Matt Smith

Matt Smith

Matt Smith is a writer, computing guru, gamer and geek hailing from Portland, Oregon. He is editor of Digital Trends' computing section.

It might be a chubby dinosaur, but Lenovo's prehistoric T450s still has teeth

While most notebooks fight to be the thinnest on the shelf, Lenovo’s stalwart ThinkPad T450s takes a more traditional approach. The result is a sturdy work laptop that may lure…

  • Pros: Durable , Outstanding keyboard and touchpad , Hot-swappable…
  • Cons: Mediocre display contrast , Battery life could be better…

Why don’t laptops with Intel’s Core M processors run longer? We tested to find out

Intel's Core M processor line, which debuted late last year, enables feather-weight, fanless systems and promises efficiency beyond the standard Core line. Yet in reviews, notebooks with Core M inside don't necessarily offer record-breaking battery life. Why?


Intel put an entire PC on a stick, but do you really want a computer this limited?

The latest miniature PC from Intel is so small it can plug directly into an HDMI input like a Chromecast or Amazon Fire Stick, and it costs just $150. But reducing size and price…

  • Pros: Small enough to fit behind a monitor , Can play 1080p video…
  • Cons: Poor performance , Not enough ports , Limited storage…

Drives using the new NVMe standard are taking the solid state market by storm

Non-Volatile Storage Express, the new standard for solid state drives, is taking the PC world by storm. Four manufacturers have announced drives based on the standard, and motherboard makers are releasing adapters to support them.


Cheap, slim and capable, Asus' latest Zenbook is just shy of portable perfection

The Zenbook UX305 is the latest cutting-edge ultrabook from Asus. It reinforces the brand’s affordable appeal, but can it defeat heavyweights like the Dell XPS 13 and Samsung…

  • Pros: Featherweight and super slim , Outstanding keyboard , High…
  • Cons: Modest performance , Battery life could be better , Runs hot…

Portable powerhouse: Dell's Precision M3800 works hard anywhere you do

Dell’s M3800 is essentially a tweaked version of the XPS 15, the company’s flagship 15-incher. That means it is priced to compete with the very best notebooks. Can it hold its…

  • Pros: Luxurious feel , Pleasant touchpad , Beautiful 4K display…
  • Cons: Design starting to seem dated , Battery drains quickly…

HP announces 32-inch UltraHD monitor and thin-bezel professional displays

HP has announced an impressive new 31.5-inch, 4K monitor that promises excellent color gamut and accuracy. It also revealed a line of professional monitors with thin bezels that target multi-monitor users.


HP’s Z Turbo Drive G2 might be the new SSD performance champion

HP has announced a new NVMe solid state drive, the Z Turbo Drive G2. Its official specifications suggest it may even outperform Intel's 750 Series, but the drive doesn't hit retail until June.


HP transforms the Omen into its thinnest workstation laptop yet

HP has transformed its razor-thin gaming laptop, the Omen, into a workstation notebook. The appropriately named Omen Pro offers quad-core processors and Nvidia Quadro graphics, but laptops an UltraHD display option.


Sorry Apple, Microsoft is right: Windows is for people who get things done

When it comes to productivity, Microsoft is right; Windows is the best operating system for those who do. Apple's OS X and Linux have made strides, but nothing compares to Windows in the workplace.


Three years of laptop battery life explored

You might think your three year old laptop is still modern, fast, and portable. But can it really compare to the endurance of modern, portable PC? We analyzed three years of battery life tests to find out.


Has clock speed outlived its usefulness as a processor specification?

A recent article from Anandtech found that CPU performance does not necessarily correlate with maximum clock speed, throwing doubt on its usefulness as a specification for notebook buyers.


MacBook review round-up: Apple’s latest laptop is a beautiful compromise

The first wave of MacBook reviews have come in. While the praise some traits, most notably the system's thin and light design, the verdicts are surprisingly lukewarm for a all-new Apple laptop.


MSI’s new, tiny motherboards offer passively cooled quad-cores and 4K support

Want to build a small, quiet home theater PC? MSI's new Mini-ITX motherboards might be perfect for you. Passively cooled, they still feature up to quad-core processing power and 4K support.


Dell XPS 13 Developer Edition now available for $949

Dell has announced the Developer Edition of its popular XPS 13. It ships with Ubuntu and offers upgraded hardware over the base $799 Windows model, including a Core i5 processor and 8GB of RAM.