Vine gives users ability to add music directly from phones, adds music discovery features

New music functionality on Vine gives users the ability to add music directly from their phones. Users can add a song from the app's new music library, or upload a track themselves, and then 'snap to beat' to create "seamless loops."
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The Walking Dead, Scandal can claim the most loyal fans on Twitter, says Nielsen study

When it comes to tweeting about their favorite show, fans of The Walking Dead and Scandal are the most loyal, according to a new Nielsen Social Study. Viewers of the two shows were more likely to tweet about three or more episodes during…

Google-Twitter integration arrives for desktop search results

You can now get the latest Twitter updates included right in your Google search results, as the partnership between the two companies extends from mobile devices to desktop Web browsers.
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Josh Groban singing outrageous Trump Tweets is as hilarious as it sounds

Donald Trump's run for president continues to be a favorite topic for late night TV hosts. Josh Groban recently appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live! to sing some of Donald Trump's most absurd tweets.
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Was the Tinder meltdown over Vanity Fair’s article a planned publicity stunt?

A Vanity Fair article entitled "Tinder and the Dawn of the 'Dating Apocalypse'" has drawn the extremely public wrath of the dating app, but the Twitter storm may have been a manufactured PR stunt.
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Twitter officially eliminates its 140-character limit on direct messages

Twitter has officially lifted the word limit for Direct Messages, meaning users can go way beyond 140 characters in their private interactions on the service.
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Twitter, NFL expand social partnership for new football season

Likely ideal for any avid Twitter user that's also a professional football fanatic, the NFL will be significantly increasing the volume of multimedia video content published on the social network this year.
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These corporate social media fails are so bad, they’ve had to issue mea culpas

Think that big companies are professional when it comes to their social media activities? Think again! Here are seven embarrassing social media slip-ups to prove otherwise.
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Retweeting terrorists could be, well, terrorism

The FBI has found that certain Twitter activity could provide evidence and clues regarding support for illegal activities, and now, retweeting the Islamic State group or other known terrorists could land you in prison.
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#Endfgm trends on Twitter, calling for the eradication of a terrible practice

On Wednesday, the hashtag #Endfgm trended on Twitter, with global users celebrating the recent announcement by Somali Minister of Women's Human Rights Sahro Samatar to raise awareness surrounding the horrors of female genital mutilation.

Twitter’s News tab lets you know what’s going on in the world today

Twitter's experimental News tab, which is live in Japan, aggregates top headlines from around the social network in a single list. It's one of the company's many ongoing attempts to curate Twitter's firehose of hashtags and tweets.
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Twitter’s U.S. user growth stalls as revenue jumps

Data published Tuesday for Twitter's Q2 showed sluggish global user growth, while in the U.S it didn't increase at all on the previous quarter. Better news came in relation to revenue, which jumped 61 percent on a year earlier to reach…