Peter Braun

Peter Braun

Peter is a freelance contributor to Digital Trends and almost a lawyer. He has loved thinking, writing and talking about cars since his first adventures with the ill tempered Volvos he learned to drive on. In his free-time Peter diagnoses the problems with his Volvo 850 Turbo, goes target shooting and reads about history.

VW's uber-practical Golf SportWagen makes a compelling case for a dying breed

The Golf SportWagen may not do much to cure the image of wagons, but it would be extremely hard to legally get a more useful car for less money.

Fiat Chrysler’s lineup shows off everything four-wheel tech has to offer

Four-wheel and all-wheel drive technologies have come a long way in the last few years, and Fiat Chrysler's lineup shows off everything the technology has to offer.

Why 0 to 60 times don’t mean as much as you might think

Car discussions are peppered with discussions of 0 to 60 times. As fun as they are to throw around as a metric for a car’s worth, it turns out they’re far less relevant than you might think.

Bentley’s Mulsanne Speed isn’t just a luxury sedan; it’s a steampunk supercar

What has 530 horsepower, 811 torques, and weighs 6,000 pounds? It isn't a heavy-duty pickup; it's the finest luxury car in the world, the Bentley Mulsanne Speed.
Car Review

2015 Cadillac Escalade Platinum Review

The 2015 Cadillac Escalade: finally a car for the discerning baller.

Morgan Motors teases possible replacement for Aero ahead of Geneva debut

Morgan Motors, the small British sportscar maker just teased its next model, set for release in Geneva next week.
Car Review

2015 Honda Fit EX-L Review

The 2015 Honda Fit may be small, but it is all the car anyone will ever need
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Why does in-car tech lag behind phone tech? It’s trickier than you think

With the arrival of Apple CarPlay, it is more tempting than ever to compare infotainment to smartphones, but should we? No, and we want to explain why not.

Volvo knew how to build a safe car. Now it knows how to build an incredible one

There are important cars and then there is the 2016 Volvo XC90, which is threatening to redefine what a luxury SUV should be -- and what it should cost.

From slippery shapes to grille shutters, aerodynamic tech is reshaping cars

Cars keep getting bigger and heavier, but they also have to get more efficient. One of the main technologies allowing that to happen is aerodynamics.
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NissanConnect Review

Not just futuristic, NissanConnect also complements Nissan's cutting-edge exterior designs.