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Lost a glove or a sock? Tom Hanks could help you find it

When not acting or producing Hollywood blockbusters, Tom Hanks likes to tweet items of lost clothing he stumbles across while out and about in NY City. And sometimes those items even end up being returned to their original owner!
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Twitter may be keeping its 140 character limit after all, CEO says

While Twitter has rumored to be doing away with the 140 character limit, CEO Jack Dorsey says the rumors have been greatly exaggerated, as the 140 character limit is here to stay. But is Dorsey telling the whole truth?
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Twitter is halting TweetDeck for Windows support in mid-April

Impacting anyone that manages mulitple Twitter accounts in the TweetDeck app for Windows, the social network is ending support for the standalone application soon and is encouraging users to switch to the Web.
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Twitter's algorithmic timeline is here to stay, here's how to turn it off

Twitter has enabled its algorithmic timeline by default, but it can easily be turned off. All you have to do is head to settings and uncheck a box, after which your posts will be ranked chronologically once again.
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Judge finds Chipotle’s social media policy violates labor laws

A judge has ruled in favor of a former Chipotle worker who was fired for his criticism of the fast food chain on Twitter. The ruling holds that the company's social media policy violated federal labor laws.
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Vine’s biggest stars are asking Twitter to compensate them for their work

Vine's biggest stars have held a meeting with Twitter executives to demand compensation for their work on the video-looping platform. Faced with a mass exodus of talent, Twitter is reportedly considering payment solutions for the aggrieved…

Twitter’s new Windows 10 Mobile app retains dark theme, adds camera support

Twitter has launched its app to Windows 10 Mobile to coincide with the release of the operating system itself. The new app takes advantage of Microsoft's Universal Windows Platform, enabling it to adapt depending on screen size.
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Pigeons are monitoring London’s air pollution and tweeting the results

London's pigeons have been assigned the task of monitoring the British capital's air pollution levels using lightweight sensors strapped to their backs. The Pigeon Patrol program's founders will tweet out the results over the course of the…
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Turkey bans Facebook and Twitter over images of deadly Ankara bombing

A court in Turkey has once again placed a ban on social media sites, including Twitter and Facebook, after users shared images of a deadly bombing in Ankara. The death toll from the blast has thus far reached 37, with over 100 people…
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#Sandy: Twitter activity could be more accurate than government data for mapping hurricane damage

Researchers from Melbourne, Australia used data of Twitter activity during Hurricane Sandy to map its damage. The results were surprisingly accurate, even when compared to hard data from state governments and FEMA.
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Donald Trump decided to boycott Apple, then decided not to

Donald Trump recently called for a boycott of Apple, however it seems as though the man himself has completely forgotten about the boycott and is now back to using his iPhone. That, or he just doesn't know how to use an Android.
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Abodo lists the most and least tolerant U.S. states according to tweets

Abodo, a site that helps renters find their apartments, has looked into tolerance in America as told by tweets from various states, and some of the results aren't pretty.