Rob Enderle

Rob Enderle

Former Digital Trends Contributor
Rob is President and Principal Analyst of the Enderle Group, a forward-looking emerging technology advisory firm. Before founding the Enderle Group in 2003, Rob was the Senior Research Fellow for Forrester Research and the Giga Information Group. He holds an AA in Merchandising, a BS in Business, and an MBA. He sits on the advisory councils for Lenovo, Toshiba, AMD, HP, Dell, the Trusted Computing Group, and the Lifeboat Foundation. Rob’s hobbies include sporting clays, PC modding, science fiction, home automation, and computer gaming.

Why I’m not buying a Tesla S after living with one for a weekend

Tesla’s Model S is a glimpse of the future, but after living with one for a couple days, I’m not sold on it – and the reasons may surprise you. Here’s why I’ll be waiting a few years before getting on board.

Whoops! How AMD (inadvertently) prepared Intel to crush cable companies

While Intel faces an uphill battle with cable giants to usher in its new TV service, it turns out years of warfare with AMD have perfectly trained it for the fight ahead.

After a hard lesson relearned, Microsoft is finally uncrippling Windows RT

Windows RT landed with a flop thanks to Microsoft’s intentional removal of features, but the company is ready to take its lashes and move on with a much-improved Windows RT 8.1.

What would Apple’s take on Google Glass look like?

Google has stepped out in front of competitors by rushing the first connected glasses to the market, but if the past is any indication, Apple is watching and waiting. What would its late-arriving competitor to Google Glass look like?

After a decade of hardware duds, Microsoft gets it right with the Xbox One

Microsoft’s dismal hardware track record may be coming to an end with the Xbox One, which shows every indication of smart design and engineering from the ground up.

Connected cars are the next mobile frontier, and BlackBerry has a head start

While BlackBerry’s smartphone business has notoriously struggled in recent years, its QNX operating system has made major inroads in connected cars, which could lend it an advantage down the line.

Will Fisker’s floundering leave early Karma buyers running on empty?

As Fisker fires most of its workforce and faces an uncertain future, Karma owners are left wondering how they’ll continue to drive their $90,000 cars. As it turns out, it might not be as grim as it looks.

Our wireless future will bring breakneck speeds and tablet-powered homes

Advances in wireless technology and faster mobile processors have Qualcomm anticipating a future filled with effortless connectivity, anywhere, any time.

The ‘Phablet’ isn’t a ‘Phad’ or a Phase – massive phones are coming

Samsung’s S4 is great, but it has nothing on the 6.3-inch Galaxy Mega Phone, which is just one more sign that the phablet category is growing as fast as our phone screens.

What makes a phone “cool,” anyway?

Last week’s column on Apple losing its cool sparked plenty of debate and got me thinking: how do we decide what phone’s are cool, and do any of the current contenders qualify?

How Apple lost its cool (and how it can win it back)

Apple’s once-untouchable hipness has faltered in recent months, and as some of its most recent ads demonstrate, the company doesn’t seem to know how to win it back.

Say ‘mortified!’ Google Glass will turn strangers into your personal paparazzi

Get a thrill from watching every celebrity misstep dissected on the Internet? Don’t get too smug. The proliferation of personal cameras may make you the next inadvertent Web sensation.