Google Fiber expands in Texas, heads to San Antonio

Ideal for anyone currently living in the San Antonio area or considering moving to the Texas city, Google Fiber will soon be installed in the area to offer Internet speeds up to 1 gigabit per second.


Comcast’s low-cost Internet Essentials is getting a speedy upgrade

In an upgrade the many consider long overdue, the telecommunications company Comcast is boosting its low-cost Internet Essentials program, increasing the speed of the connection to 10 Mbps.


Facebook’s Aquila is a solar-powered drone that beams Internet down to earth

Facebook's testing autonomous, solar-powered aircraft capable of beaming Internet down to earth from the stratosphere. They haven't yet entered the testing phase, but Facebook expects them to deliver downlink speeds of up to 10Gbps.

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Internet overtakes television as Comcast’s main business

While Comcast may have begun as a cable provider, its main business is now Internet, boasting 22.5 million Internet subscribers and 22.3 million video customers as per its second quarter results.


Feed your inner crazy cat person by visiting this museum’s exhibit on Internet felines

If you're looking for the intersection of high and low culture, look no further than the Museum of the Moving Image. Next month, the Queens, New York, museum will be opening an exhibit dedicated to the history of cats on the Internet.


Google has a plan to bring free Internet to low-income Americans

In a joint effort by the White House and Google, a new program known as ConnectHome will bring free Internet to around 275,000 homes in 27 cities across the United States, attempting to close the so-called "homework gap."


Comcast will give you 2Gbps Internet service, but it’ll cost you

In an attempt to compete with the likes of expeditious Internet services like Google Fiber and AT&T GigaPower, Comcast has decided to enter the proverbial ring with its Gigabit Pro service.


The Internet is not a human right, FCC commissioner says

In contrast to the opinions of Mark Zuckerberg, Tim Berners-Lee, and its own policies that attempt to extend access to the Internet, the Federal Communications Commission announced on Wednesday that the Internet is not a human right.


Vandalism of fiber-optic cables in California points to deeper problem with Internet security

Someone in the San Francisco Bay Area is walking around with a pair of wire cutters, and putting them to bad use. Following a string of 11 vandalism incidents of fiber-optic cables in the area, the FBI is conducting an investigation.


The slowest Internet in the country can be found in four very surprising cities

If you think your Internet is absurdly slow, like 1990s dial-up slow, you may be painfully correct if you live in one of four major cities that suffer from some of the worst Internet connections in the country.


Pew: 84% of American adults use the Internet, but digital gaps remain

While shrinking, Internet usage gaps between people of different education levels, household incomes, racial and ethnic groups, and community types persist, according to the latest data from the Pew Research Center.


With $500 million in the bank, OneWeb looks to launch Internet-giving satellites by 2019

OneWeb has announced $500 million in new funding, allowing it to further develop the technology needed to launch Internet-providing satellites into space. It aims to have the project online by 2019.

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Cuba introduces plans to get more citizens online

A recent announcement from the Cuban government suggests that 35 Wi-Fi hotspots are to be introduced by the beginning of July, allowing more of the nation's citizens to access the Internet.


FCC votes to use cell phone taxes to help the poor access broadband Internet

In a 3-to-2 vote on Thursday, the Federal Communications Commission narrowly agreed to approve a proposal that would allow the U.S. government to subsidize the Internet for low-income Americans.


TieFi turns Dad’s necktie into a short-range Wi-Fi hotspot

The TieFi combines the classic Father's Day necktie with Internet access so that Dad's and kids can spend some face-to-face time together this year.

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