Clean air, dirty screens, hidden outlets, and more little-known air travel secrets

Did you know you can pay for a flight using bitcoin, or that headphones can make airplane food taste better? Here are things you may not know (but you now do) about air travel.


Police arrest boss of failed Mt. Gox Bitcoin exchange

The Mt. Gox Bitcoin exchange finally shuttered its doors over a year ago, but the repercussions haven't stopped yet, and the site's ex-CEO has now been detained by the Japanese police.


4 men arrested over JPMorgan Chase hacking allegations

Four men, two in Florida and two in Israel, have reportedly been arrested for the JPMorgan Chase hack, according to The New York Times and Bloomberg News, an incident which occurred in October of last year.


Former DEA agent pleads guilty to extorting $700,000 in Bitcoin

Definitely a sad way to end a successful career in the DEA, agent Carl M. Force will be sent to prison for up to twenty years for his role in extorting hundreds of thousands of dollars in Bitcoin.


Plex resets users’ passwords after forum hack, attacker demanding ransom in Bitcoin

A hacker looking for ransom paid in Bitcoin compromised popular media streaming app Plex's forums on Wednesday. Plex has reset users passwords, and has no intention of paying the attacker anything.


Online payments halted in Greece, citizens eye Bitcoin to protect savings

Online payments using local debit and credit cards have been halted in Greece, including use on iTunes and Amazon. During financial turmoil, there is evidence citizens may turn to Bitcoin to protect investments.


Ransomware is the new hot threat everyone is talking about; what do you need to know?

Here's a history of the spread of ransomware, how it affects average users in the threat landscape, and what - if anything - you can do to stop it.


Bitcoin technology may power your next money transfer, if IBM’s plan comes to fruition

IBM is reportedly developing a system of transferring conventional currency with Bitcoin technology. The idea is to make transfers quicker and safer, without resorting to digital currency.

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Torrenting app denies it’s ‘secretly’ mining Bitcoins

uTorrent and its owner BitTorrent have come under fire after some users reported finding unauthorized software on their computers — so what's really happening with the latest update?


U.S. Marshals are going to auction more than $11 million in Bitcoin

Potentially an opportunity for anyone interesting in Bitcoin investments, the U.S. government will be placing yet another large chunk of seized Bitcoin up for auction during March 2015.

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Parking tickets hurt, but NYC plans to ease the ache with Apple Pay

Paying for parking tickets in New York may soon get a lot easier, thanks to Apple pay and other mobile payment systems. Now all you have to worry about is avoiding a ticket in the first place.


What’s the worst performing currency of 2014? It’s Bitcoin

As 2014 draws to a close, the value of Bitcoin caps off quite the downward slide. The digital cryptocurrency has lost significant value over the last twelve months with no signs of stopping.


Microsoft now accepts Bitcoin for Xbox and Windows digital content

Xbox and Windows users can now add money to their accounts with Bitcoin, the mysterious cryptocurrency that has made waves in the last few years.


Bitcoin servers go up in smoke in a very modern mining disaster

A blaze at a Bitcoin mining facility in Thailand has left behind millions of dollars worth of damage and serves as a reminder that modern computer-based mining still has its dangers.


Dell, Newegg start accepting Bitcoin as payment

Likely an attempt to increase sales by appealing to a niche audience that's into computers, Dell is now accepting the virtual currency known as Bitcoin to pay for purchases of anything on