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Instagram hits 500 million users, sees 95 million posts per day 2:24

Instagram hits the 500 million user mark, Vine expands video time limits, Apple can find a lot of stuff in your Photos collection.
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Twitter is about to optimize your images and videos with its latest acquisition

Twitter has acquired machine learning startup Magic Pony Technology to improve visuals, including images, videos, and live-streams on its platform. The London-based startup's team will now be integrated into Twitter's AI department.
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Hackers flood ISIS supporters’ Twitter accounts with Pride

As a direct response to the recent attacks in Orlando, the hacker collective Anonymous is actively targeting Twitter accounts that support ISIS. They replace ISIS flags with rainbows, and profile pictures with gay couples. In other words…
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Study finds people don’t read the majority of news they share on Twitter

The majority of Twitter users don't bother to read the links they share on the service, claims a new study that charts the spread of viral news on the platform. The research looked at 2.8 million shares on Twitter that totalled 75 billion…
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Prepare to see Twitter ads based on your favorite emojis

Next time you tweet out a pizza emoji, you may get served an ad from a fast food chain on Twitter. Yes, emoji-targeting is now a thing, and considering 110 billion tweets containing emojis have been shared since 2014, it's going to be huge.
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Facebook, Google, and Twitter hit with lawsuit from father of Paris attack victim

Facebook, Google, and Twitter are facing a lawsuit from the father of a woman killed in last November's Paris terror attacks. It claims the firms "knowingly permitted" IS to use its tools to attract members, raise funds, and spread…
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Twitter rolls out ‘Live’ streaming button for Periscope broadcasts to everyone

Twitter has launched a "Live" camera button that connects to Periscope, allowing users to quickly launch live broadcasts. The feature sees Twitter once again playing catch-up with rival Facebook Live.

Report: Twitter invests $70 million in SoundCloud music streaming service

Twitter has invested $70 million into SoundCloud as part of a funding round that saw the music streaming service raise $100 million, according to a new report. The social network had previously considered acquiring the platform in 2014.
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Twitter lets you reach into your archives to retweet and quote tweet yourself

Twitter now lets you celebrate past glories from your archive of tweets by allowing you to retweet and quote tweet yourself with the tap of a button. The update is the first of many planned changes to the core tweeting experience.
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Twitter claims it’s behind your decision to go to the movies

According to a new study commissioned by the social media company and conducted by MarketShare, Twitter aided in the sale of nearly one in every 10 movie theater tickets in North America over the course of the last four years.
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Twitter locks millions of accounts following massive password leak

Following Wednesday's news of a massive leak of Twitter login credentials, the company has responded by locking millions of affected accounts and contacting users by email with instructions to reset their password.
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Twitter blows up over Hillary Clinton’s three words of advice for Donald Trump

Hillary Clinton's Twitter putdown of Republican rival Donald Trump has become the most popular tweet of the election season thus far. With 300,000 retweets in just six hours, it may eventually secure the all-time retweet record for a U.S…