Matt Smith

Matt Smith

Matt Smith is a writer, computing guru, gamer and geek hailing from Portland, Oregon. He also writes for MakeUseOf and his personal blog, @matt_on_tech. You can follow him on Twitter @Matt_on_tech and


Here’s how the Heartbleed bug scurried into the hearts and minds of millions

The Heartbleed bug is one of the most serious security flaws ever, and it existed unknown for roughly two years prior to its discovery. How did such a severe flaw manage to slip into a widely used security protocol?


Dell XPS 15 Touch Review

At $2,349, the XPS 15 is one of the most expensive consumer laptops we’ve reviewed. Is this Dell really worth the premium?


ASUS M70AD-US003S review

Is the ASUS M70AD a do-it-all mid-tower PC, or is it a lightweight trying to hold its own in a heavyweight Could use more USB 3.0 ports Limited upgradabilityfight?

Acer TA272HL

Acer TA272HUL review

Can Acer’s new Android 27-inch all-in-one desktop, the TA272HUL, lure people away from Windows 8?


Hands on: Update 1 knocks a few rough edges off a still-prickly Windows 8.1

Microsoft has released Windows 8.1 Update 1, which hopes to make desktop users more comfortable with the Start screen and Metro-style apps. We go hands-on to see what's changed - and if it's enough to make a difference.


Still using Windows XP? Here’s how to bunker down and survive the end of support

Microsoft's announcement that it will end support for Windows XP on April 8th has users in a frenzy. Fans of the elder operating system worry that they're being forced to upgrade. Using XP will become more difficult as the months and years pass, but there are ways to survive the end of official support.


AMD Radeon R9 295X2 review

Is the dual-GPU AMD Radeon R9 295X2 the ultimate video card, or is it all show with no go?


Wake up! At Build 2014, a sleepy Microsoft scrambles to catch up with competitors

Microsoft's latest Build keynote lasted three hours, yet most of that time was spent on features that merely catch up with the competition or patch existing flaws. Does Microsoft have a path forward, or is the company spinning in place?


Asus Radeon R7 250X review

Does Asus' $109 Radeon R7 250X buck the trend of anemic, budget-priced graphics cards, or should gamers save up for something more powerful?

Where are the affordable Ultrabooks

Where are the affordable Ultrabooks? Ask Intel

When Intel released the first Ultrabooks, it boldly projected that they would eat 40 percent of the market by the end of 2012. At the end of 2013, however, the number was well below that. The massive shortfall is the fault of high pricing, and Intel only has itself to blame.

Windows XP HD

Windows 9 ‘Threshold’ is coming: Here are the latest rumors

Microsoft may be planning to recover from Windows 8 with a new operating system that will support mouse, touch and voice input, expand and refine the Metro interface, and add a replacement for the much-missed Start menu. Here's what we've heard about Windows 9 so far.

MacBook Air 2013 review lid open angle

Here are the latest rumors swirling around the 2014 Apple MacBook Air

Apple is due for a new MacBook Air, and the rumor mill is in full churn. This time, however, some of the speculation makes sense. Here's what we've heard about the new Air - and what we think will actually happen.


Acer Aspire E1 review

The $599 Acer Aspire E1 is an every man’s laptop that offers good build quality and strong performance at a low price, but it’s held back by a discrete GPU which isn’t as quick as we had hoped.

Origin Genesis gaming desktop review inside components macro

Origin Millennium (2014) video review

Origin’s latest Millennium lives up to the high standards set by its predecessor. The system breaks performance records in several benchmarks, and also provides a new enclosure that’s more flexible and more spacious than anything offered before.


Origin Millennium (2014) review

The previous Origin Millennium, which we reviewed last year, still holds several of our records for best processor performance, best 3DMark scores, and fastest SSD. Now a new model has emerged with customizable, proprietary hardware, and Nvidia’s latest hardware. Can it defeat its predecessor and push performance to new heights?

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