Next iPhone said to incorporate Force Touch and include a pink color option

A Wall Street Journal report Tuesday says the next iteration of Apple's iPhone will come with pressure-sensitive Force Touch technology, as seen with the Apple Watch and new MacBook. A pink color option will also be added, the Journal said.


Apple’s latest iPhone update comes with an Apple Watch app you can’t get rid of

The latest iPhone update brings with it the Apple Watch app. Essential for enabling buyers of the smartwatch to pair it with their handset, the app also includes videos hoping to persuade you to but the new wearable. Oh, and the app can't be deleted.


Apple’s new patent hints at a future of waterproof iPhones, iPads and Apple Watches

Apple has filed a patent titled “Methods for shielding electronic components from moisture,” which hints at a possible future of waterproofed Apple devices – iPhones, iPads, Apple Watches and maybe more.


Apple ad shows off stunning shots by iPhone snappers

Hoping to appeal to casual smartphone snappers as well as more serious photographers, Apple has launched a new ad campaign highlighting the kind of images it's possible to get with its latest handset.


Google might have devices everywhere, but Apple makes far more money from its iPhones

Even though Android has a commanding lead in global market share when it comes to smartphone shipments, Apple has Google's operating system beat where it might hurt the most: making money off that hardware.


This man’s iPhone 5c literally blew up on Valentine’s Day and put him in the hospital

When your phone blows up on Valentine’s Day, it’s usually a good problem to have. But when that problem moves from the figurative to the literal, it gives you third-degree burns and puts you in the hospital for 10 days.


Apple wants you to test the next iOS beta

Apple is so pleased with the way the Mac OS X public beta scheme has worked out that it wants to extend it to iOS, getting users to test features and squash bugs before the official release.


Apple patent shows it may want you to strap an iPhone to your head in the future

Apple's watching the growing interest in virtual reality closely, and has filed another patent for a headset utilizing an iPhone or an iPod as the VR display. Whether it'll eventually become a real product remains to be seen.


iOS apps to get bigger – and hopefully better – after Apple doubles max size to 4GB

For the first time since the App Store's launch in 2008, Apple has raised the size limit for iOS apps from 2GB to 4GB, giving developers the opportunity to create even more complex software for the company's mobile platform.


Charging iPhone electrocutes woman to death in the bath

A Russian woman was electrocuted after she dropped her charging iPhone into her bath. Authorities would not say whether the charger was a licensed Apple product, but are investigating why the charger didn't cut out.


This app wants you to pay attention in class, but only if you own an iPhone

Pocket Points is an app which rewards students who ignore their smartphones during a class, instead of checking Facebook. Its concern for getting the best out of academic life only extends to iPhone users though.


Don’t lose those cat pics: 6 ways to offload photos from your iPhone

You have so many photos on your iPhone, but phones break and it is time to back up those pictures to your computer. Here is a list of few different methods to transfer those selfies and other cherished memories.


Tim Cook reveals April launch for Apple Watch, unprecedented iPhone sales

Apple reveals that its Watch is coming in April, and that it sold a whopping 74.4 million iPhones in the first quarter of 2015, making the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus a massive hit.


Apple’s perfectly executed iPhone 6 launch in China sees it smash the competition

Apple sold more devices in China in the fourth quarter than any other manufacturer, thanks to the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus. The American company came in ahead of Xiaomi, Samsung, and Huawei.