Bitcoin Group to begin trading on the Australian Securities Exchange in February

Bitcoin, the little cryptocurrency that could has come a long way since its seedy beginnings, and now, an Australian bitcoin company called the Bitcoin Group is on the brink of being listed on the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX).

Will you buy into Bitcoin if Mike Tyson tells you to?

Trading Bitcoins still isn't easy, despite being available and an interesting investment choice for many years. The new Mike Tyson Bitcoin wallet wants to change that, by making access to the crypto-currency that bit easier.
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Is Craig Steven Wright the real Satoshi Nakamoto, founder of bitcoin?

For Craig Steven Wright, now apparently outed as the founder of Bitcoin, identification was something to be avoided. But that may not be an option anymore, thanks to Wired and Gizmodo reports.

Secret Service agent gets nearly six years in prison for stealing bitcoin

Bringing an end to the trials of two disgraced government agents that stole Bitcoin from the Silk Road marketplace, former Secret Service agent Shaun Bridges was sentenced to more than 70 months in prison.

10,000 people bought into an elaborate Bitcoin pyramid scheme

Ten thousand people thought they were buying computer hardware for a massive Bitcoin mining operation. They were really joining an old-fashioned pyramid scheme, according to the Security and Exchange Commission.

Satoshi Nakamoto, mysterious inventor of Bitcoin, nominated for Nobel Prize

The inventor of Bitcoin, who goes by Satoshi Nakamoto online, has been nominated for the Nobel Prize in Economics. But no one knows who Nakamoto, a name that's presumed to be an alias, really is.

The bitcoin was just recognized as an official commodity by the CFTC

Late last week, the U.S. Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) took the virtual currency further into official recognition than ever before, defining bitcoin and other digital currencies as commodities.

Clean air, dirty screens, hidden outlets, and more little-known air travel secrets

Did you know you can pay for a flight using bitcoin, or that headphones can make airplane food taste better? Here are things you may not know (but you now do) about air travel.

Police arrest boss of failed Mt. Gox Bitcoin exchange

The Mt. Gox Bitcoin exchange finally shuttered its doors over a year ago, but the repercussions haven't stopped yet, and the site's ex-CEO has now been detained by the Japanese police.

4 men arrested over JPMorgan Chase hacking allegations

Four men, two in Florida and two in Israel, have reportedly been arrested for the JPMorgan Chase hack, according to The New York Times and Bloomberg News, an incident which occurred in October of last year.

Former DEA agent pleads guilty to extorting $700,000 in Bitcoin

Definitely a sad way to end a successful career in the DEA, agent Carl M. Force will be sent to prison for up to twenty years for his role in extorting hundreds of thousands of dollars in Bitcoin.

Plex resets users’ passwords after forum hack, attacker demanding ransom in Bitcoin

A hacker looking for ransom paid in Bitcoin compromised popular media streaming app Plex's forums on Wednesday. Plex has reset users passwords, and has no intention of paying the attacker anything.