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Instagram CEO Systrom joins the billionaires club, thanks to Facebook

Instagram CEO Kevin Systrom is profiting from his app's popularity, and from its parent company. The 32-year-old is now estimated to be worth $1.1 billion dollars. Reaching that stage, however, hasn't been the easiest of rides.
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Instagram is about to give all of its users more comment control

Determined to become a "friendly, fun, and ... safe place for self-expression,” Instagram is about to roll out new tools giving users more control over the kinds of comments that appear alongside their images.
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Immerse yourself in Facebook Live while the Olympians do their thing in Rio

NBC Olympics, Facebook, and Instagram will provide Facebook Live Content featuring both athletes and NBC commentators to bring fans from around the world together on social media during the Rio Olympics.

New Instagram trend may inspire you to take your cat on next camping trip

We have all seen social media hashtags start some pretty fun trends over the years. Now, a new trend may have you cat lovers out there purring like your feline friends, and it’s called #campingwithcats.

How Art404 turned Instagram into a massive, pop culture mural

Digital Trends recently spoke with New York-based artup, Art404, about the group's living Instagram mural, how it makes a lasting impact by playing off of pop culture themes, and what it takes to succeed as an artist in the social media…

This new algorithm can tell how old you are based on your Instagram activity

What if we told you that we could tell roughly how old you are based on your Instagram activity? A new algorithm from researchers at Penn State University can do just that.
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Parody video shows what Instagram interactions would look like in real life

YouTube channel Haugen Creative has created a humorous video showing how awkward it would be to interact with Instagram in the world around you as you pass through visiting friends and family.

Simple tool helps photographers find hashtags to use for Instagram images

Photographer and developer Nick Smith has created a simple little tool that’s capable of presenting a list of hashtags to use on your Instagram photos depending on the genre and location of the photo you’ve shot.

Hungry? This new free app is bringing food porn to an entirely new level

Foodies just got their very own tasty social network. Yummi is a new app that's designed not just for showing off food porn, but also serve as a discovery tool and a memory bank for the places you've visited.

Sick of Instagram trolls? New feature lets business profiles block nasty comments

In an attempt to address its troll problem, Instagram has taken the bold step of introducing a new comments blocking tool for businesses that could spell the end for unwanted messages on its platform.
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Insights, Instagram's analytics feature, now available to users

Instagram began rolling out its highly anticipated Insights feature, which provides analytics about a user’s account directly in the app. While it appears to be fairly straightforward, there are a couple of oddities causing some…

Unum could be the organized Instagrammer's best friend 8:25

Need more order in your Instagram? Unum is an iOS app for crafting, planning, and scheduling Instagram posts. From the editor to the feed planner, it helps simplify Instagram for the organized personality types.