Microsoft Word Flow keyboard takes the cramp out of messaging on larger iPhones

Tired of always having to stretch your fingers to get your message across? Go one-handed on your iPhone with Microsoft's Word Flow. In this video, Joshua Smith shows you how to take advantage of this virtual keyboard.

Here's how you can get the newest emojis on your smartphone

Texting isn't the same without emojis. Since iOS unveiled a new collection of emojis, everyone wants in on the fun. Here is a step-by-step guide on how to install the special characters on your iOS device or Android.

Apple’s iPhone Upgrade Program is now online, so you can get your Apple fix at home

If you don't live near an Apple Store but still want to take advantage of the iPhone Upgrade Program, you're in luck. Apple has finally brought the program to its online store, hopefully spurring a slew of new iPhone sales.

The Apple Watch is two times more popular than the first iPhone

While some don't see the Apple Watch as all that much of a success, the fact is that the watch may end up being an even bigger success that the iPhone, at least if its first year of sales is anything to go by.

DoBox could inexpensively replace most of your Apple peripherals, if it works as advertised

From English startup This is DoBox, DoBox is a small, inexpensive device that's proposing an onslaught on an extensive list of different proprietary Apple devices, from AirPort to Apple TV.

How much did the FBI pay to hack the San Bernardino shooter’s iPhone? ‘A lot’

FBI Director James Comey let loose that the bureau paid more than the amount he will make in the remainder of his term. That's more than $1.3 million, based on his reported annual salary of $184,300.

Pictar’s amazing case turns your iPhone into a full-fledged camera

With the tagline, "Unleashing the power of your iPhone camera," the Miggo Pictar grip-case aims to do just that. It gives your iPhone a DSLR-like feel, while also unlocking adjustable camera settings.

The hacked San Bernardino shooter's iPhone doesn't reveal any ISIS ties

U.S. law enforcement say no evidence of ISIS ties have been found in the San Bernardino shooter's iPhone. That puts to bed investigator's theories of possible contacts made during gap in the timeline of events, but what happened is still…

This convenient little battery pack charges your Apple Watch and iPhone

Don't want to carry a battery pack for your iPhone, plus cables to charge up your Apple Watch? The Kanex GoPower is a battery pack for your Watch, that also charges up your iPhone.
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Pinterest just dropped a revamped iOS app that will load 3x faster than before

Pinterest has completely revamped its iOS app. The new app not only features a sleek and stylish new design, but, perhaps more importantly, it has been totally rebuilt under-the-hood to now load a whopping three times faster.

60 Minutes asked a security firm to hack an iPhone, and the result is disturbing

Apparently encryption isn't enough to protect our privacy. As part of an experiment, 60 Minutes enlisted hackers in Berlin who were able to easily break into a congressman's iPhone after finding out only his phone number.

Apple's compact telephoto lens patent hints at a dual-lens future for the iPhone

Apple has been granted a patent for an ultra-compact telephoto lens that may find its way into the next version of the iPhone, the iPhone 7. The patent is described as being part of a dual-lens setup.