BlackBerry 10 News, Rumors, and Launch Coverage

It’s here. Today, Research in Motion launches BlackBerry 10, the company’s last best hope to make a turnaround in the cutthroat smartphone market. RIM may have helped build the first deadly smartphone fleet, but Apple lead a coup in 2007 and has been guiding the armada ever since. But it’s not so simple, in the wake of Apple’s ascension to command, rivals Android and Windows Phone have appeared in the mist and risen with the tide. Outcast by the mainstream, and diminished by its opponents, RIM has been losing share of the seas, but it doesn’t plan to go down without one last fight. Using every tactic at its disposal, RIM has completely reconstructed its BlackBerry operating system, hoping to win back its following and reclaim its phone throne. Today, RIM launches its first volley of new phones and apps in more than a year. Will it succeed or are its efforts in vain? Keep up with all our coverage here.

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How many apps will BlackBerry 10 actually have at launch?

Research in Motion is waiting until its launch event to confirm the number of apps which will be available for BlackBerry 10, but there have been two estimates published in several places already, so which one is more likely?

BlackBerry 10 rumors: N-Series may debut alongside L-Series, price and video of Z10 leak online

Recent rumors have indicated that RIM could launch the N-Series of its BlackBerry 10 phones this month in addition to the L-Series.

BlackBerry 10 Z10 for Verizon allegedly appears on leaked retail page

A BlackBerry 10 smartphone believed to be called the Z10 may have leaked on Verizon's website.

10 reasons why BlackBerry 10 just might save RIM from oblivion

The descent of RIM has been well-documented in the tech press, but the obituaries may have been scribbled prematurely. BlackBerry 10 is almost here and it could spark a major comeback for the brand.

BlackBerry 10 will support NFC mobile wallet payments through Visa

Research In Motion just announced a deal with Visa that would allow card holders to use their BlackBerry 10 devices as a mobile wallet.

Video provides a glimpse of BlackBerry 10 running on a BlackBerry Z10 smartphone

There's still a couple of weeks to go before BlackBerry 10 is launched, but if you can't wait to see the new operating system in action, you'll want to see this hands-on video of the software running on a BlackBerry Z10.

BlackBerry 10 impressions: It can only get better

Our hands-on impressions of RIM's new BlackBerry 10 operating system. We finally got to try out the Dev Alpha unit. Read our thoughts on the new keyboard, the unified inbox, the open apps menu, and more.