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Star Trek returns, giant bridge-making machine, WinPhone hate mail: DT Daily 2:17

A huge machine builds bridges fast, a new Star Trek TV series gets announced, DT writer Andy Boxall hates Windows Phones, and some (many?) people don't agree with him.

Gamers love Windows 10 — usage soars to nearly 28 percent of Steam users

Are you gaming on Windows 10 yet? If you aren't, the statistics say you will soon enough, as Windows 10 has seen continued growth among gamers over the past 30 days. Stealing market share from its older Windows 7 and 8 brethren, it grew a…

12 tips for staying Spartan strong in Halo 5: Guardians

Whether you're a Spartan veteran or a fresh-faced recruit, "Halo 5: Guardians" will put you through your paces. Here are some essential starting tips and tricks that will give you the edge in becoming a supersoldier.

Why you absolutely, by no means should even consider buying a Windows Phone

If you've already moved on, here's a reminder: Microsoft has two new Lumia phones about to go on sale. But you shouldn't buy them. Here are all the reasons why.

Microsoft’s Work and Play bundle is back for this year’s holiday season

The Work and Play bundle consists of a one-year subscription to Xbox Live Gold, Assure support, Office 365, Skype Wi-Fi, a $60 store card, and a year's worth of unlimited Skype calls.

Surface Pro 4 trade-in program can net you up to $700 off

Microsoft's latest effort to convince users to upgrade sees the company offering deep discounts on a Surface Pro 4 for customers willing to part with an older version of the device.

Having trouble upgrading to Windows 10? Microsoft enlists cats to help

Even with 110 million devices running Windows 10, Microsoft isn't satisfied, so the upgrade process is becoming easier and more cat-laden than ever before.

Don’t blink, Microsoft just sold out of even more Surface Books

Microsoft's Surface Book was recently offered up for sale at a somewhat discounted price in limited quantities. Lacking storage, but packing a powerful Nvidia GPU, it was a good choice for the budget minded. Now it's gone.

Windows 10 passes 120 million installs

Just three months after the much-hyped launch of Windows 10, figures from Microsoft indicate that the OS has already accumulated 120 million installs, a good start towards the company's goal of one billion.

Microsoft invests even more time to Android, releases its own launcher

Microsoft has officially launched its own Android launcher, named Arrow Launcher. It is available now for free on the Google Play store, and offers a new type of ever changing homescreen.

Early Surface Book adopters report frustrations and bugs

Early product adoption comes at a cost. And, as a small group of Surface Book customers have quickly realized, that cost can sometimes be a device that doesn't work as well as it should out of the box.

Julie Larson-Green rumored to take over as head of Microsoft Office

Current Chief Experience Officer at Microsoft, Julie Larson-Green, has been tipped to become the new head of Microsoft Office according to some unnamed sources. With a focus on user experience in her career, she could be a great choice.