21 helpful apps for teachers and educators

Students shouldn't be the only ones trying to use their smartphones and tablets in the classroom. Check out our top picks for the best apps for teachers and educators, whether you're looking to post grades, assign readings, or merely stay…

The best iPhone 7 screen protectors to keep your display in one piece

If you upgrade to the iPhone 7, you should probably opt for a screen protector to properly safeguard your investment. Thankfully, we've taken a look around and found some of the best available thus far.

Apple fans, celebs sing Steve Jobs’ praises 5 years after his death

Steve Jobs died on October 5, 2011. Today is the five-year anniversary of his death. Notable people, including CEO Tim Cook, are celebrating the revolutionary Jobs via Twitter and other social media networks.

Watch an iPhone 7 get boiled, bent, shot, and squished in the best torture tests 2:58

Every year, the latest iPhone is subjected to a series of horrible durability tests, most of which leave it in pieces. Here are a few of our favorites for the iPhone 7, so you can watch Apple's flagship device get boiled, sawed…

Game over: Tokyo man put in handcuffs for selling jailbroken iPhones

Tokyo resident Daisuke Ikeda was arrested on suspicions of trademark violation after he was alleged to have sold jailbroken iPhones. Ikeda is believed to have sold around 200 jailbroken iPhones over a one-year period.
DT Daily

Watch an angry customer smash iPhone after iPhone in French Apple store 2:50

An angry man in a Dijon, France Apple store goes nuts smashing iPhones with a steel ball.

You can’t drill a headphone jack into your iPhone 7, but you can use this case 3:18

Miss the ol' headphone jack on your shiny new iPhone 7? Fuze has a solution: The new Fuze Case has a headphone jack built right into it so you can listen to music and charge at the same time without the need for annoying dongles.

iPhone users, you’ll start seeing Search Ads in the App Store from October 5

iPhone and iPad users are about to see sponsored results with their App Store searches. Starting October 5, developers can pay to have their apps appear higher in search results – a system Google's Play Store adopted just over a year ago…

Want to make a Skype call on your iPhone? Now you can ask Siri!

Skype has just added a new feature that lets you ask Siri to place a call without even opening the app. The functionality has been made possible after Apple recently opened Siri up to third-party developers with the launch of iOS 10.

Love the new iOS lock screen? Now, you can watch MLB at Bat videos from it, too

Taking advantage of iOS 10's brand new lock screen, a new update to MLB At Bat allows baseball superfans to watch highlights from their lock screens. Don't get too excited, though, you technically still have to unlock your phone.

Apple's troubles in Japan continue as antitrust watchdog may spring into action

Japan's Fair Trade Commission looks to make some noise by taking action against Apple and three of the country's top carriers on antitrust grounds. All four companies have denied any wrongdoing.

How to take a screenshot on an iPhone 1:15

The iPhone's Camera app can capture just about anything -- except what's on the screen. Learn how to take an iPhone screenshot with just a few simple steps, even if one of your buttons is experiencing technical difficulties.