Bing Maps

Microsoft adds 35,000 traffic cameras to Bing Maps

In an effort to better compete with Apple and Google, Microsoft has added some new commuter-friendly functionality to its Bing Maps service, giving users real-time access to some 35,000 traffic cameras across eleven countries.

Microsoft unveils a redesigned Bing Maps for the Web

Microsoft has unveiled Bing Maps Preview, a redesign of its mapping service for the Web. It features a bevy of improvements, among them trip planning tools and interface improvements.
DT Daily

Mapping the Earth is the next tech battlefield: DT Daily 1:35

Apple and google are furiously trying to map the planet, and it's not just so you don't get lost. Plus, there a new VR camera from Jaunt aimed at producing pro-level content.

Uber picks up part of Bing and 100 Microsoft employees to bolster its mapping technology

In a move to help it further build out its in-house mapping technology, Uber has acquired a part of the technology behind Microsoft's Bing Maps service. The deal also sees around 100 Bing engineers move to Uber, both companies confirmed.

Microsoft adds over 50 new U.S. cities to Google Street View-like Bing Maps service

There a bunch of new U.S. that you can check out using the Streetside feature on Bing Maps now. Learn more here.

Bing releases a whopping 270TB of Bird’s Eye imagery to Maps

Bing has brought a massive 270TB of Bird's Eye imagery data to its maps in a large scale update. Hawaii, Italy, and Norway see notable updates, and developers have added more content to their Venue Maps section.

Life and Tiles of a Win8 Convert: It’s lonely without Google

Converting your devices is one thing, but when we had Andrew switch to a Microsoft life, he had to go all the way. In this "Life and Tiles of a Windows 8 Convert," he details what it's like to live without Google's services, and it's no…
Android Army

Study: Apple Maps three times more likely to get you lost than Google’s map offering

If the results of a recent study are to be believed, you're three times more likely to get lost using Apple Maps than Google Maps, with users in the UK particularly at risk of ending up down a blind alley.

NORAD ditches Google, makes the switch to Bing Maps for tracking Santa this year

Looks like Google's only getting a lump of coal this year from NORAD. The military organization is ditching Google Maps and going with Bing for its NORAD Tracks Santa site.

Foursquare says goodbye to Google Maps; who’s next?

Foursquare is thinking outside the Google Maps box. Will this inspire other applications to start looking elsewhere for their geo-mapping needs?
Social Media

AOL building a social network around MapQuest

Will a location-centric social network revitalize MapQuest?

Demo shows gimped Windows Phone turn-by-turn navigation

Microsoft plans to include full turn-by-turn navigation in Windows Phone Mango, but a new demo shows that it's only turn-by-turn if you tell it when you've turned.