If you can’t beat ’em, Tweet em: How VH1 is changing the ratings game with hashtags

VH1 programming such as "Love & Hip Hop" have dominated Nielsen Social Guide Rankings as a result of VH1 making a concerted push for social media.

Social Media

Following conversations on Twitter just got a whole lot easier

If you've ever tried to follow a specific thread of a conversation through a massive series of replies on Twitter, you likely know how hard it can be to keep track. Now, Twitter is rolling out a new feature to make things much easier to follow.

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Twitter boots nonprofit that exposed politicians’ deleted tweets

Twitter has taken action against the Sunlight Foundation, a government-transparency nonprofit, for violation its developer's agreement. Posting deleted tweets of politicians raises privacy concerns, from Twitter's standpoint.

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Periscope’s new map view makes finding interesting streams easier, stalking too

Periscope's latest big feature is a new global map few that gives users an easy way of finding live streams all over the world, but it could also make it a little too easy to track those streamers down.

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Journalists, celebrities, athletes make up most of Twitter’s ‘verified’ list

Ever wonder about the check mark icon next to a Twitter user's name? It means the user is a Twitter verified user, and journalists, celebrities, and athletes have the most verified accounts, according to one report.

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Chris Sacca points out what’s right and what’s going wrong at Twitter, and most importantly, how to fix it

On Wednesday, early Twitter investor and huge Twitter fan Chris Sacca published a piece titled "What Twitter Can Be," and it contains some much-needed advice for the social media platform.

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The Tweeting Pothole sends complaints directly to public officials when run over

When the pressure sensor is activated (by a car running it over), it sends a signal to the network module, which automatically sends a tweet to the Panama City Ministry of Public Works and requests that the pothole be fixed.

Cool Tech

Which TV shows were most-popular last season? Here’s what viewers tweeted

According to Nielsen Social's latest findings on social engagement among TV viewers, the Super Bowl and Grammy Awards were the most tweeted TV shows during the 2014-2015 season. Check out what other shows people were tweeting about.

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Caitlyn Jenner, formerly Bruce, formally introduces herself in a photo tweet

Bruce Jenner will appear on the cover of the June issue of Vanity Fair as a woman named Caitlyn. Jenner officially announced the cover photo and name change on her new Twitter account.

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Twitter kicks troll Charles Johnson to the curb for threatening an activist

On Sunday, Charles Johnson, Twitter troll extraordinaire, was banned from the site, after he advocated for the "taking out" of DeRay McKesson, a well-known civil rights and social justice activist.

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Look out, Twitter – Google and Yahoo are also mulling Flipboard purchase

We heard earlier this week that Twitter is interested in acquiring news-reader app Flipboard. New reports suggest Web giants Google and Yahoo are also in talks with the Palo Alto startup, though details about any possible offers aren't currently known.


Periscope, Twitter’s live video streaming alternative to Meerkat, is now on Android

Shortly after the swift rise in popularity of Meerkat, Twitter announced that it had purchased Periscope, a startup working on a mobile livestreaming app of the same name. Now that app is available for the iPhone and Android.


International bans coming for Google, Facebook, and Twitter?

Social media gives everyone a voice. However, the Russian government seeks to take away that voice from its own citizens by threatening to ban Google, Facebook and Twitter from operating in the country.

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Twitter reportedly sniffing around Flipboard, acquisition in the offing?

Twitter has acquired dozes of companies in its nine-year history as it endeavors to build out its product and advertising offerings. Reports this week suggest it's been talking to magazine-style news app Flipboard in what could be its next acquisition.

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What is Periscope? Imagine your own TV channel, broadcast from your phone

Periscope is sweeping the world of social media, but what is it exactly, and why should you want in? Joshua Smith breaks down the hottest live-streaming app out there.