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Comcast’s Stream Internet TV service emerges as a Sling TV competitor, but there’s a catch

Comcast is launching a new internet TV service called Stream, and it costs less than Sling TV at $15 per month. Don't get too excited yet: it only works inside your home, and you'll need Comcast Internet service to use it.

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Deja-Vue: PlayStation Vue is everything you love to hate about cable TV in a game console

Sony's PlayStation Vue offers a impressive list of cable channels directly over the Internet, but is it too much like cable to appeal more than just a niche audience?

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Apple wants networks to cover streaming costs for its Web TV offering, report says

Apple reportedly has "many unresolved questions" to tackle before it has any hope of launching its expected Web TV service, with the latest reports suggesting it's trying to persuade partnering networks to take care of the streaming infrastructure and costs.


Apple’s 25 channel, $40 per month TV streaming service may land in September

The latest news on Apple's expected online TV service suggests it could launch in September with around 25 channels. Subscribers paying between $30 to $40 a month will be able to watch shows across all of Apple's iOS devices, including its set-top box.

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Two’s company: Showtime to follow HBO next year with Internet-only service

Weeks after similar HBO announced it would break away from cable in 2015 to offer a standalone service, CBS CEO Les Moonves announced Showtime will "fairly definitely" have its own Internet-only offering next year.

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Xiaomi set to invest $1 billion in Internet TV

Chinese smartphone maker Xiaomi announced intentions to spend $1 billion developing its Internet TV division.


Verizon adds fuel to the cord-cutter fire, readies a la carte Internet-TV for 2015

As Internet-TV begins to pop up from a variety of sources, Verizon's CEO speaks about the company's planned Internet-based TV service, which is expected to offer mobile users access to "the Big Four" and "custom channels" by mid-2015.

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Sony breaks the broadcast barrier, scores 22 Viacom networks for Internet-TV service

Viacom and Sony announced that the two companies have teamed up for Sony's upcoming cloud-based TV service to carry 22 Viacom networks upon launch. The deal marks the first time Viacom has agreed to provide its networks for an Internet-based TV service.

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Can Sony put the ‘TV’ into its new Playstation TV media device?

Sony's E3 announcement for a U.S. release of the Playstation TV brings a bevy of streaming and gaming options into play for the tech titan. But could this device be the key to bringing something even more tantalizing to the table?

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Dish Network targets summer launch for standalone Internet-TV service

Potentially an attractive option for anyone that's recently cut the cord from expensive cable bills, Dish Network is in talks to launch a subscription based live TV service that's provided through the Web.

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Could Comcast help Apple realize Steve Jobs’ final opus?

Apple and Comcast are reportedly in talks to setup a super-fast delivery system for Apple's proposed new internet-TV set-top-box. If the two can come to a deal, it could change the way we watch TV forever. But can Apple come through Comcast's halls unscathed?

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What’s on Internet TV? Vidora lets you browse it all in one app

Vidora wants to make all of the Web's streaming content accessible from one app, potentially making it a cord-cutter's dream. But can it deliver on what it promises?


ESPN may pull its finger out of the Internet-TV dam, unleash a flood of change

ESPN is said to be in early discussions about offering its suite of channels through would-be Internet-TV providers such as Sony, Google, Apple and Intel. And if it does, it could set off a whirlwind of change in an already tumultuous TV landscape

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Is big media coming around on Internet TV? Sony shakes hands with Viacom

According to a recent report, Sony has come to an agreement with Viacom which will allow it to deliver cable TV channels via the Internet. If the report is true, this would be the first deal of its kind and an indication that media companies are open to a…


Are cable companies breaking the law to keep Internet TV down?

If you've ever wondered why most online television providers are particularly limited with their choice of programming, the answer may have something to do with the traditional cable and satellite providers, who might have reason to be nervous.