Apple's future smartphone might have a display on the front and back

Apple has filed for a new patent that could signal the company one day building an iPhone with a display that wraps the whole way around the device. Of course, we probably won't see the device in the near future.

Parody ads show what really happens when you depend on a smartphone for photos

Just because the iPhone is the most popular camera doesn't mean it's the best camera. A new ad series for a camera store shows what real smartphone photos look like – and it's pretty funny.

Top 10 iOS 10 features Apple didn't talk about at WWDC

Apple finally took the wraps off of iOS 10 at this year's WWDC, and there were a ton of great new features to go through. So much so, that it couldn't talk about all of them. Here are some of the best unmentioned iOS 10 features.

Will this clever kit put an end to our wireless charging woes?

Wireless charging, in principle, is great, but it doesn't always live up to expectations. Fli Charge is a new system that wants to take away our wireless woes, and make the experience faster and better than ever before. It's on Indiegogo…

Here are all the iOS devices that will get iOS 10, and the ones that won’t

Every OS upgrade means older hardware will no longer be supported. Apple just announced iOS 10, which will come in the fall, so here are a list of devices that will get the new version, and the ones that won't.

See ya, Tips and Newsstand! Stock iPhone apps can finally be deleted

Do you use every single app on your iPhone? Soon you'll be able to hide those pesky stock Apple apps that you just don't need. iPhone users have been waiting for this feature to arrive for some time.

Apple’s iOS turns 10, brings redesigned Maps and Music, lock screen improvements 5:47

Apple has unveiled its next major update: iOS 10. It brings a host of improvements, like redesigns to Apple Music, News, and Maps. Here's everything you need to know.

Look out, Facebook! Apple’s iMessage is now a platform

Apple has announced some pretty big changes to iMessage, perhaps the biggest of which is making the app a platform and following Facebook Messenger's lead. Not only that, but the QuickType keyboard has been redesigned.

How much would it cost to build the iPhone in the US? MIT crunched the numbers

Apple has long been criticized for building the iPhone in China instead of the U.S., but it turns out opting to build it stateside wouldn't be cheap. That's at least according to a recent study from MIT.

Sony dominates the smartphone CMOS image sensor market

Sony dominates the CMOS image sensor market, controlling 35 percent and $3.6 billion of the 2015 total of $6.7 billion. Image sensors are found in smartphone cameras, cars, and drones.

Pelosi: The iPhone was invented by ‘federal research,’ not Apple

Everything in the iPhone comes from federal research, according to House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi. Naturally, that means the federal government invented the iPhone -- not Apple or Steve Jobs.

Radical new 'free-form' mobile lens is the sharpest iPhone lens yet

Oowa has invented a radical new lens design that uses rotationally asymmetrical optics to produce crisp, clear images from edge to edge without any of the drawbacks normally associated with mobile lens attachments.