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‘Suicide Squad’ is officially rated PG-13, but speculation over tone persists

It was once reported that Suicide Squad was so dark that it needed to employ an on-set therapist, but the Motion Picture Association of America( MPAA) doesn't seem all that troubled by it.

The MPAA issues takedown requests to Popcorn Time forks, including its legal spinoff

Last month Popcorn Time resurfaced, and the MPAA took notice. Now the group has issued takedown requests to many projects related to the project, including its legal spinoff, known as Butter.
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Jurassic World didn’t break every record: Mad Max: Fury Road is the most pirated film of 2015

This summer had the second highest-grossing summer box office ever, but movie piracy was still up over 2014. “Mad Max: Fury Road,” which made $374 million at the box office worldwide, was the most pirated film with 22.9 million shares…

MPAA emails expose anti-Google attack plan using Today Show, Wall Street Journal

Detailing an unnerving plot to manipulate major media outlets on a national scale, recently filed court documents shed light on MPAA's plan to negatively smear Google using outlets like the Today Show and WSJ.

Scroogled! Mississippi attorney general sued by Google

Google officially escalated its unhappiness with Project Goliath, the secret concerted effort between the MPAA and state attorney generals, by filing a lawsuit against Mississippi state attorney general Jim Hood.
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Man sentenced to 33 months in prison for pirating ‘Fast & Furious 6’

Arguably a harsh sentence for pirating a film, a young resident of the United Kingdom was sent to prison for nearly three years related to piracy and distribution charges of the last film in the Fast & Furious franchise.

Cash for Glass: MPAA dangles $500 for theater employees who rat out cam bandits

The recent detainment of an moviegoer wearing Google Glass wasn't a fluke – it's part of an MPAA program that offers theater works up to $500 for a job well done. Here's a look inside the MPAA's "zero tolerance" Take Action! program.

Hotfile shuts down permanently after settlement with MPAA

After the MPAA and file sharing service Hotfile reached a settlement totaling tens of millions of dollars, Hotfile has decided to shut its doors permanently, making the announcement on its official site.

Hotfile ordered to pay MPAA $80M in settlement

The MPAA initially wanted Hotfile to pay a freakishly massive sum of money for allowing people to use it to pirate movies. Instead, the MPAA merely got several dump trucks full of money for their trouble.

Hotfile agrees to pay movie studios $80 million in copyright case settlement

Hotfile has agreed to pay US movie studios $80 million in a copyright case settlement, and will terminate its 'cyberlocker' operations unless it "employs copyright filtering technologies that prevent infringement."
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MPAA, RIAA want anti-piracy lessons taught to elementary school kids

Potentially a controversial program to insert into a school's curriculum, the MPAA and RIAA are working to push anti-piracy messaging into the lesson plans of elementary school teachers.
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BitTorrent site Isohunt loses MPAA fight, forced to somehow pay studios $110 million

Attempting to make it slightly tougher for tech savvy consumers to locate copyrighted material on the Web, the MPAA won a case against Isohunt which will result in the closure of the site within a week.