Apple loses more ground in patent case against Samsung, as key patent is invalidated

Apple's patent case against Samsung suffered another blow as the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office declared that one of the company's patents is invalid. Samsung may not have to pay Apple as much money in damages.

Sprint moves away from subsidized pricing, announces new iPhone leasing plan

Sprint has announced it's moving away from carrier subsidies. As part of the new strategy, it unveiled iPhone Forever, a new smartphone leasing option for new and existing customers.

The top 3 iOS apps you don’t want to miss out on 2:48

With so many apps in the app store it can be difficult to find the best of the best. Check out the video to see which apps take our top three positions as the iOS apps you can't go without having on your device.

Siri butt-dial and 911 call saves a teen’s life after his truck falls on top of him

An 18-year-old in Murfreesboro, Tennessee, couldn’t use either of his arms to reach for his iPhone when the 5,000-pound truck he was working under fell off the jack. So he butt-dialed Siri to call 911 for help.

20 helpful apps for teachers and educators

Students shouldn't be the only ones trying to use their smartphones and tablets in the classroom. Check out our top picks for the best apps for teachers and educators, whether you're looking to post grades, assign topic readings, or merely…

A private jet is just a thumb press away with this app, thanks to Apple Pay

Looking for a getaway this weekend? Whether it's a short hop or international, check out the new Skyjet app for the iPhone. You can book a luxury private jet in as little as four hours notice using Apple Pay.

Should you use iPhones as brake pads? No, but these guys did it anyway

An Apple-centric YouTube channel recently asked the age-old question, “Can iPhones be used as brake pads?” We’re not sure we needed that one answered, but the folks at EverythingApplePro went ahead and did it anyway.

Latest iOS 9 update makes it easier to ditch dodgy Wi-Fi

iPhone owners can say goodbye to frustratingly weak or unstable Wi-Fi connections — the latest version of the iOS 9 beta can automatically switch back to a cellular connection if needed.

Is Apple plotting a huge event for Sept. 9?

Unofficial reports say Sept. 9 is the date that Apple has chosen to show off this year's batch of iPhones — and iPads and a brand new Apple TV are said to be arriving at the same time.

Despite FBI whining, iMessage isn’t invincible after all, researcher claims

The FBI has claimed that criminals are "going dark" behind a wall of encryption on services like iMessage, but computer-security researcher Nicholas Weaver isn't convinced.
Android Army

The iPhone loses market share in U.S. thanks to Android, but fares better in Europe

Analytics firm ComTech reports that Android made gains the expense of Apple's iPhone in the U.S. in Q2, but performed poorly in Europe. Google's mobile OS still dominates in China, however.

The future is here: Women can finally charge their iPhones in their jeans

Joe's Jeans created a pair of skinny jeans that have special pockets for an external battery pack and an iPhone. That way, you can charge your phone with your jeans -- even while you wear them.