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Instagram to fiddle with your feed as it scraps chronological timeline

Instagram has taken the bold step to start interfering with its users' feeds. The company says it's testing out a new algorithm designed to bring "the content you care about" to the top, replacing the time-based system many users know and…

Insta-fans are better: Study shows Instagram users spend more on music

A new study done in partnership with data analysis company Nielsen shows that Instagram users spend almost twice as much money on music, and are more likely to pay for streaming services.

Food porn psychology: New study reveals Instagramming your food makes it taste better

New research has found that people who photograph their food before eating it find it tastier than those who do not. Three studies, conducted with the participation of over 120 people, formed the basis of the food porn psychology findings.

Walled garden: Instagram blocking profile links to Snapchat and Telegram

Instagram is blocking its users from linking to rivals Snapchat and Telegram from within their profiles. The discrete move has prompted accusations of unfair bias as other social networks, such as Twitter, and websites have not been…

Netflix wants to pay you $4,000 to shoot Instagram photos

If you're a keen Instagrammer that loves to travel, then how about putting your name forward for a cool two-week gig offered by Netflix. The "job" will net you a handy $4,000 and take you across Europe. Your task? To take lots of Instagram…
Social Media

Instagram CEO Kevin Systrom gets to hang out with the Pope

Eric Schmidt's met the Pope. And so has Tim Cook. Over the weekend it was Kevin Systrom's turn, with the Instagram CEO taking the opportunity to chat with the leader of the Catholic Church about the "the power of images to unite people"…

This 12-year-old girl is another reminder that using the wrong emojis can get you arrested

Think twice the next time you choose emojis to use in a text message or social media post -- the wrong ones can get you arrested. A 12-year-old girl is facing criminal charges for using gun, bomb, and knife emojis in an Instagram post in…
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Instagram has a David Bowie miniseries set to premiere soon

Instagram has announced the premiere date of Unbound, an upcoming InstaMiniSeries centering on the music of David Bowie. The late artist allowed Instagram to create visual interpretations of songs from his new album, Blackstar.

More than 100 Instagram accounts belonging to world leaders are collecting dust

According to a study by Burson-Marsteller, one-third of Instagram accounts for world leaders and other government entities have not been used in more than a year, if ever. U.S. President Barack Obama has the most popular account.

This new, cool Instagram tip could help you get more likes

Professionals have shed light on one of Instagram's most underrated features: the landscape/portrait option, claiming that this feature can help improve engagement in the posts they've shared.

Vanessa Hudgens under investigation for defacing a rock and posting on Instagram

Vanessa Hudgens could face a fine and jail time after posting a photo on Instagram while on vacation with her boyfriend Austin Butler. The image appeared to be of a carving in a rock in Coconino National Forest .
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Instagram’s new security feature will help keep hackers out of your account

Instagram has finally started to roll out two-factor authentication. If you set up the additional security feature, it'll mean entering another piece of information alongside your password when you log in – but will help keep hackers out.