The Internet is going to reach a zettabyte, nearly a trillion gigabytes, of data this year

If you thought a terabyte was a lot of space, think again, as our Internet traffic is about to approach the one zettabyte mark later this year, with an expected doubling in the next three years.

Microsoft Edge’s incognito mode isn’t so incognito

Microsoft's latest Web browser saves users' Web browsing history while they're in incognito mode, defeating the entire purpose of the feature. The company has said that it is aware of the issue and that is looking into the issue.

Report: The digital revolution may worsen economic inequality across the world

The World Bank's “Digital Dividends” report shares some stark figures that may take the edge off of any superficial excitement about the digital revolution. For instance, about 4 billion people still don’t have access to the…

The FCC says that American Internet access still really stinks

If you've complained about your Internet (or lack thereof) in the United States this past year, you're not alone -- the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) agrees with you, and just failed the country on its annual deployment test.

The U.S. has tripled Internet speeds over the last several years, but still lags behind others

Internet service providers in America have tripled the speed of an average connection over the last three and a half years, but the country's broadband still lags behind other nations.

Use to see what the Internet looked like in the '90s

Missing the days of yore? Or, more specifically, the Internet days of yore? Miss no more, thanks to, which will satisfy your strange desire to revisit the early days of the Internet.
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'Wi-FM' uses FM radio signals to reduce interference, boost your Internet speeds

Wi-FM allows devices to listen in on FM radio signals to transmit data without interference from neighboring networks. Wireless Internet speeds suffer from neighboring traffic, so data transmissions sent during quiet periods won't slow…
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The inventor of light-based ‘Li-Fi’ Internet has completed the first working prototype 1:32

Li-Fi is a groundbreaking approach to wireless internet technology that could bring connectivity to the more than four billion people in the world without internet access. It runs on nothing but an LED light bulb and a solar cell…

The UK is promising ‘superfast’ broadband to everyone in the country by 2020

On Monday, Prime Minister David Cameron pledged "fast broadband" to everyone living in his country, noting that all of his country's citizens have "the legal right to request a connection to broadband with speeds of 10Mbps."
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A seventh of the world’s population visits Facebook every day

Facebook has confirmed that one billion people view their News Feed everyday, and 1.4 billion people check on mobile once a month. That puts Facebook in a category only Google and Tencent can match.

Technology is a double-edged sword for children, parents agree

Qualtrics conducted a survey of 1,039 parents with children between the ages of 8 and 17, and found that just about everyone is aware of the double edged sword that technology presents.

India might be the next to adopt Project Loon, Alphabet’s ambitious Internet plan

Alphabet is in preliminary talks with India's government about establishing a constellation of Internet balloons across the country, to provide Internet access to the million incapable of paying or accessing broadband.