Screw growth. It’s time to reprogram the digital economy for people

Digital technology was supposed to make our lives easier and more prosperous, but it ended up amplifying the worst effects of the same old economy. Here’s how to make it work for us, instead.
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Amazon’s Echo ecosystem expands with the petite Dot and portable Tap speakers 2:37

Amazon has grown its family of Echo speakers with two new additions: The Echo Dot and Echo Tap. Both miniaturized and less-expensive takes on the original Echo, the Dot and Tap look to expand Amazon's reach into its customers'…

You can now talk to Apple on Twitter

Apple has made another Twitter account, no it's not @Apple -- it's @AppleSupport. That's right, now you can tweet any problems you have with the company's hardware or software to the Cupertino company.

New Election Buzz tracking tool powered by Twitter and Google keeps you in the loop

The Associated Press has teamed up with Google and Twitter on a new election tracking tool. The Election Buzz dashboard features visualizations that measure the impact of events from the campaign trail on online activity.
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How to win friends and influence people (on Twitter)

Finding followers and people on Twitter is a horribly difficult process -- and a few companies are trying to change that.
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Leonardo DiCaprio’s first Oscar win was the most-tweeted Academy Awards moment ever

Leonardo DiCaprio's Best Actor win at the Oscars was the most tweeted-about Academy Awards moment ever on Twitter, generating 440,000 tweets per minute. The record was previously held by Ellen DeGeneres' Oscars selfie from 2014.

In Indonesia, Internet companies need to either pay up or get out

On Monday, government officials in the southeast Asian country announced that Internet-based companies will risk service blockage unless they obtain "permanent establishment" status and pay Indonesian taxes.
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Oscars hashtag-activated emoji now on Twitter and Periscope

With the Oscars almost upon us, Twitter has unveiled a couple of hashtag-activated emoji for the event, including an icon for its live-video app Periscope. Additionally, it has also revealed the most talked-about awards contenders on its…
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Update: Former Apple PR executive Natalie Kerris joins Twitter as VP of Comm

Twitter confirmed it has hired Natalie Kerris, a top Apple PR veteran, as head of communications. Kerris spent 14 years at Apple, working on some of the company's major products, and is a major recruit by CEO Jack Dorsey.
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Twitter’s new customer service tool aims to take your rant somewhere quieter

Twitter is rolling out new customer service tools that aim to simplify communication between users and businesses when an issue arises. The changes include prompts in tweets to switch to private direct messaging, and a system for rating…
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Twitter now lets you capture and share videos in direct messages

Twitter has rolled out an update that lets users send videos within direct messages. The feature is available on iOS, Android and web versions of the service and allows you to upload pre-recorded media or use your camera to shoot videos on…
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Twitter’s handy new search tool makes it easier to find the perfect GIF

If you're a Twitter user who loves throwing GIFs in your tweets, you'll be pleased to learn the social media service is now rolling out a handy search tool to help you easily find the perfect one for your post.