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Facebook collaborating with other tech giants to stamp out extremist content

Facebook is teaming up with some of its biggest tech industry counterparts in order to combat the spread of violent extremist imagery and video on the web. Others participating on the tool include Twitter, YouTube, and Microsoft.
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Twitter says it would ban Trump if he violates its policies on hate speech

Like all companies, Twitter has a set of user guidelines. These rules also apply to one Donald J. Trump, and Twitter is putting him on notice. No hate-speech on their servers, or else.
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Buzz Aldrin still recovering after emergency airlift from the South Pole

Buzz Aldrin had no trouble returning from the Apollo 11 moon flight back in 1969, but illness interrupted his most recent South Pole adventure and he required an emergency evacuation.
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The NFL is changing its social media policy again

After an October social media policy update, NFL teams were looking at a $100,000 fine if they posted an in-game GIF to social media. After the backlash, the NFL has changed course.

Between the Streams: ‘Rogue One’ takes over Twitter, ‘Mummy’ teaser, Netflix untethered 36:14

This week on Between the Streams: The month of Rogue One, the tiniest teaser ever for Tom Cruise's The Mummy, Netflix's new offline adventure, new Star Trek Discovery casting, and much more.
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Twitter acquires startup Yes. Inc, makes its founder VP of product

Twitter has finally found a VP of product thanks to its new acquisition. The company has snapped up San Francisco-based startup and app maker Yes Inc., with its co-founder Keith Coleman assigned the important role.
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Twitter now lets you create your own Moments on mobile

Having launched Moments on desktop earlier this year, Twitter is capitalizing on the potential of the feature by rolling it out on its mobile apps. Unlike Snapchat and Instagram, these stories are permanent.
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Twitter will now rank your conversations and count your tweet replies

Twitter is fine-tuning your tweet replies in order to surface what it terms “better content.” The company’s support page lists its updates to conversations, which include direct reply counts and conversation ranking.
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Twitter will host a ‘Rogue One’ live stream with new footage on Friday

Star Wars fans will get an early peek at footage from 'Rogue One: A Star Wars Story' via an upcoming live stream event on Twitter that will also feature interviews with the film's cast and creative team.
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Twitter vows swift action against devs caught using surveillance tools

Twitter has issued a statement claiming it is expanding its enforcement of its policies violating developers from using its data to spy on its users, and from providing user information to law enforcement agencies.

Nintendo teases its upcoming ‘Super Mario Run’ game in a series of tweets

Nintendo of America launched a campaign on Twitter to promote the upcoming mobile game 'Super Mario Run'. The tweets chronicle Mario's marathon training through loosely drawn illustrations showing the progression of his jumping skills.
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Is Facebook willing to trade censorship for access to China? 2:23

Also today: Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey gets his Twitter account suspended, and the chaos of Black Friday approacheth so check out our tech buyer's guide.