent of all winter house fire deaths. That being said, when choosing a new unit to heat your home, the more safety features the better.

If safety is your top priority when it comes to choosing a space heater, Honeywell’s Tower Heater has plenty of bells and whistles to give you peace of mind. In addition to its ability to turn off when it tips over or overheats, the tower has motion sensors that shut it down when objects are too close for comfort.

The device’s housing stays cool, but a warning light still alerts you if the grille is hot. Beyond the safety features, the heater has an LCD display and digital controls, and programmable thermostat. The timer function also ensures the device will shutdown even if you forget to turn it off. The timer can be set in 1-, 2-, 4-, or 8-hour intervals.

This may not be the most aesthetically pleasing model on this list, however, safety is definitely something to consider when selecting any appliance, especially a known fire hazard.

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Optimus H-4438 Oscillating Dish Heater with Remote Control ($59)


Space heaters come in many shapes and sizes. While the standalone, oscillating units have certainly grown in popularity over the years, many individuals prefer the more eccentrically styled parabolic models. These heaters get their name from the parabola reflective plates they use to diffuse heat in a given space. The unique design allows them to distribute heat more evenly, rather in a single direction.

The overall design of the Primus Dish Heater also allows it to aim the heat more directly. This model can pivot left to right, or tilt up or down. Design functionality aside, the real distinguishing feature is the included remote control, which allows you to command the unit without having to get off your couch. It’s not the most powerful space heater out there, but its efficiency and simple functionality render it a pragmatic — albeit bulky — choice.

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