Your Instagram selfies could land you a place in the Miss USA contest

Miss USA is heading to Instagram and Twitter in search of a 52nd contestant for its 2016 beauty pageant. For the first time in history, the public will also be able to vote to select the new candidate via Twitter and the Miss USA website.
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New Mexico to expose DUI offenders and lenient judges on Twitter

New Mexico is taking to Twitter to reveal the identities of repeat DUI offenders and the judges that aren't handing out tough sentences in drunken driving cases. The move is being termed "unethical" by its opponents.
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Buckingham Palace seeks Twitter royalist to tweet for Queen and country

The Queen of England is seeking someone for a job fit for a king. The official website of the British Monarchy is in search of a social media manager for the Royals' Twitter and Facebook accounts. The right candidate could pocket over…
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NYPD’s #UnlockJustice social media campaign backfires on Twitter

A hashtag promoting the NYPD's newly launched anti-encryption campaign on social media has already backfired. Twitter users are predominantly adding it to their tweets in opposition to #UnlockJustice.
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This hilarious, NSFW tweet just landed KFC in a whole heap of trouble on Twitter

KFC was forced to remove and apologize for a NSFW tweet after it was deemed offensive by Twitter users. Unfortunately for the fast-food chain, the questionable tweet was captured in a screenshot and is now viewable in all its hilarious…
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Report: CIA funding social media surveillance and data-mining companies

A new report claims the CIA is funding social media surveillance and data-mining companies that specialize in tracking Twitter and Instagram, as it looks to integrate their tools into its intelligence capabilities.
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Twitter ignores China ban to target ad dollars with new exec appointment

Twitter has appointed a greater China managing director to pursue more advertising revenue in the country. Despite being banned in China, the role is being described as a key executive position for the social media company.
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NFL announces its entire line-up of Twitter livestreams, check out the full list here

The NFL has revealed its full Thursday Night Football schedule, including the ten matches that are to be livestreamed on Twitter for the first time ever. Check out the entire list of games being shown live on the social network.
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Ghost in the Shell film starring ScarJo faces whitewashing backlash on Twitter

The live-action Ghost in the Shell adaptation starring Scarlett Johansson has been accused of whitewashing on Twitter, following the release of the first image from the upcoming blockbuster. The film is trending on Twitter for all the wrong…
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Just 1.5 percent of news organization traffic comes from Twitter

As per a new report from the social analytics company, Twitter is responsible for just 1.5 percent of traffic for a typical news organization, and is one of the least prevalent sources of traffic among social media sites.
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These head honchos can really utilize a hashtag

Social media has become more and more important in connecting politicians with their constituents. Love them or hate them, these are the politicians to follow on Facebook, Twitter, and the like.
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Senator proposes $25,000 reward for social media terrorism tipsters

Sen. Charles Schumer is proposing a bill that would reward social media tipsters who help foil terrorism attacks in the U.S. Schumer believes that lucrative financial incentives for public informants will help combat the rise of extremism…