Geoff Duncan

Geoff Duncan

Former Digital Trends Contributor
Geoff Duncan writes, programs, edits, plays music, and delights in making software misbehave. He's probably the only member of the Digital Trends staff who's played on hit records and had code running in space. He lives in Seattle, Washington.

8 companies Apple is screwing over with iOS 8 and OS X Yosemite

Apple loves iOS and OS X programmers, but isn't above "Sherlocking" apps with ideas that are a little too good. Guess who's on the list this year?


Amazing: Americans grow even more dissatisfied with cable and ISPs

The ASCI finds consumer satisfaction with cable and ISPs is reaching new lows, while smartphones have a satisfaction new leader. (Hint: it's not Apple.)

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Can the inmates run the asylum? The U.S. plan to stop ruling the open Internet

As the United States signals it's ready to relinquish authority over the Internet's core operations, is ICANN ready to step up and take charge?


Can the government regulate Internet privacy?

As massive data and security breaches become a commonplace, consumers are demanding that government do something. But can the feds do anything meaningful, and what's stopping them?


Why are Apple and Samsung throwing down? A timeline of the biggest fight in tech

Can't keep track of how Samsung and Apple have been duking it out in courts all over the world? Here's a cheat sheet recalling all of the major clashes the two companies have had throughout the last four years.


What an Apple-Comcast deal could mean for the future of TV

If Apple and Comcast hook up, will they be able to revolutionize television? Or will the whole thing fall apart over net neutrality and money?

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Why is the U.S. surrendering control of the Internet? (And why should you care?)

The U.S. government says it plans to give up control of the master keys to the Internet. Is it a smart move that might keep countries like Brazil, India, and Russia from going their own way?


Ditch the shoebox for a vault: How to preserve your digital life for decades

Our devices and data are becoming our memory books, filled with photos, videos, laughs, major events, and important documents. How can we preserve all that? Read on to learn more.


From iMessage to Lightning cables, here’s how Apple secures your digital life

Apple has gone on the record about how it protects your passwords, messages, and data in iCloud and on your iOS devices. Guess what? It's pretty darn secure.


7 ways your apps put you at risk, and what you can do about it

We all know how much personal data we have on our phones and tablets. How many apps put our privacy at risk? Most of them, it turns out. Read on to find out how to better protect yourself.


Are Flappy Birds an endangered species? The perils of indie app developers

The Wild West of app stores is changing, and huge corporations are moving in. Can the little guy still find a way to thrive in the complex, crowded market for apps?


.com has company! What new top-level domains like .bike mean for you

Thousands of new top-level Internet domains like .bike and .voting are starting to become available. Will they change how we use the Internet, or are they just a fad?


Who are the real winners and losers in Google’s Motorola sale to Lenovo?

Lenovo is buying Motorola Mobility from Google for $2.9 billion. But who comes out ahead in this new world, who loses, and does it all mean for the Android ecosystem?

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How DeepMind’s artificial intelligence will make Google even smarter

With the acquisition of DeepMind, Google will acquire a whole new set of technologies related to artificial intelligence. But what will it use them for, and should we be concerned?

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You can’t avoid the ‘Internet of things’ hype, so you might as well understand it

Adding Internet capabilities to everyday appliances is all the rage, but don't expect to wake up in a science fiction automated home anytime soon.