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Fraud alert! Researchers discover new method to spot phony posts online

By sifting through reviews, comment threads, and tweets, researchers have developed a method to detect “astroturfing” -- the practice of a single user, bot, or organization posting through multiple accounts in an attempt to fabricate…
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Twitter gives NBA fans a reason to celebrate with new team emojis

Twitter and the NBA have teamed up to give each team its very own hashtag emoji just in time for the beginning of the new season. Now you can tweet along to games, and Twitter's new NBA live show, using the cool little icons.
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Make America tweet again! Trump twitterbot is running for president

Donald Trump’s newest presidential challenger is a twitterbot that sounds a lot like the man himself. DeepDrumpf, a deep-learning bot trained on Trump’s own words, just announced its run for president and launched a GoFundMe for…
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Now Japanese megaco Softbank is eyeballing Twitter

Will Twitter be acquired by a larger corporation for upward of $20 billion later this month? We’ve compiled the essential roundup of all the rumors surrounding the tech acquisition that has everyone talking.
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Massive DDoS attack strikes net traffic server Dyn; Twitter, Spotify, other sites hit hard 2:30

Also today: Microsoft stock peaks, we're glad you bought some all those years ago; and the first trailer for last film in the Wolverine trilogy, Logan, shows a tired, scarred and old mutant living a less than glamorous life.
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Twitter fires VR chief who called homeless people 'degenerates' in Facebook post

Twitter’s new virtual reality project manager Gregory Gopman lasted around 48 hours at the company before being shown the door over a controversial Facebook post in which he berated San Francisco's homeless population.
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Twitter will show one of the world’s biggest horse races in sports live-streaming push

The Melbourne Cup is one of the world's biggest horse races and Twitter's gearing up to live-stream the event. Continuing its push into sports streaming, Twitter will show the build up, race itself, and post-race analysis live from…
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Testing, testing: Twitter is trying out a new Explore tab in place of Moments

Hoping to increase engagement on the service, Twitter is currently trialing a new Explore tab in place of Moments. The feature aims to improve content discovery by highlighting trending topics and suggesting other users to follow.
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Facebook, Twitter cut off surveillance tool used by police to monitor protesters

Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram are cutting ties with a social media surveillance company after a report by the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) claimed it was being used by the police to target protesters.
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In college and stressed out? Twitter data shows you're not alone

A recent survey took to Twitter to determine "the most significant sources of [college students'] stresses" by examining tweets originating from four-year universities, and searching for keywords related to mental health and stress.
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Google and Disney have reportedly both dropped plans for a Twitter bid

As reports on Wednesday suggested Twitter is keen to seal a deal regarding its future by the end of this month, various sources claimed two of the biggest companies thought to be interested in making a bid – Google and Disney – have now…
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Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey reportedly in dispute with board over possible takeover

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey does not want to sell, placing him in opposition to the company's board of directors, which is on course to evaluate formal takeover bids in a matter of weeks. Will his stance make a difference?