Don’t just watch VR, make it with the Vuze 360-degree point-and-shoot camera 1:17

The Vuze is touted as the world's first affordable 360-degree 3D VR camera, designed for consumers to create content for VR headsets. Scheduled for an August 2016 release, the VR point-and-shoot camera will cost $1,000.
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Parrot’s latest ‘Disco’ drone comes with wings and tears through the sky at 50 mph

Parrot's new "Disco" drone is a fixed-wing machine capable of hitting 50 mph. The ultralight UAV has a wingspan of almost a meter and thanks to its aerodynamic design can stay in the sky for up to 45 minutes on a single charge. And there's…

People living in glass houses shouldn't throw stones, but they might sleep better

The Photon Space is a $330,000 house made entirely of glass. It's meant to give you an ideal amount of sun to help you tap into your circadian clock and get the proper amount of sleep.

Check out these five great new apps for to start off 2016 with a bang

Every week we parse through the various app stores so you don't have to go through the hassle. With the new year, take a look at Microsoft's Selfie app, or Neqtr, a new dating app for "socially conscious people," and more.

Using Snapchat, this dad has been turning his baby into a superhero

In one of the most creative (and definitely adorable) uses of Snapchat yet, graphic designer Costeur transforms his little son from a human child to a superhero, a comic book character, and much more.

The new face of Louis Vuitton is Lightning from Final Fantasy

Louis Vuitton's 2016 line has a new face, and while unfamiliar to some, Final Fantasy lovers will recognize their very own Lightning as the model of choice, merging fantasy and reality into one pretty convincing package.

11 ways to photograph memorable holiday moments with your phone

Did your Christmas photos come out not as well as you would have liked? Don't blame your phone entirely. As the New Year approaches, check out these handy tips for making your next holiday photos memorable.

Microsoft Selfie Lets You Capture and Edit Beautiful iPhone Selfies

Microsoft's latest photography app is an iOS exclusive that optimises your iPhone selfies. The app features editing and image enhancement features, alongside a range of Instagram-style filters to boost your selfies.

Check out these stunning sequences in GoPro’s high-octane year-in-review video 4:55

GoPro has gathered together the best Hero4 footage from the past year to create a dazzling video showing off not only the impressive capabilities of its range of action cameras, but also the incredible creativity of those that use…

Load your iPad with the best apps in every category

We've completely overhauled our iPad apps list. Here are more than 100 of the best apps available in the iTunes App Store and beyond. We've got apps in every category, organized so you can find what you want fast and easy.

From 4K and full-frame to drones and VR, looking at digital imaging in 2016

Traditional cameras will see evolutionary changes in 2016, but innovations in digital imaging will come from drones, VR, and unconventional cameras. We asked IDC analyst Chris Chute and combed the rumor mills for what's ahead.