Online privacy worries increasingly keeping Americans off the internet, study says

A new sobering survey from the U.S. Department of Commerce suggests that Americans are so worried about the lack of privacy online that it's actually deterring them from using the internet. Does this mean the hackers have won?

Google bolsters encryption for Blogspot domain residents with HTTPS rollout

Google is rolling out HTTPS encryption to all Blogspot residents. However, the feature doesn't support top-level domains or subdomains -- at least for now. The company has also released a tool for fixing elements that are broken on the new…
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Weekend Workshop: How to auto tweet your ISP when your Internet slows down

Sick of the slow and unpredictable broadband speeds you get from your Internet service provider? Build this simple monitoring device to log your speeds throughout the day and hold your ISP accountable.

Microsoft Edge will halt Flash-based objects in Windows 10 Anniversary Edition

In Build 14316, Microsoft has made a change to the Edge browser that halts Flash object playback. The move is to conserve power and increase browser performance. The change will roll out to everyone in this summer's Windows 10 Anniversary…

Why pop culture’s zombie fixation is really the Internet’s fault

Our zombie fascination might seem like a blip on pop-culture radar, but the viral way this fictional apocalypse spreads may be rooted in broader fears about our lives on the Internet.

Amazon launches Cable Store, helps Comcast sell Xfinity bundles

Perhaps ideal for anyone that wants to earn an Amazon give card while signing up for cable, Amazon's new Cable Store launched this week and has started selling Comcast Xfinity bundles through the retail site.
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Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge reviews: Too gorgeous for their own good 3:14

Samsung's new flagship smartphones are gorgeous, powerful, and waterproof, but delicate glass, carrier locking, and carrier bloatware steal their shine

In Indonesia, Internet companies need to either pay up or get out

On Monday, government officials in the southeast Asian country announced that Internet-based companies will risk service blockage unless they obtain "permanent establishment" status and pay Indonesian taxes.
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Here’s how Google will launch its Project Loon Internet balloons

To showcase its efforts on its Project Loon internet initiative, Google has released a series of photos detailing the progress that it has been making on its balloon auto-launcher.

The Internet is going to reach a zettabyte, nearly a trillion gigabytes, of data this year

If you thought a terabyte was a lot of space, think again, as our Internet traffic is about to approach the one zettabyte mark later this year, with an expected doubling in the next three years.

Microsoft Edge’s incognito mode isn’t so incognito

Microsoft's latest Web browser saves users' Web browsing history while they're in incognito mode, defeating the entire purpose of the feature. The company has said that it is aware of the issue and that is looking into the issue.

Report: The digital revolution may worsen economic inequality across the world

The World Bank's “Digital Dividends” report shares some stark figures that may take the edge off of any superficial excitement about the digital revolution. For instance, about 4 billion people still don’t have access to the…