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iPhone 7 rumors and news leaks

This may be the best photo yet of the iPhone 7 Plus and Pro

Enjoying the feel of that sparkly new rose-gold iPhone 6S in your hand, and the joy of 3D Touch? We don’t want to spoil that love affair, but Apple’s already working on the iPhone 7 — and rumors about it are beginning to heat up.

Here’s what we think we know about Apple’s next major smartphone, which is slated to be released this September.

Updated on 07-23-2016 by Harrison KaminskyAdded tweets from Evan Blass seeming to confirm that there will be two different iPhone 7 models, rather then the previously rumored three, and that Apple will unveil the phone the week of Sept. 12.

Updated on 07-18-2016 by Kyle Wiggers: Added video that shows comparison between the iPhone 6S and iPhone 7, and added apparent photo lineup of three iPhone 7 models. 

Three iPhone 7 models and price rumors

Is the number of iPhones growing? Initially, there was only one new iPhone each year, but now there are three: a 4.7-inch model, a 5.5-inch model, and a 4-inch model. Some sources hint that Apple will launch yet another version of the iPhone in 2016.

Images leaked on Chinese social media appear to show all three models side by side: the “iPhone 7,” “iPhone 7 Plus,” and “iPhone 7 Pro.” From the front, they appear identical, save for variations in size. A rear view, though, appears to show both an Apple Smart Connector and a dual camera module on the supposed “iPhone 7 Pro.”

The iPhone 7 and 7 Plus are more or less guaranteed to replace the iPhone 6S and 6S Plus as the flagships, but rumors hint that there may be a new iPhone 7 Pro, too.

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Another report comes from an unconfirmed leak on Weibo, which is a site that has been known to leak information from Chinese supply chains in the past. The leak shows not only the alleged pricing of the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus, but also the iPad 7 Pro. Here’s the breakdown of rumored prices in China:

Device Base model Middle model Top-end model
iPhone 6S ¥5288 ¥6088 ¥6888
iPhone 7 ¥5288 ¥6088 ¥7088
iPhone 6S Plus ¥6088 ¥6888 ¥7788
iPhone 7 Plus ¥6088 ¥6888 ¥7888
iPhone 7 Pro ¥7088 ¥7888 ¥8888

In the leak, the iPhone 7 Pro model appears to cost $150 more than the Plus, so presumably it has some special features. The rest of the pricing listed on Weibo puts the iPhone 7 lineup at the same price point as the iPhone 6 and 6S lineup. The top tier for each model is actually a 256GB model, which will hold the price of the current 128GB model. The base storage option may also get an upgrade to 32GB.

Earlier on, Mobipicker hinted that Apple is ramping up production for three iPhone models: the iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Plus, and iPhone 7 Pro. The site says the iPhone 7 Pro may go by the moniker iPhone 7 Plus Premium, but the name isn’t a certainty yet. Apparently, the devices are already in production.

It’s unknown what features will set the third new iPhone 7 model apart from its brothers, though some rumors hint that the camera tech will be different. This report does come from a relatively unknown source, so consider it with due skepticism.

While several leaks have hinted at more than two different models for the iPhone 7, noted leaker Evan Blass tweeted on July 19 that there would only be two versions, code-named “Sonora” and “Dos Palos,” after two cities in California.

There is disagreement on how many models there will be, so perhaps the “Pro” and “Plus” models feature slight differences, such as internal storage.

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