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iPhone 7 Plus and Jet Black 7 sell out ahead of launch day

So shiny, so hard to find

If you’re one of the Apple faithful already in line to buy one of the first iPhone 7 Plus or jet black iPhone 7’s when they go on sale Friday, we have some bad news. Apple said today that the iPhone 7 Plus is pretty much sold out and basically, there won’t be any in their shiny Apple stores to greet customers. Ditto the shiny new Jet Black version of the regular 7, which is also sold out.

That’s not to say you can’t find either phone from a reseller, just don’t expect to waltz into an Apple store and get them. That’s good news for Apple, who seemed to hint that they were expecting a soft reception of the new phones. Seems not to be the case. If you aren’t in the hunt for a Plus or jet black 7, Apple did say that all of the other color choices of the iPhone 7 should be available in stores when they go on sale tomorrow.

No ads, new features, five bucks

Change is in the wind over at streaming music pioneer Pandora, with a new $4.99 monthly plan called Pandora Plus that replaces the base ad-free plan currently on offer. The change comes now that Pandora has locked in a ton of new music with licensing deal Sony Music, Universal Music and Indie label clearing house Merlin Network. The new plan allows for off-line listening, track repeating, more skips per hour, and access to 2 million tracks.

Pandora also offers a 10-dollar plan with access to millions more tracks and more features. Oh, and did you know Pandora is 16 years old? That’s right, it got started in the year 2000 as Savage Beast Technologies. There’s your obscure tech fact of the day.

HDR = High Dollar Range?

Our man Caleb Denison is currently at CEDIA, the big tech show that focuses more on higher-end goodies more likely to be used by customers putting their own IMAX theater in their little bungalow in the Greek Islands. So, fittingly, Sony has produced a trio of suitable components, including their first 4K Blu-ray player, the X1000ES.

You and your celebrity guests will need to see all that super-high-def goodness on as big a screen as possible, so don’t forget to add a 4K HDR projector to your shopping cart, a bargain at only $15,000 dollars. And what home cinema is complete without great sound? Crank it up with the new line of 4K-capable ES receivers, the top of the line of which is actually a reasonable $1700 – speakers not included of course.

No price was announced for the 4K Blu-ray player. We’ll have more details and a review when they come to market, which should be early next year.

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